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  1. Also, can you send me the link to Wejo's xat chatbox? I want to talk to you there.

  2. Hey, logan! I haven't talked to you in a while. Just got my new computer. Tomorrow, I get the honors of curb stomping my old computer.

  3. I like 'em? No. I WANT them! Give them to me, now!

  4. Give me those shades!!!!

  5. Galaar chat? Its been a while.

  6. LDR

    No. I'm using my father's laptop. I bdon't know when I'll be back, but expect a long silence.

  7. LDR

    Hey beady, sorry for leaving chat abruptly. My computer got infected from a virus, and it froze just before I was going to run a sweep. When I rebooted it, my computer wouldn't work. (Man, this is like the 3rd time my computer pissed me off.)

  8. Salk doesn't have it.

  9. Logan, sorry I wasn't there at the moment. I got tied up in a few things. I'm on there now though.

  10. Um, I just want to talk about the beta, I have some ideas for the story, and I... I want to join the team.

  11. LDR

    Congrats on the name change.

  12. Yeah. I did. But the game is still crashing.

  13. Hey Silveredge. How you doing?

  14. I just want to know how my game keeps crashing, and how to fix it. It didn't crash before my computer broke, but now it does.

  15. Galaar chat?

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