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  1. You don't know Bowser!!!???

  2. thank you much Dtrips

  3. Beeeeeeeeeeeeee, o hai!

  4. I am so excited for Golden Sun DS, I'm straight school girl.

  5. I'm doing pretty good man, I got pretty wasted last night XD but it was good times, lol. How about yourself?

  6. I can't has? :cry6:

  7. I see that you edited your visitor message from "Don't think I'm not stupid" to "I'm not stupid you know", but to be honest, I was serious, I really didn't remember your number suffix at the time...

  8. Sabre... that random numbered revan person is making my eyes hurt with his incoherent babble :(

  9. Yeah, not many people from the years past still actively mod... if any, but I still hang around here for the casual conversations :p It's Good to hear from you M_G!

  10. Niner, tell Jeff to buy Modern Warfare 2 for PC when it comes out, and not 360.

  11. Bobicus where are you?

  12. Sounds like you're getting the full Aussie experience down under! I've been ok, Lynk gave me the flu over the internet somehow though... go FIERCE FACE him! I'm pretty excited though, in a short time I'll be a college graduate!

  13. Sorry Wiggs, I didn't mean to offend.... <3<3<3

  14. Thanks, folks...

    I noticed Wiggs... whats lame about alcohol though?

  15. Beeeeee, where have you been, this is simply unacceptable, thanks for the b-day wishes btw

  16. haha, Osaka ftw, awesome avatar

  17. Beeeeeeeeeee why have I not seen you in so long, don't make me make a FIERCE FACE >:[

  18. Oh, we are most definitely friends, do you have a PSN username, I'll add you, not that I do much online gaming, but still :p

  19. Mav

    Yea, Sackboy is pretty much the sh*t.

  20. Cz, you hurt me in the heart, you should buy a PS3 :(

  21. Hah, Persona 4 is far from happy, but I do think it is a bit less dark than P3. I don't actually recall if I spent more time on P3 or P4, though if you count The Answer, than definitely P3. I did sort of rush through P4 though, I only had like 10 days to beat it before I had to start school again.

  22. Mav

    I think the new avatar looks like a vagina... on weed. Awesome Q, awesome.

  23. Phew... I can stop poking you now... my arm was getting tired... Welcome Back bud, I'll try to find a House smilie and get stoffe to put it on LF for you :xp:

  24. Yes Persona 4 is awesome, I only did one play-through due to time constraints but I wish I had time to do another one, perhaps in the future, I think I sunk over 90 hours in the one play-through I did though. I did really like the Inaba setting and the murder/mystery theme it was pretty well done, good amount of plot twists too, but I wont ruin anything. Enjoy the rest of the game!

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