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  1. World peace is admittedly an unrealistic idealistic hope, I'm just saying it boggles the mind that things like this are still happening/being attempted given how much has been achieved. The 20th and the early 21st centuries have been a major step towards a better future. Space exploration, computers, genetic research, innovation, industry, and creativity. The act of even terrorizing people - how can someone not see how wrong that is when committing it?
  2. It's still hard to believe that this kind of stuff is still happening in the time we live in. It's 2010... The world as never before is united together through a massive global communications network where information and knowledge can be transferred from one end of the world to another in the blink of an eye. Technology industries are thriving and science is leading to a rate of discoveries far faster than in the centuries past. As a race humanity has built amazing cities like Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, and Dubai. Killing people (or attempting too as in this case) for any reason other than self defense is just plain wrong. I can't understand how someone could attempt or engage in a terrorist attack, much less murder a fellow brother or sister of their species over flawed ideologies, to ignore their common sense and capacity for ethical decency - especially in the stark light of what has been achieved. Given the human race still has its problems to deal with and isn't perfect, I reiterate - it's 2010.
  3. Damn. I missed that Steven Hawkins show because I forgot about it on sunday when I had meant to watch it. Still, with aliens... If they had achieved interstellar or intergalactic travel I would expect that they wouldn't be out to kill us. True Avery pretty much says everything I think about the matter. Given, alien life would probably be very different from Earth lifeforms, but I've seen some really alien-like creatures living on Earth.
  4. This should be interesting. But it has a lot to live up to considering how great Robot Chicken is. That is, if they don't give ratings limitations to those comedic geniuses.
  5. -Land O Lakes Chocolate milk -Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream -Lansky's Pizza -Schlotskys Original Sandwiches -Dark Chocolate -Chocolate Ice Cream -Skittles -Three Musketeers Candy -Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal In general, delicious foods are very good things.
  6. I have a response to two issues in this thread that I don't think were answered well enough/I want to rephrase in my own way. First, the god of the gaps argument. This is a common argument, due to lack or understanding or lack of explanation. Just because we don't know everything doesn't mean we need an answer. Why must you have all of your questions answered? Is it better to say, 'god did it', or to say, 'I simply don't know.'? Religious belief is so subjective that saying 'god did it' is a very poor substitute for an answer. Look for answers to life's questions. If you don't find a completely solid answer, oh well, big deal. You should settle with not knowing for sure, instead of letting the question nag at you so much that you must create a substitute for an answer. (Don't take this sentence the wrong way - a strong sense of doubt and imperative need for answers are good things.) That's what I think religions are - substitute answers to life's questions and problems. But not good ones. An answer that lacks intellectual integrity. You have the ability to do so - go seek answers, evidence - rationally. Don't settle for anything less than 'I don't know' or 'I know because of facts A, B, and C'. Don't settle for quasi answers. (Directed at those with religious belief or deistic belief) No answer is better than a bad answer. This leads right into the second thing I want to answer to further - the argument about how some people 'need' belief. It all comes down to two options - either control your emotions or let them control you. Perhaps I can't understand the minds of those few people with mental disorders who end up clinging to a religious crutch. (Not a universal statement about all people with mental disorders.) I don't understand what its like to be a person like that. But as far as my understanding goes, logic-based thought solves everything. It's certainly resolved solidly every problem I've ever had for the better since I adopted the form of thought.(Though that claim on my part is ultimately irrelevant.) I understand how scary it can be, the thought of what life would be like without religion. I experienced that fear myself. And I used to let it control me. I let that fear of doubting subject my critical thinking capabilities to confirmation bias and willful ignorance. For a time I tried to avoid thinking about what life would be like without religion. I thought myself a skeptic, but that wasn't true until I really let go of my fear and willful ignorance. (Again though, claims based on my own experiences are ultimately irrelevant. This paragraph is intended to be mostly emphatically persuasive, I admit. Please do not take offense to it.) I can't put this any other way than to be blunt. If a person can't doubt their religion without their emotions turning them into a basket-case, then they're a coward. Truth benefits people more than willful ignorance.(IMO) I think it is entirely unethical to prevent a person, insane or not, from going outside of their comfort zone and seeking good answers instead of lousy answers. There's a reason we have psychiatrists. In the short term, breaking out of one's emotional comfort zone if they are insane would be bad if that person wasn't closely supervised. In the long term, it would be better for that person's intellectual well-being. But I don't think any of you are insane. At least you don't seem to be. You can break out of your comfort zone of thought - as you already have shown that you are doing (at least somewhat) by participating in this thread. One last thing - try to debunk the arguments in your posts before posting them, and then debunk the arguments you make up to support your old arguments, and so on and so forth. You might find the results quite interesting. Deductive reasoning is a wonderful thing. I feel I have restated some of the points made already in this thread by Skinwalker (Very interesting post about the Exodus, thanks for making it) and Achilles, but hopefully I've been original enough not to be a complete copy-cat. My posts are more directed at your process of thought, and thus very philosophical in content. I don't intend to make any empirical claims in this post, and please don't mistake it as an ad hominem argument. Take it with as little or as much salt as you like. To summarize, I'll just say again something I just said: Deductive reasoning is a wonderful thing. And that's my 2 cents.
