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  1. lol you have a lot of clever answers.

    i just always have considered myself 'misunderstood'. and not in the teen angst way lol.


    hopefully one day i'll be succesful.


    y'know the chapter where your Revan told Yuthura that he loved her? i could really picture it, because 'love scenes' never ever go as planned, y'know in that lovey dovey way. at least, not at first. the fact that there was a lot of negative emotion that pulled it out of him made it really successful.

    i just never thought Yuthura would be so eager to have a memory wipe lol

  2. i can sort of relate to that, but i won't go into it. x)


    i'm like that. but it's really like overwhelming for me sometimes. and it can be anything... even if theres nothing wrong with someone, y'know. i just sometimes get 'vibes' if you will lol

    my friends think im insane. maybe i am. aha.

  3. yeah. i mustve got my persuade up to 24 before i spoke to her. well worth it, even if she didnt have a lot to say.

    your version of the fight between the male revan and yuthura was really good. it seemed so real. that was the reason that it kept me so interested. :)

    are you the type that's quite sensitive to people around you? or was that the one off?

  4. i guess that is true. whenever i went up against her on KOTOR 1 (played the game many times) I always wanted to see what she had to say, but my persuade wasn't too high.

    this time round, though, i finally did get to do it, and when she said 'hello friend.. haha i like the sound of that.' i was like omg! that is so not a sith.


  5. yeah, you don't want a narrow minded, one genre, one plot story. it'd get pretty annoying. and boring, otherwise XD

    well, i bet it'll be awesome :p you written much before?


    I know! not to sound. ahem. lesbian or anything. Mira was soo the best as the male exile - Visas and Handmaiden were just too 'jedi' for me. not that Handmaiden was a Jedi for long... but yknow. lol.


    At least the guy got decent people though. Atton and Mical? you've GOT to be kidding me. lol.


    Indeed. :) I always did see Mira as that kind of person, but she was able to hide it well.

  6. Oh, well I can't give too much away about that. it's part of the plot. Disciple isn't part of the crew if you're male exile lol so no.

    Bao-Dur went missing - so he obviously wasnt on Malachor V. the droids don't really have much of a say in this... I guess i never really thought about it.. i thought they were destroyed?

    And Mandalore wasn't on the ship either. so if he was, erm, my bad X)


    what drove you to write a story about Yuthura, despite the fact you'd never written before?

  7. i usually don't get to stay in that long. i have dogs that bark all the time at one house, and a mum whos in work all the time at the other house. so... i get round about, at most, 5 hours sleep a night.

    sometimes i get lucky though. ^_^ and get to stay in til like 3pm. thats just amazing. :D

  8. I'd expect that if you posted it chapter by chapter, you'd get more viewers/commenters etc.

    yknow, constructive critisism or support.

    some people are lazy lol. actually, scratch that - most people are lazy.


  9. ahh i see i see.

    what is a story without a couple of plots? XP

    also, this lack of romance in my story is killing me lol. im usually a romance story writer, so i think i acted compulsively on the mira drunk thing lmao. needed something interesting!

    not to say a couple couldn't happen. ;)


    and yes, that'd be really cool! but don't feel obliged to rush it on my account lol

  10. i think i've heard of it. nothing more though.

    why so? :)

  11. well, i must admit, when i saw how many chapters you had posted i thought 'oh god.' but the first chapter seemed interesting enough to keep me reading lol

    however, i dont think other people would be like that -it just so happened your story was my kind of story.

  12. Ah yes, it took me some time to figure it out, but i got it in the end.

    usually you're advised to ask others, but meh. i don't like asking for help.


    and i never really paid much attention to starships or anything - I'm more preoccupied with the people. ^^;

  13. Lol interesting choice of name.

    If you post your Shrouded in Darkness story there, I'll be able to comment that specific chapter now, instead of being chapters behind! :)

  14. ahh i get you.

    ive had a few very serious journals, but i think they were on other users that i deleted.

    my journals there to vent i guess. ^^'

    does this mean you have a devart user, or did you just check it out?

  15. lol i know i looked over the conversation and it was quite long.


    and i dont understand what you mean.


  16. lol i'm awake most of the time, so whenever you want to.

    Now'd be good.

  17. ahh i see.

    So, kind of like a 'third KOTOR'?

    I guess that's what i tried to achieve with Quest for Revan, but it's more like my ideal way of it all happening. X)


    it's always good to have a few plots going at once - i've done that, and people don't seem to catch on. like the whole Mira being drunk in my story :p 5th chapter will explain it.


    anyway, I look forward to you posting your story! Have fun ;)

  18. your signature?

    it's just pure genius.


  19. I think I can relate to you about not wanting to become something. But not Vrook in my case lol.


    I have been open to change. I'm rather open minded, I think. People seem to think my opinions are 'wrong', mind. I didn't know opinions could be wrong, but y'know. People today - who knows what is right and wrong.. :/


    your argument there is an opinion. theres reasoning behind it. and that's where there's a difference. if someones opinion goes purely off 'well i know that, but i still think im right.' with no real 'excuse' then, it's ridiculous.


    anyway, im starting to feel tired, and i best not take it for granted again lol

    it was good talking. maybe we could continue the conversation tomorrow or something.

  20. Hey. I've heard (from somewhere) that you're planning on writing a story.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but thats the impression I've got. lol.


    If so, whats it going to be about?


  21. Just for the record, I completely agree with you about Atris! I hated her in KOTOR. She was ignorant, and when I was reading your story, when she was saying Yuthura was built on hate etc., I found myself thinking 'well, you're not too far behind.' because, really - Atris always lets her anger and emotions get the better of her. She can't be a 'true Jedi.'


    Anyway, aside from that lol... If there's no logical way for me to see it, I just pass them off as stupid. Much like UKs issue with immigrants (legal). people hate them 'theyre talking over the country' people say. Oh yes, I'm sure corner shops, bin men and post officers are considered as 'controlling the country.'

    I think people who find immigrants wrong and corruptive are complete fools. Right, we're giving them tax. But we've had tax well before immigrants started 'taking over.'


    I just get so annoyed by it lol

  22. oh god, I argue a lot. I think that's how I got Mira's attitude so well in my story lol.

    And I like to trick someone into thinking something, which makes them ending up confused. Then, when they realise I've confused them, they argue back about things I've just said, and they end up considering my side of the argument. if that makes sense.

    sometimes i just confuse myself though.

    I like to hear both sides of the argument, mind. Its just not a lot of people like to do that.

  23. What's scary is that, being sickened by someone whipping a slave could be wrong. But we think it's right to think that way.

    Which is where my "grey jedi" beliefs come in lol. If I had to be a character in a story, I'd be an "anti hero" if you know what that term means.

    But that's just the thing - What *is* good?

    Me - i'm all for equality.

  24. Lol it seems, these days, all you hear about is 'the next dilemma.'

    it's difficult to stay optimistic some times.


    I'm starting Psychology soon in college, and im going to learn about this sort of 'way of thinking.' I want to find out more, I'm really interested. But im more interested in why people disagree, rather than which people disagree, if you get what I mean. :)

  25. I dunno, I guess I've never really noticed before. It's true I'm spontaneous with things and might think of something I've forgotten, then use it to create an emotional or possible significant scene, but it's always accidental like you said.

    It might be a skill, depending on how 'discrete' you went about it.

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