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  1. I thought The Witcher 2 was so bad that I was angry after having "played" it and turned my console off in disgust. Also, I just turned 28 and I'm still loving me some vidya gaems.
  3. Put up some landscape lights. I also just picked up a 3.5L SE Nissan Altima but I'm still working on getting a pic.
  4. Saw this and thought of this thread.
  5. Yo dawg, I heard you liked rational numbers so we put all of the rational numbers contained within 1 inside of .999 repeating so you can have them contain the same set of rational numbers and therefor equal each other.
  6. Bring on da bullet-time! I hope this is as film noiry or the first two games.
  7. Could the 1313 just be referring to a release date? 5/13/13 or some such? I wouldn't mind seeing a redone SotE.
  8. Only the coolest of the cool keep their original avatars.
  9. Never said anything about you being uncool, dude. I do find it very funny that someone would list "emergency internet-free strategy source" as a main reason for buying a strategy guide.
  10. Do you have cases of adult diapers stowed away as well for in case your toilet ever goes down?
  11. I used guidebooks for awhile until the internet was invented and they became utterly devoid of purpose or redeeming quality.
  12. What is this? People are melting out of the walls everywhere! I knew I shouldn't have eaten that taco I found.
  13. I don't often drink pop anymore but when I do I go for a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic. I also just had the chance to try Orange Coke and Raspberry coke at a Five Guys from their Coke Freestyle machines. It was very interesting to say the least! Do you have any stores around you that sell retro brand glass bottle pops, Grooves? That's the only thing I keep stocked in my theater fridge. Many of them differ from "standard" coke or pepsi flavors and also use sweet sweet cane sugar. A real treat every time someone has one. They sell sampler 12 packs at a lot of places. Those are doubly fun because you never know which one you'll grab.
  14. Can you feed another hdmi signal through the receiver successfully? If you can, it sounds like an hdmi handshaking issue. Are you certain you've configured your ps3 correctly for your hdmi connection? Is the ps3 set to auto configure/detect? Try manually setting the hdmi attributes instead of using any type of auto detect. Are you powering everything up at once?
  15. I've been up to my eyeballs laying out boards and circuits 'n such. I've also been doing a lot of work around the house, mostly redoing bathrooms. I think we should all just pretend like LA is releasing new games and actively talk about the premises and features. If enough of us do it LA'll be all like, "oh snap, we forgots ta make gaems!" and then they'll actually make them.
  16. Saw this and thought it was funny. Kinda Spoilery! Don't read if you're still somehow unspoilt.
  17. The article previously posted by Titanius, this one here, is great. Also, I recommend watching , which is also great.
  18. Just finished ME3. What the **** was that. Those endings are just elaborate indoctrination dreams, right? Right?
  19. Do you mean Battle Beyond the Stars? Watching now! Update: ...are the doors making Vader breathing sounds when they open and close? Yes. Yes, the doors are absolutely Vader breathing. Update 2: "Come with me. You know about computers - you can help us!" Fan. Tastic. Update 3: Main dude's now drinking out of a juice box sphere thing... a plastic fruit?
  20. I recently purchased a 1919 Edison Phonograph and the hollowed out cabinet from a high end 1929 Spartan Radio.
  21. I was actually surprised by the GI Joe movie. Sure the suits were kinda wonky but I thought most everything else was enjoyable. I fell asleep during The Expendables.
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