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  1. lol yeah, but i can't say i'm entirely 'glad' to be English. but i don't hate England like most people do.


    i love that quote. ^^

    when i played it as a guy, i was like 'well excuuuse me. im not old.'




    so are you from England or just another part of Europe?

  2. yer i thought the 'multiple POV' would be a good idea...

    would we take turns writing it? or simple request when we wanted to write it?

  3. good. ^^

    also, before i go, if we decide to do the idea, we should all decide on 1 character we favour to be in it - like Yuthura.


    just so theres no arguments. :p

  4. well i'm interested. whether HOP is, that's something else.


    i will be getting sleep, so maybe we could just keep the conversation going, over days or something - it's a pity we can't have a 3-person conversation ey? lol.


    though, would you agree that if we do this KOTOR III, we should include more people e.g.

    the republic, Revan's old crew, Exile's surviving crew, other Jedi etc.etc.?

  5. lol lucky HOP. actually i don't like spain much. but ehm. yes.


    i guess if we were doing to do this, then i'd want it to be completely different to my story. 'cause i'm already writing about finding Revan and defeating the True Sith.


    that Mandalorian idea sounds good - though, i'd have expected the True Sith not to care much for the Republic, or be 'sentient' enough to consider it. you get what I mean?


    i imagined them as savages.

  6. oh i get you. that sounds like a sound idea. and i'm sure yours, HOPs and my writing skills would compliment each other. 3 heads are better than one.


    only question - what could it be about? i know KOTOR III...but what specifically?

  7. lol well, i guess it could work, y'know.

    sure, we're a bit far-ish (especially you) into the stories, so eh, might be a bit difficult. :p

    also, our Revan's are opposite genders. lol.

  8. lmao that'd be fantastic


    Exile: We're here at last!

    Some guy: oh, no, he's on Coruscant with Yuthura Ban

    Exile: what? whos' Yuthura Ban?

    Some guy: some ex-sith or some other.

    Exile: WHAT?!



    and yes, we shouuld make a KOTOR 3. we'd be heros haha.

  9. just wanted to say, that chapter really was cool (Y)

    and also

    it's funny I'm writing a story from the exiles POV after KOTOR2 going to fight the true sith.

    you're writing a story about after KOTOR2 from someone elses POV in another struggle

    and Darth_Yuthura's writing a story about after Revan defeats Malak

    kind of all pieces together. :) we should design our OWN KOTOR 3 lol

  10. i'm craving some emotion scenes in my story... chapter 5 is an attempt at one, but due to the characters and lack of action sooo far, there aren't many. it's a real bummer.


    and i'll be sure to read it, when i get time. :) thanks!

  11. haha i noticed your comment.

    it's a pain because if you're on this msg thing, you can't click a 'home page.'

    i reckon HOPs story is off to a good start. (Y)

  12. oh god that IS old. i'll take a look at it.

    and yes. i hate all these 'gay couplings' people do. never seen a Female exile/handmaiden one, though. :S that sounds... odd.

  13. that's another thing - you got Atris' character perfectly. ^.~

    You know when you read a book and the description/emotions so good that you become frustrated with a character that's opposing the main one? (if not, erm nevermind). well, i felt like that reading the Atris bit.

    it was awesome!

  14. i havent read it no, but ive been trying to get ahold of that kind of stuff. dunno where to find it though.


    and yeah, we covered those sort of things in English Lit a lot. Like in "Of Mice and Men" if you've read it, the slutty, lonely girl in it (who incidentally had a husband) was looked down on by the whole ranch. but if you looked at it properly, it was just because she never reached her dream, had a terrible, anger problemed husband and wanted to feel loved, by 'dressing up.'



  15. i know!

    it was definitely one of those scenes where you think 'what the hell?!'

    and how come your companions didn't follow you into the jedi enclave? they could've helped! lol

  16. no. i'm not sleepy. i just haven't had much sleep recently. has knock on effects.

  17. I agree with the scenario with the guy on Narr Shaddaa.

    and i'd have disagreed with vrook, but not to the point of killing him lol

    and I would have at least told Atris where she'd gone wrong, and how pathetic she'd been. If she refused to listen, yer i'd have left her.


    Atris and Vrook are just.... urgh! annoying.

    though, when i first played TSL i was so shocked (light side) to find they were going to sever the connection to the force! i was like 'excuuuse me, i could have killed you.'

  18. just to say, i said the word 'answer' way too much in that sentence lol. sleepiness does this to you!

  19. yeah. i rarely got much influence from her, because i couldn't agree with a lot of things she said lol

    i wonder, if I did the game and answered with answers I'd answer with, what i'd end up as?

    i highly doubt i'd be on the dark side lol but i don't think i'd be that high up on the lightside. y'know?

  20. i know. some of the characters in TLS had so little background. i mean, it might have sounded a lot, but you only got to speak to them about it like once.

    the handmaiden, i thought, was a bit annoying lol and kreia. god. i just plain hated her. i dont understand how people can like her.

  21. lol well there's Bao and Mira.

    I also like Juhani and Mission.

    Juhani because she too had that kind of 'past' that Yuthura had, and shes trying to redeem herself.

    and Mission, because she has the best insults ever.



    in my story atm, it's difficult to have many emotional scenes due to the characters. Visas is well... jedi. Mira is well.. mira. and Darren's not had muuch lone time. I'm planning on having an emotional chapter soon, though. :)

  22. it does lol. Englands much like that, too. the rich are getting richer, and anyone lower, is getting poor. this credit crunch isn't helping either. -.-' lol.


    Besides Yuthura, do you have any other favourite characters?

  23. I'll have to wait and see how this turns out then lol

    do you like the sith? i've noticed you're part of a few 'sith groups'.

  24. well, i guess it is a good motivator. but if i were in her shoes, I would think strongly against it. i was trying to imagine waking up tomorrow, believing a bad part of my life had been good lol

    it seemed too eerie.

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