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  1. Hi there, I wanted to inform you the fourth chapter of "The Shadow Empire" has been released :D

  2. The third chapter has been released :)

  3. Probably today or tomorrow. I didn't have much time lately.

  4. The first chapter has been placed, you may read it if you want :)

  5. Thanks :)

    I hope you have also read the prologue of "The Shadow Empire". Today I'll post the first chapter.

  6. I have an issue, when exactly will everything happen. Like when will the Silvas sith tomb event start? I can't find the tomb, and when will happen the Arc Soldiers thing? And what about the liberation of Dantooine? And must I kill the Jedi Council to be able to proceed? And why will I only have once the time to talk with Zaen about his past?

    Any help?

  7. No, I already have found the mod. Still thanks for your attention.

  8. Hiya, I have heard about your mod, Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire. It sounds really great! I wanted to help you, I cannot mod, but if you are in need of voice actors, I can help you.

  9. You mean to post the auditions? Or just the tips? Or just chatting?

  10. No not yet, I will send them as soon is possible, I need some things rearanged on my PC to make the records.

  11. Okay, I will send you the lines, and I could aso play other roles, as the Sith Emperor? I am also good at playing eveil roles, or If there is an Emperor, it was what I understood from the storyline.

  12. Okay, and what about the twi'lek? Or is the first for the other and the second for Darth Kahim?

  13. I have posted already a post on the threadt voice acting with the list of characters

  14. Okay, but I am not a skilled modder. But I am a very good actor, so I can do many voice acting.

  15. May I ask what a TC is? And do you work for the mod Revange of Revan? The Mod of Logan?

  16. yes of course, dont you remember it?

  17. Hiya, I was wondering if you are still looking for voice actors?

  18. Hiya, I was wondering if you are still looking for voice actors?

  19. Well, i havent done much yet. I had busy times at school, but i was wondering if you still need voice actors.

  20. Hello Logan,

    Wow that was a long time that i wrote to you.

    How are you? And how is the mod going?

  21. Ehm, how do you mean spoilers? I am afraid i dont know.

  22. Hiya,

    I havent heard from you in a long time.

    How are you? And how is going the mod?

    Are the auditions for the voice casting already active?

    I hope to hear from you.

  23. Hiya i had a mod request. Or if you could help me to get on the rails with the mod by making it myself. If you want to help me please help me then :)

  24. 2- Trojan: Trojan will be one of the new party members. He will join you when you are on Malagarr. He will be able to be convinced to join you when you are on the Market Square of the Droid City.

    Trojan will be a droid, but a very special droid. Trojan will be something like Grievious but completely a droid but will be able to wear and fight with a Lightsaber if you chose to train him. He will come in with basic feats like flurry, critical strike etc.

    Trojan will be able to help you through Malagarr and the planets to come, as he can produce the unknown languages.

    Perhaps you can give him cool re-skinned HK-47 version, perhpas something combined like Darth Malak and HK-47? And he must be able to wear a lightsaber.

  25. Hi, how are you?

    I have a new mod idea, check the team: Team Ilum for the mod idea. But i would like you to create a new party member for the new party of the PC. It will be Trojan, a Jedi Droid. If you would like to create this party member please reply then i can give you a full description of how he will look like.

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