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  1. I hear no resemblance at all. And I've known Oh, du lieber Augustin for like 14 years before I first booted up LeChuck's Revenge. I mean, I can hear strong similarities between Jared Emerson-Johnson's "4-59" and a song from Bud Spencer's "Non c'è due senza quattro". But I don't even for a second think that Jared was inspired by a 1984 Italian movie.
  2. I gladly applied the measuring tape here, but it's not mine. I found it rummaging through the pockets of countless "adventure games are dead" prophets.
  3. They may be "cruft", but I really don't see how they're a less credible or less immersive artistic convention than, say, "drink this beverage to heal your flesh wounds instantly" or, heck, "the endangered animal you've just killed is carrying 248 gold pieces, a heart shaped dagger and two flaloolah flowers".
  4. (Note: Quoted post is stolen from the ReMI ramp-up thread) I've been thinking this over and over, and there's good signs and bad signs. Ron's not likely to go from nine to one verb, that's for sure. But RonDave have also said they're "evolving" the genre. And whenever somebody said that about the adventure game genre in recent decades, it meant simplification (or action elements, but I don't expect that here). And evolution, I mean, it's a completely arbitrary, non-discriminating process. Evolution is sticking on random things that accidentally happen to work in a given era, and shearing off what has become unpopular for the most absurd of reasons.
  5. I've been playing Kathy Rain. Which has a lot of empathy, a lot of heart, some really decent characters that defy the stereotype, but the puzzle design is unfortunately extremely lacking. Preposterous thought: Maybe the reason for the demise of the point-and-click wasn't so much that players didn't want to solve those challenges any longer, it's that the developer copycats, who without a doubt still loved the genre, didn't always understand it. It makes me look forward to Return that much more though, so there's the ramp-up element. Expectation is skyrocketing. Unfortunately my AMIGA was killed by a friend of my brother back in 1999. I have these fine LucasArts 10 Adventures CD-ROMs though, but I guess one of these days the aluminium coating will just peel off.
  6. Worst edit in the history of edits. See actual post below.
  7. Ungh, upscales, I hate upsca ... oh wait, these are actually fantastic! These pictures are really approaching what I'd think the original art would look in HD. Only (absolutely only!) point of criticism here: I love texture, a whole lot of it, on almost everything, but the sky doesn't have any.
  8. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OrAreYouJustHappyToSeeMe In the Roger Rabbit movie, Dolores asks detective Eddie: "Is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?". It's of course a rabbit in his pocket, but with a whole lot of goodwill and a Mr.-Magoo-level of blindness, you could misconstrue it as an erection. And that's the joke. Interestingly, the meme was also used in Tales of Monkey Island – as "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?" It's also used in Thimbleweed Park.
  9. I can't say I'm a complete expert on US culture and language, but I would guess the 69 is a reference that has long since found its way into generally kid-friendly franchises. For me, most notably, the 1989 movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. It was probably perceived as too raunchy in Germany at the time, so they dubbed over it with a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger. This might be one of the allusions that you can put into anything. Whoever understands it is probably old enough to do so. Same with the "Is that a ... in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" paradigm. It's in Who framed Roger Rabbit (rated PG). So, yes, the director probably asked Dom to NOW SAY IT WITH THE SLEAZY VOICE. But that doesn't make EMI a sex game. Well, for Fox News maybe. And that Argentinian TV station that raged about how kids imbibe "Grog XD". Hey, that was my joke up there.
  10. And the fencing theme Michael wrote for the beginning. I could listen to that for hours. Avoids time travel, indeed, but also makes the whole thing pretty linear because you know the outcome of these scenes. Hmmm. I'm still clinging to the prediction that ReMI will consist of a series of playable flashbacks. But we'll see. SOON. There's a reason LeChuck makes them ghost pirates first. I have no idea what you're talking about. Please elaborate in detail.
  11. Have you tried clicking on all the stars on the main page of returntomonkeyisland.com? I do that every day. It really helps.
  12. Devolver has a lot of their published games' soundtracks on bandcamp (which, arguably, is the platform that leaves most to the actual artist). The question, as always, is what "steward of the band" actually means and what reins Disney will keep tightly in their hands. Modes of distribution, if that remained with Devolver or Terrible Toybox, that would be awesome.
  13. The game's probably finished by now, they'll just have to hold it back another three months until they can get the German voiceover done so we'll stop whining all the time. Errrr nothing to see here. Just some persistent negative thoughts. Move along.
  14. Who even needs a trailer if we get that instead?!?
  15. You lucky bandbard! On Stranger Tides is a main inspiration for one of my favorite game series, and James Gurney ... I wish he was my dad, that's all I'll say.
  16. This is what I read into it: weird_fantasy: "I've got to believe that we will have something before Pax West" Dom: "Yes. (You've absolutely got to believe that because the truth would drive you insane)"
  17. Now that's a post that would have belonged in one of those patented "waiting threads" on the Telltale forums. Back then, we gave users 24 hours timeout on episode release days when they cried "IT'S OUT" even though it wasn't. Ahhhhh fun times. No news means they're pretty busy getting this game done, I swear. The announcement is juuuuust around the corner, I can feel it! And even if the ReMI buzz is short lived, for one sweet sweet moment when I looked up Dave Grossman on google and twitter, the first results gave me the excellent game designer and not the less than excellent "I train cops to be killers so what" dude.
  18. All right. Life-size Guybrush statue with Dominic's likeness it is.
  19. Surely this AI could write Frozen parts three to one hundred and forty-eight.
  20. Or even that Monkey island was the site of a past apocalyptic event. Remember all those anachronisms ... ? Well.
  21. (Note: I've copy-pasted this quote from Marius' Details of Monkey Island thread, because I'd like to keep that one a thread of full blown positivity) I guess it's really maddening if you have some inside knowledge and can't share it, especially when people are talking about that exact thing and visibly lack the knowledge that you have. I'm not clobbering Disney at the moment, they've made a new Monkey Island possible and they have a B rating on the Yale/Russia list after all (I will, however, clobber them if they interfere with the excellent Devolver/gog.com relationship and/or will only sell a PC version of ReMI through a company with an F rating. But enough of the politics stuff). But Disney is huge, Disney holds innumerable monopolies, every employee has an infinite number of higher-ups with quite different ideas about how things are done. What mere opinion prevails in the end is a game of chance, and some decisions will necessarily feel absurd and damaging to both the individual franchise as well as Disney as a whole. Somebody, somewhere, at Disney has made the decision to get rid of the original "Adventures in Babysitting" artwork by Drew Struzan by just throwing it out with the trash. Somebody then made the decision to place it lowest in a pile, face down in a puddle of water. But some Disney employee also made the decision to call the artist and bring the ruined artwork back to him, free of charge. Good guys, bad guys. I don't know, I just hate it when companies get so big that the left hand never knows what the right does. Some will always be there for the money. Others still have dreams, principles and compassion.
  22. Oh how I tried to get On Stranger Tides with the James Gurney cover.
  23. One of my pandemic efforts. I had a really good surge of creative energy back in 2020. But, alas, didn't finish much. Back when I showed it around, one of the most common comments was "That's not Guybrush Threepwood!". I mean, I can't taylor the outcome that much to what's in my brain, but this one is coming pretty close to how I imagined high res Guybrush in the original The Secret of Monkey Island. Hope you guys like it ... ... because I have tons of that stuff back from 2020, especially Swordmaster sketches ... I have so, so many Swordmaster sketches ...
  24. Which was, again, a Disney decision. Apparently the steward of the brand feels the wind blowing from a different direction.
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