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  1. <_< >_> i LOVE you grimm :D:lol:

  2. hehe. sorry it took so long to responed. i was gone all day

  3. i don't know about you, but i was told friends were for posing as you when an assasin comes at you :p

  4. he actualy DOES seem to like me

  5. it meand "Not a Mandalorian" :p i made a list of names in mando'a huttese and jaweasw :xp: i'll PM it to you when i get on my HC

  6. i got whole list of name for MTS in mando'a huttese and jawease :D

  7. oh and i didn't mean I was smarter. i just meant parents who teach tend to tech their kids a bit more than they should ;)

  8. well i got to go catch up on my reading. see ya ner'vod

  9. astrology? and yeah i'm still into lycans :D

  10. yeah i PMd him and asked him to start posting again... it seems to have worked. now he wants to change his name and pretty much make it a whole new profile. i say he should be called Te Or'dinii Mand'alor :xp:

  11. thats why i have it in my sig :D (not really i only have it because it's my nerd name :D)


    so how is you sinless life going?

  12. yah! the guy whos gunna change his name to devious-the oposite os pure :D

  13. well look at that! its the guy who doesn't like my name! :)

  14. TTYL ner'vod


    *wispers to imaginary friend*

    the kids a di'kute :p

  15. ah. i got it from the RC books. ther'es alot of stuff about mandalorians in there. actualy thats what got me into them :D

  16. heheh well not quite. it means "complete lunatic" :p but he is an or'dinii


    BTW your pretty good at mando'a. where'd you learn it?

  17. haha sweet! howed you get that?

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