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  1. LOL. Probably too many classes. My head would explode. :)


    I know I keep saying this but Skyrim really makes me want to dust off Morrowind.


    If it makes you feel better, I once ordered a $1000 monitor to play a game.

  2. Raise your hand if you're old enough to have had Vanilla Ice hair in high school!


    Been modding Breezehome since 8:30 this morning. I was suppose to play Skyrim today, not mod it.

  3. Kiss ESVI goodbye. MMO means SPRPG franchise is dead. Probably not the worst way to go.
  4. I heard the news and immediately thought of you, Prime. My condolences for your loss.
  5. I purchased the CE game guide for FO:NV. I wouldn't say it was completely useless, however those books are written while the game is still in development so frequently some percentage of the info is bad coming out of the gate. This was no exception. Add multiple changes over several patches and...you get the idea. The flow charts showing different ways to resolve some of the quests were nice.
  6. I hate it when you're right :xp:

  7. Back in Skyrim just in time for something new that pisses me off. DLC pre-announcement announcement today (actual announcement in June. Release date = "Summer" which I think means "Winter" in Bethesda-speak). Oh, and screw you PC gamer, xbox gets it first.

  8. I hope I'm really and truly ready to head back to Skyrim, considering I just spent 6 hours modding it.

  9. I love a game that lends itself to stealth play :)


    Tali is now on my "must take" list for the Cerberus base.

  10. Apparently, the Paladin heavy pistol is for people who are done ****ing around with Banshees, Harvesters, and Brutes.

  11. After 4 attempts, I think I've finally perfected the Soldier build.

  12. I'm thinking of changing my status thingy from "Dapper Chimp" to "Manpanzee"

  13. *Tries to remember if Star Wars was lauded for its writing*


    I think we may have solved the mystery. :)

  14. She's also replaced by a geth prime during the romance scene on the way to the Cerberus base. Steely Legion?

  15. If Tali dies, there's some funky Alliance dude standing in her spot during Shepard's big speech at the end. Completely random.

  16. I think the husks were 3-4 shots each, and while I can't swear to it, I think the drunk camera is even more hammered on higher difficulties. The Marauder get in a cheap shot from which you have to recover before you can return fire. And I think it was 6-8 shots to take it down.


    I'll have to google that :)

  17. Insanity report:


    Attempts to beat Kei Lang - 3

    Attempts to survive mobs during end fight - 2

    Attempts to shoot 3 ****ing husks and a maurader - 5


    I guess I should've seen that last one coming, however it was a surprise.

  18. Insanity run has been Priority missions only. First time through where my EMS wasn't maxed. Very different series of cutscenes while heading back to Earth :(

  19. Awesome! On the fundraising part, not the ratdog not letting you sleep part :)

  20. I finally tried the blue explosion ending. I think I still prefer green. Starting insanity run.

  21. Long day ahead of you :(

  22. Good luck this weekend. Be safe and have fun.

  23. Next ME2/ME3 playthrough: Ashley dies, but no ME1 romance with Liara. Romance Miranda in 2 and 3, but she buys it on Horizon. I think that has potential.


    How are things looking for your event this weekend?

  24. In all fairness, MotB is not completely hopeless for spellcasters. It does become necessary to brush up on your scroll/potion/wand crafting though. The spellcaster (I believe) being referenced here is amazing so long as she crafts like crazy and has a proper load out of her spellbook (i.e. spells from her school of specialization). It also important to learn how to meta-game fast travel/resting (which is why spellcasters struggle in MotB in the first place).
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