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  1. i feel a millionth of your pain! :( i went to the dentist and got a million shots in my mouth :p

    by the way, check out my quick smiley box









  2. what?!?! WHY? D&D is the best thing that's ever happened to me!

  3. but boring at the same time. i should be playing D&D right now

  4. i'm sitting around and bored to tears

  5. hehe. you should meet my sister. so what's up?

  6. i used to likee them. but then my sister became obsessed with them. they're now annoying to me

  7. ok, i tried not to notice, but your avatar creeps me out

  8. you better accept my request to join your group. i know your mind... :¬:

  9. Sammy: thanks!


    Scavvy: right. talt to you later

  10. Scavvy: because he's stuck on an english problem


    DW: slowly walks back home


    Sammy: what does "irrelivant" mean?

  11. DW: sure


    Scavvy: i'll get it on for him


    Sammy: *speachless*

  12. Scavvy: depends on who your saying that to. i'm typing in everything they say.


    DW: talking to Scavvy


    Sammy: School

  13. Scavvy: hehe. lets try three *shout from other side of room* "hey sammy get in here!" although sammy's not a user

    DW: oh no...

    Sammy: hi

  14. Scavvy: i was going to say something but DW slapped me

    DW: it was for his own good

  15. DW: i've never used any before. i just stick to plain 'ol gamin'

  16. darth warren dosn't feel like signing on. he's telling me what to say.

    DW:so te midala, scavvy says you make mods

  17. actualy he's a VERY close friend, aren't you DW? in fact, we could be neighbors for all i care! :lol:

  18. hey mird'ika. i found darth warren. he has NO space in his name.

  19. teamfett eh.i just started a group called the Fett Clan

  20. true. so what about your avatar? it dosn't quite go with darthjacen

  21. sorry. can't chat anymore. sister's stealing the computer

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