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  1. Sure. Give it a shot. (Actually, I was thinking it could be a separate uber-pistol weapon, but we could have it replace the commando pistol. Whatever you do with it, make sure its damage is enough to one-shot kill any light infantry.)

  2. Okay, green light on Sarge HD. I'll do the visors in a patch. Lets deploy this.

  3. PS. Don't forget to include the DX-6.

  4. They're in the SVN repository right now. Go ahead and download, I sent you the invite.

  5. Can't really remember what it looks like. Um, go with whatever takes the least amount of time to implement.

  6. Eh, what was the new Hud?

  7. Hockey, we need to release the Beta ASAP. Fix the bug where the Troopers are stuck on top of the building, then upload it to ModDb. We can release updates for it as time goes on, but we REALLY need to get it out there. Its been four months since we were supposed to release it.

  8. Uh, try drawing the following:


    A new character


    A new gun


    A indoors-environment.

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    You fix those last few bugs yet?
  10. Great. Lookin' forward to seeing the end result. :D

  11. How close are you to finishing your skin. I'd like to upload some screenshots of it to ModDb to explain that though the bugs won't take long to fix, we keep making cool new stuff to put in the mod. ;)

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  13. Sure, I can give it a shot. I'm at school right now, so you'll have to wait a good 6+ hours. ;)

  14. Huh? What do you mean 'fix-up'?

  15. And does it matter if he has any knowledge of SWs? All we really need to do is tell him to draw something sci-fi and awesome, and then get CCP to make it. XD

  16. Um, how about adhesive or cryoban grenades? We'd have to figure out how to modify particle effects to do 'em but it'd be really cool.

  17. Check this guy out. Civilordinace


    Looks like we finally got a conceptual artist. ;)

  18. Damn. Eh, could we get somebody to make a better one for FP then?

  19. Can you send me a screenie? (Does it look terrible due to a shoddy texture, or a shoddy model. The texture I can fix)

  20. Add it under required equipment. If that fails, ask Hockey. ;)

  21. Hey, how much of our old crud can we replaces with Hawk's new crud? ;)

  22. Yeah, I'm actually doing English homework today. Which is why I can't work on the model just yet. :(

  23. The one in the pic. (Haven't stared yet, really busy ATM. Will try to get to it sometime this week)

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