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  1. The sith warrior kept on course with his jedi target, the urge to fight growing with each step he took. He couldn't wait to clash sabers with her, to look at her facial expressions as they fought. He wanted to see if she'd be a worthy challenge, or nothing more than another dull kill. The jedi turned, and he guessed this was the part where she would turn around to face him. A silver blur dashed towards him at incredible speeds, forcing the sith warrior to duck and slide. The warrior listened as the blur came back, this time making him roll to the right. The jedi had not only initiated the first move, but halted his advance at the same time. The sith got to a standing position as the jedi woman now turned to face him. Maybe she wasn't as cowardly as he thought. He gazed into her eyes, seeing not a keeper of peace but fierce determination. Not only that but he definitely anger and frustration in her eyes as well. He could hear that in the way she spoke to him. This only caused him to tilt his head as he eyed her up. On the outside he looked completely calm, but inside there was some concern along with excitement. "Such hostile words for such a pretty face," came his reply. Despite the woman's anger, she was indeed attractive. The flirtation on his end wasn't genuine though, more to infuriate her further. His hand casually moved towards his belt, pulling out a single lightsaber from it. He activated the blade as he watched the jedi woman. He was going to play off her anger and give himself a good fight from it. "Don't worry, I'll make your death quick and painless" he said before lunging towards the jedi, swinging his blade diagonally at her.
  2. Rakghouls, such dreadful creatures. Maybe if these beasts had a bit more intelligence they'd be almost considered useful. Instead they served as nothing more than fodder to this group. One by one they fell, each more useless than the last The cloaked figure watched this, shaking his head slightly. This group was currently in his way, which meant he'd have the pleasure of dealing with them. The figure watched as one of them suddenly started to sprint away from the group. A smirk appeared on his masked face, shaking his head once more as they made this way too easy for him. The others were finishing off the last of the Rakghoul with another jedi stabbing the last one. The figure tilted his head to the right as he observed the second jedi. The face of hers...it was familiar. The smirk turned into a smile as he watched his secondary objective turn to look at the other members of the group. He would deal with her after he dealt with this other jedi. His armored fingers tapped on a rock lightly as he turned his head back towards the fleeing jedi. Where was she running to exactly? To be honest he didn't care as the thought briefly entered his mind. What concerned him more was how good of an entrance could he make. He was certain that more Rakghoul would show up soon, so he wouldn't have to worry about the group for some time. It would be quite rude though is he didn't at least show his masked face to these "guests" of his. The terrain he stood on had done its job of hiding him for long enough now. He turned his head left and right slightly to crack his neck before making his way towards the edge. He turned and leaped down towards the ground below him, doing a few flips as he neared the targeted area. His feet hit the ground as his body was in a crouched position. His right hand was curled up into a fist as it too touched the ground. Slowly he stood up turning to look directly at Avriela. He gazed at her for several seconds, but if felt like a much longer period of time. Everything about his appearance screamed sith warrior, even if his sabers were not out yet. The black robes, and the armor that accompanied them just weren't jedi material. The one thing that differentiated him from a normal looking sith warrior was his mask. A small red visor went across his mask giving it a slightly eerie glow when his hood was up. He broke his masked gaze from Avriela for only a few moments to look to the others in the group. Soon his head turned back to stare at the former sith. "You're next," came his slightly distorted voice due to the mask. He wasn't here to fight all of them just yet. Oh no, their time would come soon after he killed the lone jedi. He had picked her first simply because she was away from the group and he could fight her one on one. Had he tried to get Avriela first the others would more than likely come to her aid. That in itself was surprising. Were they not aware of her former alliance to the Sith Empire? He certainly hoped not as he would get the privilege of telling her little "friends" just who she was. Such joy it would bring him to watch the look of horror on her face. That would wait until he had killed the first jedi though. He brought two fingers towards his forehead and gave Avriela a mock salute before turning around and sprinting towards Per'dra. As he ran he concentrated on the force, wanting to get some extra speed to catch up to her. He wouldn't be denied his fight, and he was looking forward to every second of that.
