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  1. I don't think Europeans are Devolver's target group here.
  2. The greater spoiler to me is that it reveals one particular formerly released screenshot to possibly contain deliberately falsified information. And I really really hope they did that. In other news ... THE CLOSEUP. How cool is that?!?
  3. I finally got it, folks. Back when Dave said that chronology might become difficult, he meant that it might become difficult with the Monkey Island game that's next after ReMI. Return to Monkey Island concludes the timeline – not the series – with an older protagonist who finally gets his shit together. But video game characters aging in that way, that's unheard of in this kind of serialization. Directors of future Monkey Island games will likely choose to place their story between Tales and Return, get him back to his younger self. These games will be prequels to ReMI. This of course means that Ron could kill off Guybrush at the end. Just saying.
  4. Effing love your stuff!! "Bad Days" for Monkey Island? Pretty please with Turtles on top?
  5. I'd love to know what people worked on both Broken Sword (5?) and Return to Monkey Island. I think I'm going to research the entire team. I need to find out who was new to Monkey Island, who was not, and who started crying during the job interview. Love that name!!
  6. Love that extra reprise (is it a reprise? I don't have a clue) at the end of the Monkey Island theme. The music during the scrapbook is great, but not that much different than what we've heard in the TSoMI special edition, if there's a difference at all.
  7. It's great for what it is. Adventure games more than any other have to communicate what your goals are and what the mechanics to achieve them are. I think that is because the best games demand a fair bit of exploration in a huge playground and suggest vast interactive options for the player. There has to be some guidance because she'd get lost immediately, and getting lost never was fun, even in the nostalgia covered old days. So yes of course, side quests could be confusing! And a questlog would feel fairly out of place in an adventure game. As great as the "You completed Act I of the first game" banner would be for the superfans, that just wouldn't be a particularly fun thing for the newbies. And I'd like all newbies aboard! Seamlessly integrated interactive story elements (like the often raised ship sinking option in TSoMI) should do the trick, and I hope there's plenty in the game. I'm not a big fan of substantially altered endings, but I guess the core of it will remain the same in ReMI.
  8. The official communication always was "It's not about the nostalgia", but we already know that two dozen characters and two islands will return, and that Guybrush is rather explicitly out to retread the paths and relive the glory of the past days. It will be so interesting to see how these seemingly contradictory things can be seamlessly joined. Naturally, fans are ambivalent in that respect too – they proclaim that they want to see something new and fresh, but would still rejoice at recognizing backgrounds, characters, and themes. Optionally collecting proof of trial completion would be a great and unobtrusive way to give the more nostalgia minded what they want out of the game, without upsetting the people who are trying to keep their experience new and fresh – but I also don't think they will do this particular thing. Still, I would love to see more pronounced "side quests" in point and click adventure games, and I kind of expect ReMI to radically shake things up in some areas, so ... who knows, especially at this point?
  9. Better yet, presenting the pirate leaders with evidence of trial completion could be the first actual side quest in the Monkey Island series!
  10. While I am in panic waiting for the GOG announcement, I found out what Return to Monkey Island really is about and this is the spoiler thread, so ... The three pirate leaders from Monday's clip say they moved on, but of course it is a huge burn mark on Guybrush's soul to never have completed the three trials or rather, brought back evidence to the pirate leaders. These three artifacts have to be brought back to them. And, what do you know, we already spotted the idol in one of those screenshots! That leaves us with just two T-shirts to find. We return to Melee Island, present the pirate leaders with the evidence, screen says "Act I of The Secret of Monkey Island completed", game ends.
  11. Huge can of worms. Depending on your definition of "island", Tales could win by a landslide. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/what-makes-an-island
  12. Let me ask Gunther von Hagens about this. * ring ring * "Hello, Gunther? Vee hav an interesting der kwestshun for you [...] " Well, good news. Gunther says that plastination is possible with chicken as well. He's just not too certain about the sound effects.
