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  1. But when that's finished, can I be a beta tester?

  2. can i be a beta tester? plz

  3. Tuesday, the 4th at 3:30 pm.

  4. Tomorrow at 3:30 pm.

  5. Chat, now.

  6. Hey, can you get on Holty's forums? I want to talk to you on chat. DON'T ditch me this time :xp:

  7. Dak, get on chat on holty's forums.

  8. Also, what does Te Je'karta Mand'alor mean?

  9. La Dhaa said it translated into Mandalore the Dangerous Lunatic. Anyways, I made a new thread on Holty's forums. Check it out.

  10. new thread on your forums

  11. What does this translate into, because it's name sounds cool: Mand'alor te Dini'Burk'yc.

  12. And besides, if i was Mandalor, i would be called Mandalor the invincible (could you translate that into mandalorian language?).

  13. I had 3 girlfriends. The first one was a bitch, the second one broke up with me, and the third one I'm still with.

  14. Oh, and the question isn't spam or anything bad, I swear.

  15. I've heard of the Taung. If you look at my avatar, you see that I'm Mandalor' the Invincible. Anyways, how many girlfriends have you had? (LOL)

  16. LDR


  17. ok, thank you for being a patient person.

  18. Well... can you wait till tomorrow? It's still in a VERY early phase, lots isn't done yet.

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