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  1. well i don't how to create this kinda avs. i got this from other forums in the internet. if you want you can have this one or maybe just go look through other forums and i bet you'll find something that you are lookin for.



    or maybe you can ask lexx or m___Omaister where they got theirs. probably theres a site for it.

  2. when i was young somebody baught it for me


    when i got older there was the internet


    so i don't have any recolection of ever buying any cds or tapes in my whole life. thats weird. but the first cd i ever had and i'm not gonna lie, it was Michael Jackson's dangerous album. heal the world and jam were my sh1t. i think that cd is broken in half somewhere in the streets.

  3. common guys, money, thats only material things. lets be creative here.



    1. a night with natalie portman

    2. mind trick to pursuade natalie

    3. win the role of anakin so i can make out with natalie and mess up the kissing scene on purpose so i can keep kissing her.






    nah just playin'


    1. ability to fly

    2. ability to control people's mind

    3. ability to communicate with animals (that would be kool)

  4. Jah Warrior that look like bob marley. all you need now is a spliff. bombuclut man....( i don't even know what that means)


    lexx thats nice. i like.




    by the way M_____Omaister did you get my pm that i sent you.

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