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  1. do you have skype or e-mail I'll send 'em to you

  2. hey cool it worked, installing as I write... thnx again

  3. ok thanks man, I'm using Firefox is that a problem?

  4. The direct link brought me to the same page where I can only see cryptic hieroglyphic signs. Is it too big to mail?

    *sorry for double post - slow connection*

  5. The direct link brought me to the same page where I can only see cryptic hieroglyphic signs. Is it too big to mail?

  6. Hey Deathdisco,


    I tried to download the multi language patch for your coruscant temple mod but somehow the page doesn't display right. Could you maybe send it in e-mail to markusdoremans@web.de? That would be great since I'm playing the geman version.

    Thanks in advance and cheers,


  7. If you'd like to go ahead! As it says in the readme they are free to use and/or change and you can release them with the uv if you want to...

  8. hey Logan,


    there shouldn't be any problems installing the robes but take a look at the readme so you know wich robes are overwritten.... if there are any robes overwritten that you'd like to keep in your mods just don't putt them into your override...

  9. yeah ok I'll send it to you when I'm fixed....

  10. I can do that but I had a bycicle accident last weekend and I'm not able to play anything right now 'cause my hands are screwed so you'll have to wait about a month to get anything like that from me....

  11. better light huh...? I'll remember that! But I think the screenies were so dark because of my monitor, I've had issues with too dark images before...

  12. hmm I'm not that familiar with what actually happened between E2 and E3...

    but I see your point

  13. hey dude I palready posted this in the related thread but got no answer.... when I use the Sion's underwear mod, Sions head appears to be missing ingame and in the ingame movies .... what can I do?

  14. ok in that case I can understand that you're so bored with it.... it was on once a week over here and there hasn't been any broadcasting of this show since the end of season 1 wich was probably half a year ago maybe longer...

  15. It's not that I love it but when it's on TV wich is rare here in Germany I rather watch anything SW related than all off the other BS that is on TV...

  16. what's wrong?


    p.s. I couldn't join the Clone Wars Haters 'cause I actually kind of like the series

  17. so you only want the caucasian? I wanted to do some skinning on the eyes so he doesn't look downwards all the time but I'll send it over tomorrow

  18. hey scav, thanx for the warm welcome! How are things?

  19. I'll do the improvements you suggested and pm or e-mail it to you

  20. if you want to use the skins I made I can send them to you if you like...

  21. thanx for info ! I'll download it and see if I ike it...

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