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  1. I lol'd but it was only funny for about 15 seconds.


  2. We will see. Pretty frustrated with 1.6 breaking a whole bunch of stuff, but on the fence about starting anything new. Sleep schedule has been a bit wonky lately and I'm trying to get back to normalcy.

  3. I just started shopping for mods on FONV nexus. Could be the first signs of recovery.

  4. I really need help. I can't stop playing Skyrim even though I find myself spending more and more time bitching about it on the Bethsoft forums. This is my second 150+ hour character in a row. You'd think that I'd learn at some point.

  5. I think the only EA (dev and published) game I've ever played is The Godfather. The boring, monotonous, ripped-off-from-some-other-franchise gameplay fit nicely with every stereotype I'd ever heard used when discussing EA. ME2 and ME3 were given a pass because ME2 was already mostly done when Bioware was acquired and I couldn't not play ME3. Otherwise, I have enough evidence to support the claim that EA sucks and, as such, avoid their games.
  6. Sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad ones, Fahrenheit 451 made a lasting impression on my thinking. My condolences to his family and to his fans.
  7. It's difficult to put "melee" in one bucket. One-handed with a shield is pretty monotonous - running charge for a critical and shield bashing to stagger or disarm. Dual wield does a lot of damage and you get some very pretty kill cams, but it's mostly just spamming power attack and hoping that whatever you're fighting will drop quickly. Two-handed seems to be the only one where some skill in involved (see stoffe's last paragraph). Personally, I try to mix it up. Two-handed weapons for beasts (including dragons) and draugrs, dual wield vs bandits and mages, sword-and-board for thieves, assassins, falmer, and boss-types. Keep in mind that there are some fun blocking perks to consider in all this as well. Also, Become Ethereal is something of a game-changer once you get it. One last thing: the weapon-type specific perks are largely a waste. I take the five base ranks and the charging criticals for both, the decapitation perk for one-handed, and sweep for two-handed (handy against mobs during civil war quests and crowded barrows).
  8. leXX has inadvertently benefited from my new Bethesda rule: I'll buy it after it's been out for 6 months and a fair amount of the game-breaking bugs have been patched. FWIW, they're up to 1.5 and you'll still need the console to get through some quests, especially at high levels (when Radiant Quest is more likely to send you someplace that has already been cleared). I'm hoping that the reason we've stopped hearing about patches is because they're busy working on the DLC and not because they're finished fixing stuff.
  9. Another child put out a hit on me tonight in Skyrim. I'm starting to think this is a feature, not a bug.

  10. LOL, yeah, there are a handful of interesting ways that things can play out with the NCRCF crowd. I won't post any spoilers. :)


    Got to level 46 and decided that 180 hours was more than enough with that character. Now that I've been married in Skyrim, I want to explore my options with other wives. Actually used the werewolf option last night. Now that I see what it can do, I'm not sure I want to be cured.


    Also, I now live and die by this mod.



    Apparently he did something similar for NV


  11. PC, right? I'm guessing another mod conflict. Hopefully you only have one or two and this will be an easy fix :)

  12. You fixed that by getting GRA, right? :xp:


    So many fun toys in that pack.

  13. Here's another one:




    I had a courier come tell me about a word wall after I killed a dungeon full o' bandits and draugr last night. I decided that enough was enough. Hopefully this works the way I think it does ;)

  14. Radiant quests are awesome. I found the corpse of a treasure hunter the other day. It had a note - something about being close to finding the xyz of blah, blah, blah. Last line: "It's apparently guarded by a mudcrab". I went to the place and killed the dictatorial mudcrab and liberated the enchanted iron dagger from the brutal exoskeleton regime.


    Tonight, I cleared a tomb. In the tomb, I used a Thu'um. Upon exiting the tomb a courier approaches with a letter talking about how I caused quite a stir with my shouts (now I have to figure out whether it was the dead draugr or the dead bandits that I so impressed). In an effort to grow in my power, the letter recommended that I pay a visit to the tomb I just left, I'm guessing to learn the word of power I just acquired.

  15. New rule for Skyrim and I think I finally found one I'm not going to be able to keep: no more mining. At level 44 and I already figured out that this character will cap at 46. Debating another run with one of the eat/sleep/hardcore mods, but also have a Morrowind itch.

  16. I'm a big fan of the categorized favorites menu. Consider that seconded.
  17. Thanks :)


    Unless you have another mod that gives you all the words of power right away, you won't be able to spam these, but you will be able to use them more frequently.


    Unrelenting force has a 10 second cooldown with a Talos blessing active.

  18. I always seemed to find ammo significantly faster than I could use it :)


    Well, if you're headed back to skyrim, I have a couple of mods you might like:




    I'm in the process of cleaning up a few others and making them public-ready. I'll ping you as I release them.

  19. Ok. I think that's the last of the Skyrim achievements that I'll be getting. The remaining 12 are all thief/mage related and I don't think I'll be doing either of those.

  20. I think a couple mentioned in "fixes" are covered in the unofficial patch.
  21. If/when you ever head back to Skyrim, you may want to check this out




    I'm going to start trickling out some of the mods I've been sitting on over the next week or two :)


    Hope all is well in your world.

  22. *blinks in surprise*


    I hadn't realized you've never done hardcore. I suggest looking for a mod that actually makes hardcore hard :(


    I will do at least one run with this.

  23. My son came in while I had the website up, looking at your new bad boy. He wanted to know what all the numbers were for. I explained that they were programmable buttons and showed him the one on mine as an example.


    Then it occurred to me that I could probably program that button for dragon shouts. It's now the Fus Do Rah button :)


    So thank you for reminding me that programmable mouse buttons are awesome.

  24. err...that's a lot of effing buttons :(

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