  3. NAME: Darth Velox AFFILIATION: Sith Empire GENDER: Male AGE: 29 SPECIES: Human/Cyborg APPEARANCE: WEAPONS: Two red lightsabers EQUIPMENT: Hooded armored robes and facemask OCCUPATION: Sith Marauder HISTORY: Darth Velox is far from a traditional sith warrior. Yes, he fights for what the sith believe in, but he never actually went through proper trials. Upon discovering Velox, the lords of the time deemed what he had been through sufficient enough. Why was he allowed to pass the trials? As stated, Velox is not a traditional sith. When he was found, the bodies of two sith warriors and one jedi were found with him. Velox was not without injury though. Rather than be executed, Velox was taken in and given cybernetics for his injuries, mainly his left eye was replaced and a few features on his face. Velox was force sensitive, and had already proven himself to be a very capable warrior. He was trained by a sith lord, who tried his best to teach Velox. He had been without training for so long, that proper ways didn't seem to work with him. The sith was about to give up until he considered a dual saber approach to Velox. It seemed to be a bit too natural the way Velox handled two blades, but was much more successful. His connection to the force was still different, but in time he was able to learn some force abilities. Velox is a very arrogant individual, who believes himself to be one of the best sith out there. His cockiness exceeds any other quality in him, due to the "treatment" he got while training. His odd relationship with the force is what truly makes him a deadly opponent. His fighting style is difficult to read and combined with his gifted speed and agility makes him a tough assailant. He loves a good fight, often going out of his way to make a fight last. This desire to fight can be traced back to when he was first discovered by the sith. What came with that though was something less desirable...some nobility. He has a sense of honor for those who put up a good fight, which is frowned upon. He shows loyalty to the Empire so its often looked past. With the death of a recent sith, Velox has been assigned to finish the job. He's tasked with getting the information, and taking care of anyone who gets in his way. His secondary task is to deal with the traitor Arivela, if he comes into contact with her. He only knows her a little bit, but is aware that she has been on the run for some time. NAME: Paron Nauss AFFILIATION: Republic GENDER: Male AGE: 16 SPECIES: Human APPEARANCE: Dark chocolate brown hair sat on top of Paron's head. It was so dark one would just assume his hair was black. Crisp green eyes filled with the heart of a thrill seeker were often accompanied by a cheery smile. Due to his time spent in the sun, his skin was tan but no where near close to sun-kissed. With no need to train, his body was simply average in terms of physique. WEAPONS: None EQUIPMENT: None OCCUPATION: Student HISTORY: Paron was a fairly easy going individual, with no real problems in his childhood. He got along well with other kids and rarely complained when his parents asked him to do something. Despite his average sort of lifestyle, Paron would not be considered average if he was aware of his uniqueness. Paron was gifted with natural force abilities, and this gift would soon prove to be a curse. During a raid on his hometown by the Sith Empire, his parents were killed in the skirmish. The warriors present were looking for those gifted individuals to either eliminate or recruit. With Paron, they would do neither of these things. In a moment of rage Paron killed one of the attackers, using the element of surprise and the force as his ally. Paron died soon after that encounter.
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  7. Hank looked over at Hizuni and let out a laugh. He wasn't trying to insult the girl, it was more a laugh of approval. "I like her Kai, she knows who to good ones on the team are. Mr. lightshow over here would have done nothing but blind the poor girl," Hank said teasing Ming in the process. He hoped they'd get called into action soon, as he was anxious to use his abilities. Perhaps this little sparring session might not be so bad after all. Maybe he'd even get to see Shana fuse with that very creepy Pandora...creepy to him at least. "I guess I'm up for whatever you had in mind Hizuni," he told her.
  8. You're quite welcome my comrade. Chev has been on a nominating spree. First Shana, than Ping and myself...and once I got one, I knew you absolutely needed one. You can't nominate a sith without nominating his former sith master(who I'd let live =P) as well.


