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  1. I don't get it, what did I tell you, lol

  2. Yeah it's pretty good, pretty much a direct interpretation of the game, which is good! Are you gonna play SWTOR? Or is it even out in your region? That's eating my time.

  3. Are you watching Persona 4: The Animation?

  4. Hey hey, are you watching the Persona 4 anime?

  5. E3 2011 reveal? A guy can dream...

  6. I really like almost all the characters, the lead character 'Stocke' is a bonafide badass, and he's not a silent protagonist either, though he is very succinct and short spoken with his words. I can't really think of any characters is your party that annoy me, though maybe not being voiced helps XD. The story itself is really amazing in the way it manages to intertwine all these time loops without ****ing itself over, but overall it does have some stereotypical anime clichés but I don't wanna really say what kind, for obvious reasons XD. Haven't played Radiata Stories, so I can't really comment on that. XD


    Stupid visitor messages and their 1000 character limits....

  7. The combat is reminiscent of some JRPG's but it has it's own twists, enemies are laid out on a 9x9 grid and most of your attacks can only hit 1 enemy at a time, the twist is that certain skills allow you to move your enemies which allows you to "stack" them and thus your skills that would otherwise only hit 1 enemy now hit all of the enemies that are stacked. You can also change your position in the turn queue with any of your party members, or even the enemy allowing you to build longer chains with your party. It is really fun once you dive down into it.

  8. Well the time travel, hrmmm, well you can travel through time from any save point, but can only go to specific "nodes" which are deemed important. If you are just pushing through the main story it will be pretty obvious when you need to go back in time, the side quests are a lot more subtle though. I really have to hand it to the writers though, I don't know how they managed to write the story with no plot holes, at least none major or minor that I've seen. You'll be presented with several choices and sometimes if you pick the "wrong" choice you'll actually just see a blurb about what happens before being forced back in time to choose the other option. So yeah, that's kinda how you make use of time travel, sometimes you need to go back to make a different choice, and sometimes you need to go back to grab an item you need later but didn't know about.

  9. Radiant Historia is friggin' awesome, it really is a throwback to the SNES/Genesis(less so) era of the JRPG. The game gave me some major Chrono Trigger flashbacks as well, even though the time travel aspect is drastically different in how it is used. Also the combat system is refreshingly different and fun. I dunno if you haven't played it yet, because it's not available in Brazil or something, but if you can get a hold of it, you should definitely give it a go. The only thing is I wouldn't recommend playing it in chunks, because you're hopping back on forth in time frequently, so if you can't remember 'when' you need to go, it can get confusing. Like I stopped half way for a bit and got lost, took me an hour of reading blurbs about time nodes to figure out where the **** I was. XD

  10. Yeah I saw that they were going to announce something P4 related when they put that teaser up last week? I was actually hoping for a PSP version ala P3P, but I'll probably check this out. I have nothing anime on my plate right now anyway, aside from GANTZ >_>

  11. Mav

    Hah I just had to do it. Code monkey was the best OZ avatar by far.

  12. ****ing Sweet. Unless you don't have a PSP I guess :p
  13. Mav

    Rating: More Awesome than Jeff

  14. Indeed, wish we got more details though, still excited.

  15. Oh yeah? Well then I'll just have to go all God of War in your Golden Sun, if you know what I mean.

  16. The jiggling boobies sold me... again. You know, since I was already sold on it the second they announced it.

  17. Mav

    I'm top dog here! :parrot:

  18. Mav

    The Boob Hole is a hole in the chestpiece/armor of female characters, either in vidya, anime, cartoons, comics, etc. Also known as a "Boob Window."


    Powergirl is a prime example of a character with a boob hole, it is also prevalent in some of the mage armors for females in Dragon Age: Origins.


    Here is an example, featuring Powergirl

  19. Happy Bee-day Bee! I got you a present.


    My First Doctor Kit!!

  20. Merry Christmas Bee, hope you get everything you want.

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