  13. I will not admit this new evidence to the trial. It is the court's understanding that Mike was the result of a failed beheading attempt that left the chicken with almost its entire brain stem intact.
  14. OBJECTION A chicken can run for three to five seconds in "head off" mode, but only if the escape command was previously executed in "head on" mode.
  15. ... if we're counting live chicken heads displayed on screen, the count for TSoMI is zero.
  16. There was just a single dev quote, I don't even remember who said it exactly (neither does the Monkey Island wiki), to explain the very basic concept of the in medias res beginning of the Tales. And somehow that idea took fans' brains hostage. It was everywhere. People kept parrotting it on the forums. They talked about how that would affect canon. They wanted Telltale to "do Monkey Island 5 next" so that horrible gap would be closed. The Telltale forums mod squad spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to get rid of that false info that Tales was "actually Monkey Island 6". And see where it led us. Maybe planting the seed is easier than removing the tree, so I think I'll start talking about a "fictional Indiana Jones 1" in which he finds Shorty and the Nurhachi. By the way!
  17. Ohhhh mirror/light puzzle coming up.
  18. Maybe I should watch Memento again to prepare for this.
  19. Pretty sure they will not substitute that question mark with an exclamation point. I think they'll just change the question mark's font.
  20. Just another reason why I want to do a real one.
  21. It certainly gives the game a bit of a cinematic vibe. I hope they're also doing closeups of Guybrush once in a while (which would be notably different from TSoMI). I won't try to find that interview again, but at one point in the last months Ron said that he loves how they've put a team together where everybody has some input and they can rather spontaneously insert a wacky idea somebody has at any point in the game creation process (heavily paraphrasing, but I think that was the gist). Pretty sure you won't have to worry, these nooks and crannies and bells and whistles will be there, and not just in fourth wall breaking stuff that we won't live to see missing in any Ron Gilbert game. It's become so customary to self-reference, comment on, jump to the meta level, to lament the downfall of adventure games. As I said above, we'll have to expect certain in-jokes as Ron will not do without, but I don't think that is what's teased at here. Return is probably not a game about the personal lives and careers of Dave and Ron, it may just allow the analogy. In the same vein, the new pirate leaders could symbolize the game industry if you wish to interpret it that way, no problem. If we're going for the kind of analogy that high literature would give us, it could be overt AF but would never be spelled out for us, but it also wouldn't be to the detriment of the storytelling. Let's attempt to interpret the new pirate leaders as "the gaming industry" for a moment, because I think we're running into some really interesting roadblocks. So let's assume Guybrush wants to get his game, I mean expedition, financed. He turns to the people who once were his patrons (say, an analogy for the LucasArts of old). But those were anything but perfect patrons. They were just higher ups who looked for some doofus that made the work for them, handing out honorary titles in return. They were just leeching of of Guybrush! So he presents this expedition to the new pirate leaders, asking for substantial amounts of money to finance it. The new pirate leaders are not interested, because Guybrush is trying to do exactly the same game/raid he did 30 years ago. He wants to go to Monkey Island AGAIN (= make a point & click adventure game). The new pirate leaders' rejection, therefore, is just, because Guybrush/the game idea is essentially completely unoriginal. At the same time the new pirate leaders will, without a second thought, finance the 15th expedition to the final fartasy fairgrounds, so at the very least there's some bigotry involved. Well, wouldn't that be bizarre.
  22. Then again, what in the game says that it's not the same timid monkey, smelly monkey, strapping monkey or brawny monkey? It's of course absurd but I always seem to employ an ensemble cast kind of logic here. One monkey actor for "the smelly monkey", one monkey actor for "the monkey who walks in the background", and all the waving arms, legs and tails don't count because OF COURSE they're animatronics. Anything else would go way over budget! Those monkeys don't come cheap, they're unionzed.
  23. Do all the shirts have that backside printing?
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