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  1. Mrmph, I guess that'll suffice. :xp:

  2. Dunkelheit is a beast, for sure. Besides that, I'm not really a fan of his older stuff, dunno why...have you checked out Belus and Fallen yet? It's cool to hear what Burzum sounds like with at least a semblance of production. =P

  3. he's in Edit: I'm being increasingly annoyed at most of the articles about him crediting him with "Closing the Texas budget crisis"....when in reality he hasn't done that, in fact, he made it worse!
  4. lulwut, I saw Boehner and Mcconnel playing up the economic armageddon just as much as anyone else. You really don't see the irony in this paragraph? the Democrats are indeed at fault for blindly wanting to continue debt increases, but the Republicans were the main cause in the most recent crisis by refusing to raise taxes under any conditions. And, they seem the only party to be that petulant, as the Democrats are usually willing to compromise in order to find a solution, whereas the Republicans are not. Hell, Boehner said that he got 98% of what he wanted in this last deal,so don't accuse the Dems of being dishonest.
  5. So having hurt feelings justifies threatening default on America simply because they refuse to raise taxes? Get ****ing real. this is irrelevant Debt economics, the american way.
  6. Then please explain why it was the republicans refusing to compromise that led to the latest Washingtonian douchbaggery. The last I checked, it was the democrats who conceded to the republicans in order to avoid the deadline. Well said.
  7. Link So, Texas governor Perry appeared at some ridiculous christian prayer gathering called "The Response." His speech was so fabricated that it reminded me of Billy Graham. He was obviously pandering to these clueless morons and the incessant amens from the guy next to him were just annoying...I don't really know what else to say besides WTF Texas?
  8. I come back from Arlington today, so I'm ready to start writing these quests. Let me know if you've changed them or someone wrote some of them already, before I start.

  9. Imagine and Plastic Ono Band are 2 of the best rock albums ever, in my estimation.

  10. You do know your sacred English Beatle was the one who actually wrote the song?

  11. While I eagerly await the day when God/Allah/Thor is not mentioned at any funeral, this seems a rather cut and dry case of an institution attempting to impose rules on the basis of authority it doesn't have.
  12. Well, that's fair, but as your pic groups Americans and Germans as two giant blocs, it seems biased. I'm sure an Austrian would say he's not German and an Iroquois would say she isn't a Cherokee. Besides, if Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and English are all grouped separately, who the **** is in the 0.4% British group?
  13. I like a couple of their songs, 21 guns and their working class hero cover, but I wouldn't call myself a 'fan'.


    What makes you ask?

  14. Happy **** george day, everybody! @Adamqd: that pic divides English, British, and Scottish into different groups....
  15. Seriously, why is this being reported by anything other than the local newspaper?
  16. I think that you guys are missing something: you aren't considering that there are people like me who want to see the pictures and won't immediately cry photoshop. From visual proof, to seeing the effects of war, there are legit reasons to seeing pics like this. Refusing to release them because you're afraid of the reactions of batty people is just catering to fear and hurts those, like me, do want visual proof and are mature enough to handle it. If you don't want to look at pictures of war, fine, but it's offensive to me to restrict other people from seeing them.
  17. Laibach is ****ing brilliant!!!! These lyrics are heavenly and the music is so original....


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    I love you. :):p:xp::thmbup1:
  18. Reading a history of Auschwitz by Laurence Rees....really cheery book.
  19. I'm not trying to unilaterally say that america's health care is superior than canada's. (because I don't think that it is) My intention was to say that it's a tad ridiculous to proclaim a "better or worse" statement as fact.
  20. Lol, yes this has been scientifically verified and has been proven to be true. Americans are in awe of our northern neighbors health care system, since we see its veracity whenever they come southwards for their expensive operations.
  21. I'd say it has much less to do with the military than the Pakistani officials who had the balls to tell them where Bin Laden was hiding. Is anybody else finding it disturbing that intelligence regarding this operation appears to have been confined to the military and Obama? We don't know how many compounds they've blown up until now on faulty intelligence and not heard one peep about it, but now they all get to wave their dicks and the air and take credit for going into another country and committing assassination?
  22. Meh, it isn't really going to change anything. Al-Queda will still be bat**** crazy and still want to bomb the **** out of everybody else. I'm just waiting for the Pakistani Muslims to whine about the Americans killing a Muslim on Pakistani soil. That'll be a nice bellylaugh.
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