  7. So far this is the 2nd most civil forum I've ever been on (IMO), after Bethesda Softworks forums.
  8. It could be a virus that did it, I suppose. (I've been being lazy about renewing my Avast antivirus subscription since those kinds of things cost a good deal of money.) Though I never visit any websites I suspect could have viruses. I only go to the routine sites... I haven't downloaded anything for quite awhile either. But I won't discount the possibility. I haven't scanned for viruses for a long time. I'll try every (erm, free) promising password retrieval program I find if necessary. Thanks for the help - right now I need to figure out how to change boot order if I want any boot disks to work. I think it only has one harddrive in it - which is the 'C' drive. Edit: I reinstalled Vista. Using password recovery disks was too risky.
  9. This obviously isn't your typical password loss problem. Apparently, my computer will accept random passwords of any kind, after about every half a dozen tries. However, it stays at the welcome screen message for about a minute, acting like its loading up and accepting the password, and then it stops and says password incorrect. I think that whatever program keeps the password is really confused. Fortunately mostly everything important to me is kept safe on an external harddrive, but there are a couple of minor things I'd lose if I reformatted. As for the password retrieval disk idea, that doesn't work because I never made a password reset disk when I first set the password. Such an option doesn't work after the fact. I also have no other accounts on the computer. The main account is Administrator. Currently we're trying out a program called Ophcrack, but we've had no success in getting the computer to boot from the disk (maybe we set it up wrong on the disk?), because the bios boot settings are set up really weird, and I don't know how exactly to change it. The optical disk boot option doesn't really seem to give me any options to boot from the disk. Swapping boot order for different boot sources doesn't work because I can't seem to save changed boot settings in the first place. (F10 is the 'save settings' button, but it doesn't seem to work.) My computer uses something called RAID, which I think is related to the boot settings, whatever that is.
  10. Yes, I found that among my searches. I'll have to check that out once I confirm that every other option doesn't work. It would probably be best that I have my more computer-savvy uncle run that program himself on my computer instead of me, as I could mess things up worse since I'm no IT professional. The farthest extent of my computer skill is knowing the very basics of the 'BASIC' computer language, as well as the basics of simple internet website languages like html, php, and css. Evil Q, I looked for a default password for my computer model, but I cannot seem to find one. (I'm running off of a my school-issued laptop right now that has searches on strict internet filtering, so perhaps that's why I can't find the exact search result that I need.) My searches seem to indicate though that vista computers tend not to have default passwords, but I wouldn't know for sure myself. When I first got my computer there was no password to login until I set it. My computer is a Gateway LX6810-01, by the way.
  11. Well, I've found out something very odd. I found a password that works... sort of. But it doesn't get me in. It's the password I tried to change to but the computer said I couldn't change to when I was first trying to change the password. So I load up into safe mode. I type in my new password. The screen says goes to the welcome message and starts to act like its loading for about a whole minute. Then it stops and gives me the password incorrect message. It does the same thing in normal mode. I must have really confused my computer, because the password is 'correct' but at the last second it seems to decide that its incorrect. I'll try your option, however under bios, the administrator and used passwords said they had not been set yet (and I changed them to the very same new password that seems to work but not really work), so there may be no 'root password' as it would be referred to.
