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  1. Look what I stumbled upon https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8eyG1O
  2. Don't be hatin' on Chris Ushko, yo! Scurvyliver also made some good stuff on TGF and he's a poster here. You're not trying to hurt my ninja's feelings, are you? EDIT: Heh, my apologies, I can't read. I thought you were referring to TGF projects in general.
  3. That canceled Zak sequel looked amazing as well. Amusingly, Between Time and Space seemed very amateurish for the first few years of its production. I would never guess back then that it would be the one to actually come out, let alone end up as impressive as it did. Ha, that was my first experience with Java. In general, I have fond memories of those days. The community was very active back then.
  4. Confirmed. Fate of Atlantis 2 was a separate project which was already in progress when we started on FoY. The website for FoA2 can still be found here. At the time, it was one of the most high-profile fan projects, along with Hero 6 and Zak 2 (not the one that came out).
  5. It may also be worth noting that the iPhone version is currently 0.99$
  6. Dude, you're alive! So, are you working on anything? Big TNB fan here.
  7. Oh. So there's still a copy of the vid out there. ... ... Can I get a PM, please?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qY40P41Z2U - gameplay video from the PS2 version. The models LOOK smoother, but it's hard to tell with such a low resolution.
  9. Seconded (thirded?). Anyone who's interested in adventure game design should carefully study the chart. Magnificent job!
  10. You're right, the difference is minimal. The movies are supposed to be much higher quality on the PS2, although I can't even begin to imagine the size of such a cutscene "patch".
  11. How about comparison screenshots, please?
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