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  1. Love is a stainless steel eagle inscribed with hellish utterances, jet black, bristling with missiles and chain guns under a forty-foot wingspan that comes screeching down upon you on a moonless, stormy night. Its only purpose can be to destroy.


    Everyone who was ever in love knows this.

  2. Good lord, Astro. The point of watching TV on my laptop is that there's nothing near that reminds on anything home entertainment centre/TV screen like thing, sometimes not even a power outlet. Like my balcony, the backyard, bathroom, kitchen or my bed.



    Thats good Ray. Thank you for the info.


    Read carefully, I wasnt countering, just listing some other apps, like the thread title states ;)

    Read carefully yourself, I just told you that you've missed my point about MythTV.



    Things are never so black and white Ray ;) Not knowing what exists does not mean it doesn not exist
    Things become quite black and white when we talk about a 2 PC + 1 tuner card + Linux only setup, Astro. I know I can buy tons of stuff and windows applications and whatnot, but I didn't want to, because I had everything that's needed. And I know very well my options when it comes to home theatre systems since mankind had Laserdiscs and THX. Been there, done that. There's no need to spend endless money when all that I want is to watch TV. :rolleyes:



    ii) If you need wireless and have a 802.11n setup, best go with the linksys media center extender (which you can get for $95.00 USD) allows remote streming of live tv from the tuners over in your centralised media center pc. The wireless-n can handle 1080 broadcasts no sweat, and HDMI out gives you a dazzling pic on your TV. But the presence of older analog outputs(composite and s-video) means you can plug this gadget pretty much any TV(except really really old ones!!)






    iii) You could use an xbox 360, which has built in media center extender functionality to stream live tv from your media center pc.


    >Both of these above options plug straight into your TV, and are much cheaper than a lappie.

    More alternatively, instead of buying extra devices for some hundred bucks, use VLC and one of its remote control interfaces to stream multimedia content or live TV from your MCPC. Plus, most nVdia cards/laptops with an nVidia card have video/s-video/DVI/HDMI out connectors nowadays. :~~


    It all really depends on what your aims and budget are. If you are into gaming and already have a pc running vista, the xbox 360 gives you the most fun, with an almost effortless ease of setup. Something you cant easily say applies to a non Linux savvy user about Myth.
    < tuner card + PC + http://mythbuntu.org/
  3. No, the point is to have one or more TV cards in one PC somewhere in the corner and make it/them usable on all other PCs so as if they all had cards in them, hence client/server structure.


    Elisa can't do that, and err, actually, none of the "apps" you have listed can.


    My goal is that I don't have to attach a ton of antennas and DVB sticks and cables to my laptop to watch TV, not to have a fully fledged MC.

  4. Avidemux

    Convert, transform, edit pretty much any video format into pretty much any other video format. You can open any .VOB file and save it as .MP4 or whatever. An awesome easy to use piece of open source software.



    GAP - the GIMP Animation Package

    Exract animations or videos into images or put images together into animations or videos. Very useful to create animated GIFs from videos.




    One of my favorites, it enables me to watch TV over the laptop with the USB-DVB stick on all other computers all over my network.



    MPD - the Music Player Daemon

    Runs on the laptop connected to my stereo, so I can listen to music over it. I can control it from every other machine in my home. I also can stream the music to any machine I want.




    I play my favorite Windows games using WINE. I use it at work, too.

  5. Okay, I guess I made a minor mistake here, of course you need the stone positions for the map room, not those to enter Atlantis (which might or might not be the opposite crap I've been talking about. :)


    So, the phrase of interest would be "darkness ruling the old city without challenge" now.



    In this case, darkness is ruling the old city, but it unchallenged? ;)




    I hope this is more helpful. ^^

  6. There is evidence to suggest the big bang did occur.
    But I didn't say it didn't occur?



    You both have it wrong, mass and energy can be swapped with each other.




    However, there are some things where the laws of physics tend to break down, such as a quantum singularity.

    But I didn't say it couldn't be swapped?



    How about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, I couldn't show you either of those in real life yet both are argued by scientists to exist. Just because you can't see something or readily observe something does not mean it doesn't exist.



    "Composite image of the Bullet cluster shows distribution of ordinary matter, inferred from X-ray emissions, in red and total mass, inferred from gravitational lensing, in blue."



    The first person to provide evidence and infer the existence of a phenomenon that has come to be called "dark matter" was Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky, of the California Institute of Technology in 1933. He applied the virial theorem to the Coma cluster of galaxies and obtained evidence of unseen mass. Zwicky estimated the cluster's total mass based on the motions of galaxies near its edge. When he compared this mass estimate to one based on the number of galaxies and total brightness of the cluster, he found that there was about 400 times more mass than expected. The gravity of the visible galaxies in the cluster would be far too small for such fast orbits, so something extra was required. This is known as the "missing mass problem". Based on these conclusions, Zwicky inferred that there must be some non-visible form of matter which would provide enough of the mass and gravity to hold the cluster together.


    Eventually other astronomers began to corroborate her work and it soon became well-established that most galaxies were in fact dominated by "dark matter"; exceptions appeared to be galaxies with mass-to-light ratios close to that of stars. Subsequent to this, numerous observations have been made that do indicate the presence of dark matter in various parts of the cosmos. Together with Rubin's findings for spiral galaxies and Zwicky's work on galaxy clusters, the observational evidence for dark matter has been collecting over the decades to the point that today most astrophysicists accept its existence. As a unifying concept, dark matter is one of the dominant features considered in the analysis of structures on the order of galactic scale and larger.



  7. well because the big bang states that when it took place that all natural things such as matter, time, space, and physical laws were created.
    No. It was all there already.


    matter cant be created nor destroyed according to the physical laws of the universe.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy. I think you mix things up a bit.


    God is immaterial, and also outside of time and space.
    It would be quite surprising if you show me something immaterial inside time and space, or vice versa. Since the material is defined through time and space your argument is a pleonasm at best. .
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