  12. So I was trying to change my Vista password yesterday. I have Vista Home Premium, 64 bit. I have one account, which is the administrator. I kept entering my correct, current password and typed everything correctly each time, but every time it said my current password was incorrect. So I went to another option and turned off User Account Control, which changed nothing, so I turned it back on again. It asked to restart each time I changed this option and I clicked restart later. Since it wouldn't let me change the password, I decided to leave it alone after nothing worked. My password is pretty long, but I am sure I always type it right. I have no password reset disk, unfortunately. I tried to go into Bios and I set some passwords to try to override the old one, but it didn't work. Then I went into safe mode, but it also required a password. I tried every password I could think of in both safe mode and normal boot-up, and nothing has worked. Obviously, I broke something somewhere along the line, as my computer was fine until I tried to get on it today. I thought I was sufficiently skilled in messing with my computer due to all the times in the past where I've had computers mess up horribly, but I guess I was wrong. Please help. I don't know what to do... I'm fortunate in that most of my important stuff is saved on an external hard drive, but at this rate, I don't know if a reformat is even possible with no computer account access outside of the bios menu, and I don't like that option in the first place. My best guess is that I've really confused the computer about what its password is, as every password I've tried simply doesn't work.
  13. Wow. If he had the $100 he could have just waited for the game to come out to buy it.
  14. Is it just me or did How to Train your Dragon seem to be a whole lot like the Iron Giant movie? The connections between the two movies in plot is so similar conceptually.
  15. I'm not surprised. It's human nature to behave like this. It's unfortunate, but it makes sense. Controversial issues can make some people very heated. I've seen it everywhere - the news, youtube debate videos, forums, protests... That behavior of sharp anger over controversies towards the opposing side. What can you do though? *shrugs*
  16. Just some context on the Russia-Chechnya issue - The Chechen-Russian conflict starts from way back in the Caucasian war. Russia was going through a stage of considerable imperialism and went to take some territory in the Caucasian mountains, Chechnya. As with many colonies subjected to imperialism, it was unfair and caused a lot of problems, including violation of right to freedom of religion at the time. Later you get the 2 Chechen wars as Chechya wants independence from Russia. The first war ends in a treaty and Russia starts to act nice to Chechnya, giving economic aid. But Chechyna spends the money unwisely and gives it to its warlords, destroying its economy. Later on there's some terrorism in Russia and the 2nd Chechen war happens as Russia gets mad, lashing back in a brutal military operation. So Russia comes back, gets control back of Chechnya (installing within in a pro-Moscow government), and now they're trying to negotiate again. Ultimately Chechnya wants to be independent from Russia, but I think that the country is too unstable to be able to secede from Russia yet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chechnya
  17. There's only one thing I'm addicted to, and it's chocolate milk. I couldn't survive without my chocolate milk... XD
  18. I wonder how much else has been bold-faced lying/misinformation. Probably a lot. The only thing I think that we need to be careful of here though is getting into that confirmation bias fueled conspiracy theorist mode of thinking. I'm not saying that that's what happened here with this debunk of the ACORN stuff, as this looks like a pretty well thought out researching of the whole thing. Still, I think this brings up the issue of conspiracy hypotheses, (why give them the credit of the title of 'theory', anyways?) as misinformation can be a big issue for anyone looking for the truth. I often have found myself trying to decide if a certain conspiracy hypothesis is true or not, but the lack of solid facts always seems to leave me where I started - undecided. It's a pointless process without solid facts: attempt to prove hypothesis, attempt to debunk proof, attempt to debunk the debunking, attempt to debunk the debunk of the debunking, etc, etc. I hope that history books in the future will shed light on the secrets of these years when I'm older.
  19. Although its unlikely for anything like this to be employed soon, I've heard of some interesting ways to combat cancer and other conditions in popular science magazines. (Given a magazine isn't exactly a very academic read, I enjoy this particular magazine as it is often intriguing. I'm considering checking out some of science-oriented magazines in the future.) Anyways, two alternative ways of combating cancer that I've seen posited are: Creating molecules that bind only to cancerous cells, thus making them able to be used to 'light up' the portions of cells that are cancerous so that those cells can specifically be targetted for treatment. They other idea I've heard of is based on how laser surgery works. It involves using extremely precisely focused radiation to target and destroy cancer without damaging other tissues. Of what I know of cancer, it sounds like typically, the longer you live, the more at risk you are for cancer. The shorter you live, the less likely. It has something to do with telomeres and aging. Apparently telemeres control how often cells divide and how many times they can ultimately divide, and if the telomeres are messed up in some way, cells can grow out of control and become cancerous. I don't really know too much about exactly how this all works, as I can't remember what exactly telomeres are since its been so long since I've read about them. Of course, I expect that cancer is very variated among all organisms, so I don't think its that simple. That's all I know of the subject.
  20. I've seen a few episodes, and I enjoy the parts with Perry and Doofenshmirtz. Everything else is meh. I have to agree that all the other new Disney shows are horrible though. Who cares how old you are, really? So what if its made for kids? If you're bored, or if you simply enjoy it, its nothing to be ashamed about. So don't go along with the crowd and say, "Yeah its crap, blah blah blah." Don't let your judgement of this show be influenced by the existence of all the rest of Disney's failings.
