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  1. not to nag you, but my comp crashed mightily when I sent you a pm a few days ago. I'm wondering if it went through?

  2. Ah, ok. Thanks for all the help!

  3. Thank you for the explanation stoney, it makes more sense now. Would recommend me making vis files for the other modules? If it helps with rendering I'd think I should make some, cause the other modules are huge.

  4. Stoney, I looked at Dashus's tutorial on the vis format, and I don't understand how editing the 802 one fixed the wall problem. This pretty much went over my head, but I don't understand how this applies to walls. If you could explain this, that would be helpful. :)

  5. Were you able to find the dialogue you were looking for? If you did, please tell me how, cause I'm completely stumped. :(

  6. I looked at it again: the culprit was that there were 2 ifo files included in the module. I deleted 1 and built it as a .mod, it worked perfectly after that.

  7. Hey stoney,


    I can warp to 801dro perfectly well, but whenever I load a save from it the game always crashes. I haven't made any changes to the module so I was wondering if you could see if it works for you. It may just be something with my game.

  8. Will you take a look at the plot thread in the overthrow group, please? I need feedback before I continue.

  9. Will you take a look at the plot thread in the overthrow group, please? I need feedback before I continue.

  10. o.0


    That's awesome...


    2 questions, though:

    How did you fix the walls? The camera doesn't clip anymore & and I can't walk through them :xp:

    and How did you remove the greenish haze?

  11. Were you the one who cleaned up the M4 modules or was that team bantha?

  12. Thanks for the files. ;)


    I think you might be interested to know that I got Blender to successfully import mdls, though the exporter does not work with the current version of Blender. (different python, I believe)


    Regardless, this means that there's an alternative to gmax that we can use to edit mdls. Import in blender, make changes, export as .3ds, load in nwmax and export as mdl.


    that *should* work

  13. The blender importer keeps failing.....I don't think it works with kotor. :(


    I can't get the exporter to work at all....oh well

  14. Tool is the greatest band in the history of the world, closely followed by Alice in chains.



    there, can I have the modules please? :xp:

  15. Would you know where I can find the original xbox modules for you-know-what?

    (the version with trippy skyboxes) :xp:

  16. updated the bug tracker

  17. Hey Stoney,


    I was wondering if you could update the RCM thread with a 1.7 link, because right now it takes people to the kfiles version of the base 1.6.

  18. I'm still coming off a sanity high from the rally on Saturday. :xp:

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