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  10. Hank listened to the conversation, snickering every now and then. He found it amusing the soldiers were annoyed with the mages getting this "special treatment". To him it sounded like a bunch of kids being upset because it's the other's birthday and he gets to wear a little crown. At the same time he was a bit excited by this news. He chuckled this time before looking to Juno. "Well I say who needs them. The way I see it is we get a nice little challenge now," he said rather amused. Hank turned and glanced at Ming. "As much as I'd love to hit someone...I mean pay a visit, I think we need some proof before we can."
  11. Vakarr stared back at Emi taking in her brief yet strong words in. She was willing to protect him, even if the thought of him getting caught was still in his head. No one had gone to lengths of that for someone like him, and that meant a lot...the fact that it meant something to him was significant in itself. He continued to stare at her until he found himself smiling which caused him to turn his head away. After a few seconds he remembered she couldn't see that and turned his head back to her. "Very well," he said. "Just don't blame me if we get caught," he said a lighter joking tone.
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  14. Vakarr nodded his head at Per'dra seeing that they were thinking the same thing. Her next words came as somewhat of a surprise to him. He hadn't expected congratulations from her...especially after their little argument. Then again both were stressed out from what was happening around them. He wondered if she too thought he was a simple brute with a sword as he did. That had been the dark elf's undoing, and Vakarr baited him with it. He gave a second nod to her in thanks, as he prepared to unsheathe his sword again. He hadn't expected one of the dark elves to appear however. He listened to the elf's words, but wasn't sure how he felt. A ferry was one thing, but a horse? Chances were his horse wouldn't go as fast as the others given his heavier armor. He was certain he'd be able to get to their destination though. Still...he felt something wasn't right, then he remembered what he told Emi at the bar. He asked for her protection which she took very seriously...what if she tried to go back. "Emi," Vakarr said approaching her. "I feel my armor will slow my horse down slightly. I'm certain I'll be fine, but if something is to happen...don't go back for me, keep yourself safe. At that point I'll hold them off as best as I can, if something like that were to happen...and be careful," he added onto the end after a few seconds.
  15. Hank joined in Ming's laugh. "Good to see you again Ming," he said. Hank watched the silent exchange between Hizuni and Kai, very amused by it. The girl already checked out in his book. She already seemed to be a fan of him, and she liked to tease Kai. He gave Hizuni a thumbs up though in approval. "I've been good Kai, much better to see this gang again though." Hank gave a nod to the new guy of the group. His named rhymed with Kai's which he thought was amusing. Hank glanced over at Pandora, but only for a few seconds...she creeped him out a little. "So should I expect to see anyone else from the old gang?" he asked.
  16. Vakarr was surprised by the amount of damage his punch had done. He was certain he hadn't used that much force, and it was with his left hand too...or maybe he had. He soon found himself smirking slightly at the victory he got over the dark elf. That would teach him to dare ever underestimate him. Before he could reply he found himself in their city. He looked to the dark elf, who was begging for death at this point. He stared at the elf for a few seconds. Part of him didn't want to after he called him a coward. Still...he did cause that very painful wound. Perhaps letting him die with honor wasn't too bad. He slowly took out his sword and prepared to do the deed. He hoped Emi wasn't watching as he swung his sword down, taking the elf's head clean off. He looked around when he felt a sudden shake. He looked to Per'dra. "You wouldn't happen to be thinking the same thing as me...would you?" Vakarr asked believing the Purge might have gotten to them sooner.
  17. A team reunion, what a happy event to witness. Friends who haven't seen one another in a bit get together once more. Its a shame Hank Coleman would be part of that reunion real soon. Almost nothing had changed about Hank in terms of appearance and personality. He was still the same guy they loved...or hated. Hank started to make his approach to the group coming up behind a very familiar boy. He grinned from behind his mask as he got closer to the boy, suddenly putting an arm around him. "Kai!" Hank said happily. He looked down to see Hizuni. "You made a new friend." The alien looked to see Shana, Captain Terranova, and Ming as well. "Captain, you're looking as attractive as ever...ma'am. I even threw in a ma'am. Uncle Hank missed you Shana, you look so pretty and uhhh...hey there uhhh Mang" harmlessly flirting with the Captain, complimenting Shana, and teasing Ming...It was good to be back.
