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  1. my dog ate my art dabbler. T.T i was distraught.

    and negative spacing? you mean, like what is used to create optical illusions, etc?

  2. I have, as quoted by my science teacher: "potential to be great at science, if I applied myself."

    i deteste chemistry and physics. i got a B in my exams/courseworks, but chances are, if i enjoyed it, I could've gotten the A lol.


    some things aren't really needed to be known - such as Francis Egerton financing the Bridgewater Canal for £20,000 etc.etc. in History :lol:

    but the fact you know this 'unneeded information' makes you seem smart haha.

  3. I've come to hate art classes in school. They're so limited. I think school has ruined my talent, not to sound bigheaded, because it dragged me back a bit. So to say, it narrowed my ambition.


    I hate instructions, also. :lol: I got photoshop, and my dad told me 'you have to read instructions before you understand it.' but i've learnt a fair deal of it without any of that.


    i've not taken art in college - I don't want it to become academic.

  4. wow you do martial arts? I did karate when i was a kid and tak-wan-do (or however its spelt). i didn't really take to it. lol. i've never had a fight before, because im not much of a fighter.

    i'm more carefree and calm, or up for fun and parties.

    though on the odd occasion someones tried to hit me, my reaction time has been great, and I can block exceptionally well :lol:


    history? i hated learning about history in GCSE. agriculture and towns. oh god.

  5. haha ahh thats the problem.

    well obviously, theres writing, drawing. I like dancing, but not as a 'sport' or anything. in my own time. it's like my 'meditation :lol:

    poetry - i love that. i write plenty of it, too. and photography. i'm very 'art orientated', but i like learning about how the human body/mind works.



  6. indeed. solar/wind power isnt what i'd call reliable.

  7. i'm all for conversation, unless you don't want to continue it?


    That's a good quote to live by. ^^

    But I don't just want to help myself, I want to help others, and that goal steps far beyond 'self progression.'


    I knew someone whos family saved up money, bought out a string of houses, and could have made millions of it. but his auntie went against the family and spent the money on herself. now they're everyday working class citizens. selfish. just selfish.

  8. haha. America has it's 'dark side', if you will, but so does everywhere else. even people. it's the good things that they need to see, but sometimes they're difficult to see.

    the main thing is, they try to overcome these flaws best they can - and if they can't, then trying their best is all people can ask.

    I hate it when people say 'at least you tried your best.' because it's evident they know the outcome isn't good... but i suppose sometimes, it is all you can do.

  9. I sort of agree with that theory. At least if you overestimate the problem, it might not come out as bad as you expected. but beliefs are beliefs, i guess.

    And I really do understand underestimating yourself. The amount of times i've underestimated myself and gotten good, and the amount of times i've overestimated myself and gotten bad. Its a tricky system to live by, though.

  10. well, I consider you all those things, with what you've shown through your stories and conversations.

    and I dont want to go all 'sob story' on you, but I was sort of made to work. not in 'study work' or 'job work.' but other stuff. I guess that's why people call me 'strong.' I've been made to deal with a lot of things from a young age. i only really started studying properly last year though. i didn't deem other years important enough to care.

    i don't know who I'd consider myself as... but I wouldn't consider myself Atris.

  11. I've not really heard of that problem over here. We have much more 'crime', nowadays. it's becoming depressing.

    It's a conspiracy that the government try to strike fear into people so that they can 'control' them. i sort of believe that, but not to it's fullest extent.

    i probably can't understand a lot of the world's problems as well as someone your age could, but I try. lol.

  12. I've been described as a 'strong' person. i don't consider myself to be strong in character, but i do see what they mean when compared to others.

    i regularly work out, like dancing, running up stairs, lifting heavy house hold things, because i can't afford to go to the gym lol

    but the motive is the same as yours, same with studying.

    i guess, in some very slight way, it's 'survival of the fittest.' and when i was younger, i was always told i was 'average', and to me, thats an insult. I don't want to be average, i want to be the best, or close enough to it as i can.

    when I make a goal, I try to reach it.


    2 years ago, I was possibly depressed, i never saw a doctor. but not your typical teenage angst depressed - it was quite bad. but i've overcome it because i made myself do it.


    i admire people like that. people who don't give up.

  13. i was under the impression we had too much water, what with the iceburgs etc. melting.

    i guess it's called ignorant bliss. i don't think a lot of people want to believe it's happening. i'd like to believe it isn't happening... but it is.

    global warming, i think though, is highly exaggerated to what it really is.

    we really do have a messed up world :lol:

    but you've got to keep a sense of humour about you, ey?

  14. I drink... which might sound odd. It's kind of become weekly - every saturday, my friends and I go to a shop (which has stupid staff) and go to a hangout spot to drink it. ^^; not too proud of it, but i try not to get drunk nowadays.


    some people are selfish and always will be. if you're being spoilt and you can turn around and say 'stop', it's quite good of you. i've never really been spoilt, but i wouldn't want to be - i've seen what becomes of spoilt people. plus, i know someone whos REALLY spoilt (my best friend so it isnt biased), and he has no determination to get a job, because his mum pays for everything.

    he's going to suffer in the future with that laziness *shrug*

  15. oh yeah we know who he is. how can they ignore that? it's like the worlds big problem at the moment lol

    it's scary to think that the world's 'running out' of stuff. and my life's just began... what's it going to be like, 2 or more generations later?

  16. employers hate 16 year olds, because they 'dont know what to do.' but i doubt stacking shelves is difficult.

    my parents arent giving my money, come september, because i'm an 'adult' then. T.T; i didnt get much in the first place, because my parents aren't very wealthy lol


    college is supposed to be fun - but collegers dont know how to have fun without alcohol.

  17. it's strange over here - they're trying to get us to use buses more often, and cars less... but the prices just keep going up, for petrol AND buses. in the past year, bus fare has gone up... 40p. and petrol has gone up 70p. it's ridiculous!


    even houses are a pain.

    is america suffering the whole 'not enough houses & houses cost too much'?

    theyre so expensive over here, i won't be able to afford a house unless im quite well off.

  18. they gain 5-10kg? o.0;

    probably all of the alcohol :lol:


    then again, you do start college at what age over there?

    freedom is something i desperately need... but i know the second i get there, my childhood is over.

  19. ahh. i like walking. but buses are a pain - i've got to pay £3.70 to go to town and back! thats like... $8 or $9.

    just because i'm 16. suppose a car is much more expensive though, even in America.

    when I went to NY, everything was so blissfully cheaper than England lol

  20. oh i know someone who's just gotten a car - they're not really bothered. :S

    what make is it?


    & i'm just thinking about leaving school/going to college and how different it's going to be. T.T; don't miss school at all, but college sounds a bit... out of my comfort zone.

  21. ahh, no it's fine. dancing around to crazy music pretty much qualifies as wide awake. ^^;

    those pictures are pretty good haha - i prefer the Kreia, too. although, i feel sorry for the persons face who was photoshopped onto it :lol:

  22. haha. sure thing. ^^


  23. well, what part of England do you come from? I'm from Manchester, and it's full of crime, waste, and just places that have been boarded off from society because they're so bad lol

    I'm in one of the 'roughish' places, and it's been a rocky life :lol: so a bit of exaggeration shouldn't be too difficult.

  24. tisn't a sequel. it's as she started her bounty hunting days.

    which is good for describing, because i can relate England to Nar Shaddaa kind of :lol:

  25. i was thinking of making one up :lol:

    when all else fails - use your imagination!


    that's the story im working on. TSL was so limited with it's information. ¬.¬;

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