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  1. ah but not VERY well. strang isn't it how such similar words can mean SUCH different things? well good for you :D

  2. hehehe.... lets put tit a different way :p how is your life going :xp:

  3. hmm... no your not :xp: maybe it was a different article. so you like twi'leks huh?

  4. well i was wrong. it'll take a while judging by the fact that my PCs whacked out :p but here are a few: Kiluyak Momb Mandalore (mandaloe the shadow), Bo Champio Mandalore (mandalore the champion), Bo Katchu Mandalore (mandalore the troublesome)


    but i like Te Or'dinii Mandalore

  5. V indeed o_Q it seems it is avvy season :p

  6. Out of all the planets in Star Wars wich one would you rather live on? i thought about making this a poll but there are SO MANY! i would live on Kashyyyk
  7. heheh. thanks. i wish you could play these online
  8. and yeah people are easily addicted :xp:

  9. hahahah. similar to me. my grandma got my brother a darth vader toy for his b-day and my sister thought it looked cool. so we rented a new hope and now my whole family loves it :D although i'm the biggest fan here :D

  10. BTW i'm just curious. howed you get into star wars?

  11. if you want lightsaber resistance AND good skill just hire a Mandalorian
  12. hey would you mind making my sig pic a bit bigger? you can't really read it well

  13. nope. when i am on it i don't know a 10 from a 20 does anyone have a question for me to post?
  14. Advise from my sister: DO NOT PARTY TOO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! other than that she tells everybody to study
  15. oh and if you didn't realize i am Scav :D

  16. ^me likes Shadow Marked: This takes place in about 1000 ABY. the characters find a genohariden assasin. this assasin "decides" to help them with their missions. what they don't know is that this assasin is marked with the nightsisters blood. he ends up causing a lot of trouble with the characters... i can't go too far into this because i have a player on these forums <_<
  17. "It's the first picture on Wookiepedia's article on Twi'leks!"


    it is? weird i don't recall seeing that on there. and i was lokking at a twi'lek atricle on there yesterday...

  18. <_< >_> i LOVE you grimm :D:lol:

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