  18. Vakarr continued his act of the brute with blade. His swings seemed barbaric in nature as he clashed with Zherybukh's own. The elf seemed to be falling for the act so far, as he danced around keeping his distance. Then the Elf made a bold move and brought his swords down on his own.So the elf was trying to disarm him to win. Vakarr's smirk was hidden by his helmet as he brought his heavily armored foot right down on the elf's foot. Certain the elf would be distracted by the sudden pain, Vakarr threw a punch aimed right at Zherybukh's face.
  19. Vakarr stepped away from Emi, so that he and Zherybukh would have room. He was going to continue his plan of giving the dark elf a false sense of security. The elf saw him as a brute, he could see it in his eyes. Vakarr swung, and was parried almost instantly. Vakarr took a step back and let out a grunt, like a brute denied a one hit win. He grunted again and swung at the dark elf once more. He wanted to learn just how this elf fought, how he blocked, and how he dodged.
  20. Note: Let me know if stuff needs to be edited. Mainly the rifle changing appearances for each special attack, and his Titan form. I was a bit tried when doing the Titan form so I'm not sure if I did it right or not. Name: Hank Coleman Age: 21 Gender: Male Appearence: Hank There's some creepy characters in the background, try not to focus on them too much. Face: Hank's face Ignore the little girl clinging to Hank there. Device Name: Devil's Blade. A small knife Hank keeps by his waist. The knife cannot be used for combat unless its activated and turns into his rifle. Device Appearance: Rifle Specialty: Mid-Range Special Attacks: Dragon's Spit: His rifle takes the shape of a rocket launcher and fires and explosive ball of magic One Shot: The rifle's takes the shape of a sniper rifle and fires one high caliber shot. Devastation: The rifle takes the shape of a shotgun and fires a concentrated burst of magical energy. Oblivion: The rifle takes the shape of a large canon like weapon and after some charge time fires a very powerful beam of energy. It costs a lot of energy, thus Hank uses it only when needed. Form: Titan Hank's body is covered head to toe in armor. He gains high strength and endurance but goes without his agility and speed. He rarely uses this as he prefers agility to brute force. His rifle seems to his armor thus is not available to him in this form. Crush: Hank stomps the ground creating a mighty shockwave. Thrust: Hank dashes forward with great force. (like Biotic Charge) Reaper's Touch: Hank puts a good deal of energy into one punch for a powerful blow. Personality/Features: Hank is a reckless individual who needs a dictionary when asked words like 'safety' . He knows he's a skilled fighter and loves to show that off. Battles to him aren't survival, but having the maximum amount of fun he can. He gladly welcomes a challenge, and has a hard time backing down from a fight even if the odds are against him. Hank also likes to run his mouth quite a bit. This ranges from joking about something, to insulting the enemy, to just saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. This has made him a bit of a pain for his superiors. Being an "alien" in terms of the human beings he works with, Hank is a bit different from them. He has a humanoid look to him, despite his skin being gray. The only major difference between him and a human are the reaction times. Hank's reflexes are much better than the average human's. He also has a higher endurance in terms of running and jumping. Biography: Hank was born on the planet notorious planet Ven. It hide a high crime rate, and was home to many gang leaders. It was two steps away from vacational stay and one closer to home of the scum. Ven, despite its crime rate, is a somewhat beautiful planet. Rural areas make Ven seem warm, while the cities are somewhat startling. Hank was fortunate enough to grow up in a nice rural area, but his family was poor. Hank was nothing like his father who was an extremely hard worker. Hank wanted to help his family get richer, and didn't believe living the way they were could support them. Hank made his way into one of Ven's many cities to try to get some more money. He stumbled upon a man who needed help with a little job. Anxious to make some quick cash, Hank quickly volunteered. Too late did he realize he was part of a little thieving job. The job changed Hank a little, as he found himself enjoying the thrill. He did another little job, and loved it the second time. Hank did this in secrecy each night, so his parents would never find out. Hank became better and better with each heist. His reflexes were incredible, and no other could beat him. He could take down a few enemies within a few seconds. His aim was fairly decent as well, but not quite as good. That didn't stop him from practicing though. The better Hank got, the more jealous his fellow thieves became. This jealously would soon get the better of them, and on their next heist they would do