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  1. I think I know a lot more than my friends give me credit for. If I've ever tried to have this conversation with them, they thought i was making it up, or I was just being silly. I think that's part of why I'm in my own world - no ones ever really agreed with me before, so I live in a world where they do... sounds kind of weird from where you're standing probably lol but y'know.


    I know about this kind of thing, I guess it comes with the times. Everythings being crammed into my head - different versions of right and wrong, how we're running out of fuel, alcohol, murder, cost.

    I'm sick of it really! thats why i want to make a difference. And whether thats through writing or something else, I'll find out then.

  2. I'll read it and see. :) although now you've just made me more curious haha.

  3. I agree with you on the Nuclear power thing. It seems like it's the most useful resource for the future. Unfortunately, however rare accidents happen, they are always on a mass scale.

    I don't know too much about Geography, but I know enough from experience. I loved my Geography and Science teacher (he taught both) because he didn't stuff one opinion down our throats; he gave loads of opinions on things he taught, and it's kind of made me wonder.


    I suppose I'm not old enough to understand a lot of these things, but I guess I don't want to understand them. I live in my own world, where I want everything to work out. ^^

  4. oooh. that sounds interesting. I was looking forward to a 'change' in direction. I'm waiting for him to come back from that mission, because the last time he spoke to Yuthura was when he said 'im responsible for you now'. or at least one of the last times. and it sounded a bit strange lol. usually hes all for being responsible for her.

    I love how you've moulded your Revan. ^_^

  5. It's become popular to hate George Bush, hasn't it? I think it's due to him that people mainly have such a bad impression of America - if it wasn't for the good prices and shopping opportunities, I doubt many people would take an interest in it, at least from the UK anyway.

    no offence or anything lol

    one thing i do hate about america, and the UK is copying this - is that they have too many rules - too many ideal ways of living. I can't stand that.

  6. lol oh don't worry, i felt tired before, but it was too early, and now I'm just wide awake.

    in Shrouded in Darkness, i've read up to the Atris bit, where Yuthura refused to stay in the medical room. I found that kind of similar to something I would do. ^^

  7. if you think the UK is a lasting power, i guess you're right when it comes to the army. but the UK is really going down hill. Now, I'm not very aware of how things are, globally, but the society is terrible here, our Government hasn't got a clue, there's a racist everywhere you look, prices are high, there's poor people on every street corner, basically, and this place is just falling apart.

    Why people think this place is good, i don't know. I like it because it's my home - it's part of me now, and I'm very much hoping to make a difference one day.


    As the for US... i see what you mean; I don't think the UK is that far behind.

  8. ps to yr other msg.

    it's 3:37 here.. and i find it difficult to sleep if you must know lol.

    i've never been able to sleep well. just pass the time on games/computer until i do feel sleepy.

  9. i believe in the "grey jedi" belief. I mean, I'm very neutral in real life - i believe that your actions are what make you. Besides, everythings difficult to trust these days.

    Jolee was like that - i agreed with him, but he was a tad crazy lol maybe that's just what I'm like.


    In the UK, theres mixed opinions. some people see it as amazing - the cities, shopping. some people think they're war-obsessed, and others think theyre overly patriotic. but i guess you can't judge a place until you've been there long enough.


    i've been to New York twice, and the impression I got was a friendly, exciting place, where I could live, but I'd get sick of the patrioticism. (if thats a word).


    how do the US see the UK? lol

  10. haha. i've never been too fond of politics. i think it's just a group of very opinionated people who got lucky and are now controlling countries (even in star wars.)

    the religion, i guess, interests me more, but i don't agree with either side of it - Jedi or Sith.

    Sith is too brutal - i hate how they kill people and use hate and sadness.

    Jedi are too ignorant - they have no idea about struggle, much like you covered in your Yuthura story.


    I've always liked the concept of bounty hunting; i wrote a story about it once, but i can't find it now. I'd like to write a story about it, perhaps the story about how Mira started out.


