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  1. Not fluently. I only know a few words. Really just danke, ja, and nein. No, not fluently at all.

  2. Did I ever actually do that? I can't remember...

  3. Hey! When was the last time you were on here? I check this site every day out of sheer habit. And post occasionally. Been doing more of that lately... *clears throat* Anyway, HI! :waive1:





    :sign2:~KG~ :devsmoke:


    ((^I'm trying out a new signature, you like? :p))

  4. Nichts zu danken.

  5. Happy b-day! 18th according to your profile. As I am Dark Side: May you have many cookies!!!


    @Below: Really? I don't recall such a thing... Bah, if you remember a LordDeathRay, Ulmont, that would be him.

  6. :rofl:







  7. Hey, LDR, what was your thought process when choosing the name LordDeathRay? Did you just feel like being the Lord of all Death Rays? 'Cause I've always thought of you as some kind of dark manta ray for some strange reason. *sigh* Oh, what horrors that spawn from my subconscious! *shudders*

  8. That was good turkey. :p

  9. About those Sith Uniforms in your mod; will the equipable armours act like a disguise? Like, if another Sith saw you, they would think that you were the person who's uniform you're wearing.

    Like, when you wear the Sith Uniforms on Taris.

  10. @JebusJM: No, no, no. You have to say: :wid:

  11. I'm not sure if you still need this, but I saved your "uncooperative" file as a tga and it worked fine for me. So... Here you go.


    If you can't unzip 7z files, let me know.

  12. I should really pay more attention to what beskar'gam colors represent...

  13. :D


    I was just looking through our previous conversations. And guess what? I lost The Game. :¬:

  14. Hello, Big Head.


    Hmm... Maybe change that title to "Big Head Extraordinaire"

  15. I have the same curious question as Sith Holocron down there. I was lurking around your WIP thread and saw that awesome backhand saber stance. Just wondering.

  16. Really? Looks like you've started a trend.

  17. "Liverandbacon" Hmm... You, sir, have one strange name. I cannot imagine eating both liver and bacon together. Nor can I imagine eating just liver.


    Good day, sir. o_Q

  18. You too, vod'ika. And whoever else you're with.

  19. Me and Solus are on Galaar Forums if you'd like to join us?

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