  21. Interesting... I've heard of all kinds of bands by now, and I doubt I'll ever buy a full album from any band, since I only like about 1 out of every 10 songs that I hear. I've been using last.fm quite a bit already. I love how google has sites such as ilike, lala, pandora', and rhapsody to play music from. It's hard to rely on youtube for music since most of it gets copyright claimed and muted, is low quality in sound, or remixed badly.
  22. In the past year, I've been discovering all kinds of bands that I've never heard of before, and the awesome music they've come up with. It all started when I listened to a a bunch of songs by Led Zeppelin, Korn, and a bunch of other bands with my friends about a year ago. I was amazed at how epic and superior this music sounded compared to what my old favorites were, since I was hearing it all for the first time. At the time, they were astonished that I had never heard of said bands and their music before, and I felt very 'left out of the loop'. The thing is, there's so many bands. So much music. Search for a list of orchestral-heavy metal bands and you'll find a list with at least a few hundred names. How in the heck are you supposed to know about it all? I'm forced to look to my more music-savvy friends for advice about some bands to check out, and which ones are the best (since its impossible for one person to sift through millions of songs and find the best ones all on their own), and I have to wonder how they managed to ever find all of these bands to listen to in the first place. It's a kind of situation I bet occurs among music-savvy people too, who've heard thousands upon thousands of songs. Two people could be casually talking about their favorite bands and best songs, each with possibly 50-100 different albums and a couple thousand songs saved on their ipods/computers or whatever, and then suddenly one of them is bound to say, "How could you have never heard of [insert band name] before? They're one of the best ones out there!" So what is a person to do when there's so much great music to sift through? (I'm not asking for band recommendations.) What do you think of the hypothetical situation in the paragraph above?
  23. Bad things happen every single day, and yet the world still keeps turning.
  24. I'll probably watch a few more episodes to see if I get hooked by it. (Also because I want to follow the Stargate storyline.) But on the positive side here, I have to say that the storyline for the ship itself seems interesting. If they run into some crazy evil alien race soon that tries to kill them all, I might keep watching it. Otherwise, I'll just be reading storyline summaries of the episodes off of the internet. As for the communication stones, I have a hopeful prediction. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The stones seem to be having issues. Destiny's FTL drive might end up breaking them, I think, because it seems like they're getting very glitchy.
  25. I don't mean to necro, but I have something to add now that I've seen all the first episodes. Essentially, criticism. (lots of criticism) [rant] It's just too much drama, and the sex scenes are really uncalled for. Stargate never really excelled in drama before, and it was kind of predictable where this one isn't. But the first two Stargate series' has humor, action, adventure, great characters, and fun sci-fi style science. I can't relate to any of the characters except Eli. Eli and Greer are good characters... The others are just completely insane nutjobs. Rush is just a jerk, and Young, Chloe, Tamara, and Scott are just boring. Perhaps extremely flawed characters are more realistic, but I miss the old 4-member super-skilled teams. They should bring back the typical 'wise/sarcastic leader, 2 geniuses, and chuck norris' team setup that made Stargate so great. I watched the previous shows because they were like an 'escape', another world. Universe way too gritty, gloomy, and dramatic. If I wanted a soap opera, I wouldn't be watching Sci-fi. (One of the reasons that I couldn't stand any more BSG after seeing 5 episodes of it.) As for the plot - its a complete copy of ST Voyager. Been there, done that. They could have used the communications stones to bring in Mckay and Carter to crack the master code already. It also seems that they've conveniently forgotten that the stones can swap more than just two people at a time. And the ship's engines... Does anyone remember the episode where the replicators upgraded a ha'tak mothership to travel hundreds of times faster than normal? It seems like it shouldn't be too hard for Mckay and Carter to figure out how to upgrade Destiny's engines to uber-ftl speed. They could even try and build a makeshift hyperdrive. (A stock ha'tak hyperdrive can go 32k times the speed of light, after all.) If not that, then they could get Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo, or General Hammond and upgrade the engines. After all, 304s can already cross entire galaxies in mere weeks. Maybe a little creative upgrade and then voila! - they can go rescue Destiny in a trip of a few months or so. IMHO, the previous stargate series' had their shortcomings, but this is just a disaster. And they canceled Atlantis for this? [/rant] So what do you think? Am I being shortsighted and unappreciative of the complexities of drama - or do you agree that this show is terrible?
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