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  1. Hi there, how is ROR going? I haven't heard anything recently.

  2. hey Trex, how's life?

  3. wow, it's a real shame, you were the best. I loved the youtube channel.

  4. Hello Shem. I know that you might not remember me, but do you remember the TSL Robe stat boost Mod. You told us that using the Corpse in the morgue was a bad idea. Well, this mod also uses that corpse. I know that the user that created it might not be around any longer, but I thought you might want to know.



  5. Hey Trex, can I ask how to get apprentices in 2.0 Beta?


    Edit 04-09-2013: Found out how

  6. Hey Trex, I can't download any of your files on your website.

  7. yea well, I just created it to be random.

  8. I LOVE JAZZRABBIT! (Jazz Jackarabbit)

  9. Are you having trouble logging in lately? Cause I am.

  10. I'm a Revan fan too

  11. I sent one because I felt like it, lol

  12. @ Te Darasuum Mandalor


    If you'd read the text, he says that he only has five. You have to save before you use one.

  13. Star Wars: The Old Republic Walkthrough Trailer


    Hehe, I like this. It looks excellent, this reveals 3 classes a few areas and a choice.

  14. What you going to do?

  15. right... it's not really important. Just curious

  16. I'm not a scriptor

  17. hey, I'm wondering if you could kindly inform me how to remove the hologram forms in TSL so I can see their real selves. Because, I'd like to see the people in their true forms

  18. hey, sorry to bother you. But can you resend me the Bastila Jedi Guardian mod?

  19. Hey, I was wondering. Where is the non-cannon chest? I've looked around a bit, but can't find it. You don't have to give me the exact location if you don't want, just a hint will do.

  20. Hey Stoffe, I want to report a couple of bugs in a mod... but, if I posted on the topic its based at, then it'd be bumping... I've left messages, but I've not had a response, he's not inactive as he's been on.

  21. Hey, a little trouble with the Iridonian mercs, I've killed the Jedi Temple one, however... its not letting me try to battle any of the others.

  22. hey, remember when I reported that trouble with Kannos replacing Shadow? Well, it's happened again. It seems to happen on second round of playing the game onwards.

  23. Can I make a suggestion for a new thing, I know it's been mentioned you're making something that goes with TJM, could you make it possible to learn the Force and Lightsaber forms. From one of the unused terminals or even from one of the Jedi

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