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  1. very true, very true.

    if you cant find an idea in 25,000 years of history, you're doomed haha.


    did you get the question i asked on the other comment? ^^; i quickly added it as an edit.

  2. i get short bursts of inspiration that fade after about a minute lol but if the inspiration stays with me, im determined to write it.

    i do hate it when people steal ideas though!

    if you ever get a good idea you should post it here. :)


    thank you btw. ^^


    ps. do you know if Mira worked for anyone consistantly as a Bounty Hunter? :confused:

  3. loll

    yes my writings going well.

    i'm working on another one atm, but im gonna put it on kotorfanfiction.net first.


    have you written anything?

  4. hahah. theyre not built for my feet!


    size 8. get in.



  5. haha. well i like to party, and my prom was definitely fun. even though, by the end of the night, i wished i hadn't jumped/danced about so much in my high heels >.<!


    im not one of those people who wails and cries about missing people either lol

  6. England is becoming America. it's unbelievable. guess what my old school are doing now?

    hiring YELLOW school buses!


    and the whole staying on til 18.

    yer, England just wants to be America.


    I hate Americas way of doing things though. =S

  7. ohh i'm better at english, too :lol:

    i won the spelling bee on one of the last days of school haha.

    it was good to beat the smartarse of the year. put her in her place. :p

  8. ohhh i see. i failed french/spanish. :lol:

  9. life is good. but boring. ^^ it's to be expected when you're not working/going school.


    what did that first bit of the sentence mean?

  10. well i understand what you say, and you're far better than i am with any other language :lol:


    i tried to learn spanish and french and japanese.. i basically only know how to say 'hello' and count. =/


    if you want to use more 'intellegent' words, then go on http://www.thesaurus.com - i use it sometimes, when i really need a change of word and can't think of one.

    but make sure you check with someone else if the word you choose is right for the sentence.


    synonyms can be a nusciance.

  11. bonjour. :D thought i'd stroll by and ask, how's life?

  12. hope youre having a good time HOP.

    i thought youd like to know i'm working on a fanfiction called 'The Huntress'

    perhaps the main character will interest you haha.



  13. (oh and i didn't mention...)


    synonyms are vital :p if other authors are using simple words, it won't reach the potential it could be.

  14. it usually takes 1-2 weeks lol.

    i think about how to go about it, plan it, then write it.



  15. if there's a lot of typos, then yes, it takes from the story. but i saw people commenting on the fact it was 'hutt' not 'hut.' but you only made that typo once, compared to about 5 other times. you did spell padawan wrong in the first bunch of chapters, but i knew what you meant, so i ignored it.


    i don't like the new Yuthura story thats out lol i read the first chapter and thought... its not as good as the one im reading and i dont fancy reading the same story twice. i liked your idea because it was original ^^


    about the Atris thing? i'm all for it haha. Atris wasn't killed if you were light side - instead she stayed with the holocrons. after the defeat of the sith, she could have realised 'maybe im on the wrong side.' cause she seems like that sort of person... and when the exile goes to 'question her' about the holocrons, she could ask to be taken back, and be denied.

    because we hate her. ^^

  16. haha.

    the films ruined every character though.

    did you say you read the 5th book?



  17. well, the only negatives i can think of were a few spelling mistakes

    but if you're as fed up as me with people talking about petty typos, you have nothing to worry about :p

  18. in your Yuthura story ive read up to the chapter where shes returning from Nar Shaddaa to Coruscant

    it's so good so far.

  19. lol ehh thank you?


    Rita Skeeter? Dumbledore? :lol:


    my favourites are Tonks, Luna, Neville and Lupin.

  20. i ADORE harry potter.

    you could say i'm obsessed lol

    read all the books, seen all the films.

    the films are nowhere near as good...


    got a favourite character? ^^

  21. agreed with the below comment.


  22. lol it's haardly spamming.


    and i think the bigger the chapter the better.


    ahh. I'm just about Northern everything..

  23. sounds like a plan.


  24. Well, i think keeping to a limited amount of writers would be for the best.


    I think yours, mine and HOPs 'approaches' to fan fiction are similar, but also dissimilar, and it'd be a pain if loads of people submitted their ideas, and started 'debates.'


    what i think would be a great idea

    is to do one POV as Revan

    one POV as Exile (within a Jedi enclave, or with a group of other Jedi - council members if you will.)

    and one POV from the Republic


    it'd be good to try and stick to a limited amount of POVs as well.


    any ideas on multiple plots? i'll let you speak first. ^^;

  25. read it.


    also, have a great time in Spain. :)

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