something drastic. They wounded Hank and left him for dead. Hank managed to evade the police and get to safety. He learned Ven's number one rule that day, watch your back. From that point Hank only wanted revenge for what had happened, but needed to do something first. He faked his death so that it couldn't be traced back to his parents. For the next few years he practiced getting better as a fighter. His proficiency with firearms was astounding, and combined with his reflexes made him a natural killer. With that he put on a black mask, and red goggles to hide his face and got revenge on those who had wronged him. Hank was cornered by the police soon after his revenge and was about to flee when they came to him with an offer. They wanted him to take down other criminals just as easily as he had with the group of notorious thieves. At first he was skeptical, but took them up on the offer to avoid punishment. He began tracking down the targeted criminals and taking them down one by one. With each criminal killed or taken in, Hank grew more passionate about it. Thieving became a thing of the past as becoming a vigilant enforcer took over. Slowly Ven's crime rate began to drop, and Hank decided to leave his home planet. Hank traveled to many planets, offering to help in his own special way. Eventually he came to Unregulated Planet #97. He aided an interesting group of individual who were impressed with his abilities. He soon became a member of the Task Force. Short History: Hank has now become a better team player since he actually likes the group he's with...even if he doesn't show it. He wanted to stay in Captain Terranova's squad for that reason.
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  23. Vakarr stared at Meara for a few seconds with his arms crossed. Had his helmet been off she would have seen a smirk on his face, for the armored warrior was amused at her response. He was mainly amused at how she feared him the first time he spoke to her and now she had an attitude towards him. He was also curious to this as well. Why had one death threat scared her, yet one accompanied with an insult didn't? Perhaps it was in his tone. His amusement soon turned into anger as the Dark Elf spoke. He had the nerve to call him a coward? He had just attempted to shoot an unarmed Per'dra, but he was calling Vakarr a coward? Afraid to show his face? No, never...well maybe a little. It was more shame than anything at being half human. However as he spent more time amongst Dark Elves, he felt a growing disgust for him as well. Just as Meara had backed off of him, he did the same to the Dark Elf and let the comment slide. His anger soon turned into genuine sadness as he heard Emi. He listened to her protest against the violence that had occurred and a desire for peace. He partially agreed with that, as he had come to like violence a little. He wanted peace though as well...just under his rule. His usual thoughts of power were pushed away as Emi continued her small speech. The next word only made him sadder, and soon he began to feel pity as well. She looked so helpless on her knees, he wanted to kneel down and comfort her. Comfort? Another being? Had the thought actually entered his head? His sadness and slight confusion turned into something he hadn't felt in quite some time...genuine happiness. Not his usual happy over defeating someone, or doing something great. No, this was the type of happy he felt when he was little. When he had no clue of the world he lived on. Emi had not only remembered what he had told her at the bar, but was intending on sticking with it. In all his years of life, not once had anyone stood up for him. He didn't understand why he didn't feel insulted by this action. He knew he could fight this archer, yet she still spoke up. Surprisingly...it felt nice. His armored hand slowly reached out to meet her shoulder. He placed it on the shoulder of the arm she gave him back at the bar, not the one she took away at first. Just as she remembered her promise, he remembered how she was hesitant about which arm to give him. He was curious as to why, but now wasn't the time for that. Besides, this was about respecting her as much as she was respecting him. Despite the gloves less than comforting touch, he did so as gently as he could. "Emi, its just a duel...I'll be alright," Vakarr said in a soft tone that almost surprised him. "Thank you though," he added in. Vakarr looked to the Dark Elf, glad he had requested this duel. Now they had a way into the city, as Vakarr was quite confident he could win this duel. His arrogance might be playing a role in this, but his brain was as well. Given his body shape, the elf saw him as the large swing sword until enemy dies type of fighter. Vakarr was a strategist though, and he wouldn't do something so stupid as that...or perhaps he would. Perhaps he would play the part, than catch his opponent off guard. "I accept your challenge. I will enjoy this," Vakarr said.
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