    Maybe once i've finished a few projects, I will.

  11. I know... some places are terrible. i hate the places where they take it unbelievably seriously... its' like, ease up a bit.

    I'm more into KOTOR that star wars. sure, i've watched all the films, and I like it... but I'm not a big fan of the actual movies. I adore RPGs and KOTOR really got me into the star wars *world*, if you get me.


    if you make an account on DeviantArt, be sure to tell me - i'll add you as a friend on it. (Y)

  12. they would be on DeviantArt.

    if you're interested my account is http://www.yasuzoma.deviantart.com

    if not, nevermind. ^^;

    it's a good place to post stuff, i think. i advise you make use of it.

  13. I do sometimes find it difficult to oblige to what people want... I mean, some fanfictions I've done have ended up being commentless despite about 1000 views, simply because it's 'different'. y'know?

    but, with the Quest for Revan one i'm doing, I'm enjoying that and that was what people wanted to see, I think.


    I have friends, 'fans' if you will, who read my stuff. but i have written 'stuff for the audience' and loved it myself.

    I wouldn't write something if i hated it. if you've read Harry Potter, I guess I want to write something like that - successful, fun, and personal on an imaginative level.

    well, it's not my career goal, it's a dream to be an author... if i'll ever become one, that's another story.

  14. well i find fan fictions more restricting to be fair. whilst i love writing about my favourite things (KOTOR), i can create my OC and immerse myself in it really easily. i gain kind of 'friendships' i guess, with my characters. possibly because i put a bit of 'me' in their person.


    i write because it's fun, if it wasn't, i wouldn't write.


  15. are you talking about the problem of pleasing your audience?

  16. yeah i really like your art lol. i used to want to be an artist.. but i'm sick and tired of art now.

    i've never been really good at sciences. i'm getting a C in maths and a B in science.. well, hopefully. i'm not really much for 'facty' sort of things. i'm spontaneous, creative, y'know. i'm good at being my own person lol

    art is a really good business to get into... if you have a Deviantart user, you can sell art.

  17. ahh.

    well, yeah, i was told by one of my teachers that i was good at writing. at the time i hated writing, but i guess it influenced me to try.

    ive wanted to be an author since then.

  18. ahh i see.

    you're doing pretty good for your first piece.. d'you mind me asking how old you are? lol


    i've been writing for about 6 years now. i guess i've improved, but i never seem to finish projects.

  19. Hey, I'm just wondering, do you write a lot of things, or is this Yuthura fic the first time you've written a story?

    Like.. do you have any other writing sites, if so?

  20. haha nar it's fine!

    besides, YOUR yuthura pictures are sooo much better.

    i could never draw her that good!

  21. my hair?

    awwh thanks!

    it seriously needs a haircut, though. >.>

  22. hey, i was reading yr story, and thought it'd be cool to draw the bit where yuthura tried to kill atris.

    it's like, the lamest picture of a twi'lek, ever.. and if you're not fond of the 'fanart', then sorry lol.

    i just wanted to draw the scene...



  23. yeah, i know what you mean.

    i think it's a bit pointless, where the story ideas have been written to death a dozen times over, by other people, and there's no real in-depth bit about the character.

    makes me wonder about peoples hopes for becoming a writer. ^^;


    imagination, damnit!


    you don't really need to put more effort into character detail in your Yuthura story. It's already perfect as it stands. :)

  24. hey, well, i actually like stories where there's an in-depth focus on the characters. i feel that the story can't really be a story, without a lot of insight on the character.

    i also seem to like unique stories lol. there ain't too many of them. like, your Yuthura story - its about a DIFFERENT character. i dare anyone to find a story with more than 2 chapters in it about yuthura.

    thing is, not many people like those 'different stories' so they don't end up reading it.


    how about you?


  25. haha i'm just like totally clueless and have no friends on the site.

    so maybe a friend would be good yer XD

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