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  1. So far, all Infiltrator and Hardcore have done is make me overconfident about my chances with Insanity.

  2. There are far more side quests than there are main quests. Where Bioware finally got it right (IMO) is that a fair amount of the side quests blended into the story in such a way that it might not be apparent that they are side quests (Tuchanka comes immediately to mind). My chief complaint with ME1 was that I felt I was forced to choose between the story and the game. This was still a little present in 2 and almost non-existent in 3. I see vast improvement, but it sounds as though you preferred it the other way. Again, differing tastes, but that doesn't mean the game was lacking content or cohesion. My 2 cents.
  3. Mimi is determined to see this thread moved to Kavar's Art is a form of expression. It can be written. It can be audible. It can be physical. It can be a combination of media. I think "high art" versus "low art" is distinguished by the complexity of the idea expressed. Comedy tends to be taken less seriously than drama, however because one tends to be more palatable than the other, it's easier to say that one is "low art" while the other is "high art". I believe this easy interpretation is false, but that's the knee-jerk reaction that many people have. It's the same knee-jerk reaction that some people have when it's suggested that video games are an art form. It's hard to look at Pong and see something artistic. For me it's hard to look at a Transformers sequel and see anything that resembles expression. However I can find it in PS:T. I can find it The Tree of Life (though I found parts of it intolerable). You can't simply look at the medium and determine whether something is art, or even high art or low art. It's how the medium is used. Lastly, just because something is art doesn't mean it's good. Art can be crap. A lot of people don't like ME3. I don't like The Beatles. I acknowledge that The Beatles are/were artists, I just don't care for what they do. Those are my tastes. Would any of you demand that your favorite artist go back to the studio and re-cut a new album if they released one that you don't like? If the suggestion sounds ludicrous when we discuss music (or a movie, or a book, etc), why isn't it when we're discussing a game? And you still think that or...? Re: crew mates - they spend 39 hours and 55 minutes addressing that. If you missed it, you weren't paying attention. Re: "the godchild" - Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) lo and behold the Citadel is an actually an enormous platform that houses an AI. The AI reveals 1) what the Reapers are 2) why they do what they do and 3) what can be done to stop them. It really seems to me that all three of these things are necessary in order to achieve *cough*closure*cough* for the trilogy (seeing as Shepards goal since the beginning of ME1 has been to prevent the Reapers from destroying earth). Based on your repeated reference to "the godchild", I can't help that you either a) don't understand the character's role in the story or b) object to how the character was portrayed. Per my earlier comments, it may just be that this isn't in line with your tastes, which is fine, however that doesn't mean the character isn't explained or that the execution is categorically "clumsy".
  4. I'll need a clean run to test it, but I think my spreadsheet showing all the missions and in which order they should be completed is finished. Now I'll just have to assign optimal squad members and include my notes on available weapon upgrades.

  5. Help me understand what you mean by "clumsy". Edit response to Drunkside's edit: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I think it would be more accurate to point out that the AI is an AI. It doesn't have a "mobile platform" the way Geth do, for instance. If you question this, ask yourself if EDI is a synthetic in ME2.
  6. Studios do not have infinite budgets. And not everyone agrees that the game was lacking content. Please understand that there is a segment of the population that reads "content lacking" and cannot fathom what you mean. Because that wasn't The Solution. And please keep in mind the alternative you're suggesting is dangerously close to what did happen anyway. The objective wasn't to warn. The objective was to control. You want to argue that there may have been better ways to do that, and you may be right. However, the purpose of the story to tell what did happen, not what you thought should happen. Yep, which leads to what? A war between synthetics and organics. The idea being that while synthetics might be content to live and let live, organics are too stupid to leave well enough alone and will keep pushing things until synthetics feel the only recourse is to wipe out everything. I really felt as though they were pretty clear about this. Naw, Drunkside believes that spoiler tags are for lesser beings.
  7. I want to start a petition for Bioware to release a patch that addresses the "serious issues" with ME3. Specifically, why Thane isn't in a hospital gown and the fact that his eyes are still open and moving after Shepard closes them. This game is the worst thing I've ever played.


    btw, I apologize for my outburst. Sometimes I'm terribly critical of every aspect of the things I claim to love.

  8. DP: Your interpretation that events occur quickly is better than his interpretation that they happen over time is better why? That the events occurred is not up for debate, but while his interpretations explain "plot holes" yours create them. I guess that we both agree that some people are clearly making stuff up.
  9. New favorite thing: Wait for Cerberus Engineer to set a turret, wait 0.5 seconds, then pop out of cover and hack it :D

  10. I realize the question was addressed to Mimi, but it would probably be helpful to specify which parts of the story you felt didn't have closure and/or which questions weren't answered. I believe there are already a few posts in this thread (one or two may even be mine) that attempt to address the closure/questions issue. EDIT: Whoops. Too slow
  11. Every time I'm forced to deal with the Dalatrass, I want to leave her tied to a rock out in front of a Reaper. Why do they not have a Renegade interrupt for this?!

  12. Hardcore wouldn't be so hardcore if I could force myself to use medi-gel every once in a while.

  13. It depends. I see "poorly written" as code for "there were parts I didn't understand" (which incidentally, could be a valid argument), as well as, "I don't like the way it was written". "Poorly written" to me means that it either failed to accurately/adequately use writing convention (i.e. a story that tries to be good, but fails) or that it relied too much on archetypes and/or over-used themes (a story that paints by the numbers).


    Good writing on the other hand successfully breaks from convention or turns convention on it's head. TSL did a lot of the latter. The first game gave us lots of clear black and white and the second spent a lot of time telling you that white was black or vice versa. ME3 did the former. The end of a game is supposed to have a boss fight where the hero wins and everyone lives happily ever after. We didn't get that. We didn't get the conventional ending so people equate that with bad writing. 20 bazillion Twilight/Reality TV/Michael Bay fans can't be wrong.

  14. In a word, no. 1) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The Citadel AI states that synthetics would wipe out all organic life, not just the advanced species, therefore its actions protect non-advanced species 2) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The Citadel AI sees the synthesis of advanced species into Reaper form as giving them eternal life. It's cold, but it's consistent. So the quoted comment is inaccurate both in the "killing" part, and the purpose behind the "killing".
  15. Liara's love for Shepard was so much more poignant when it was unrequited.


    Then again, I think everything is better when it's spun as a tragedy :xp:


    LOL. Mordin's attempt at self-censorship is awesome!

  16. I'm really struggling to wrap my head around what they were thinking when they set up some of these side quests. It's like they want you to meta-game. Side Quest A is only available after Main Quest B, but will become locked out if you complete Main Quest C, which just happens to be on the same planet. So go here and do this to unlock it, then go here and do that to complete it but make sure you immediately go there and talk to that person first before going back to where you were or you won't ever be able to finish.

  17. 3rd playthrough and I just now realized that Dalatrass is not the same Salarian as the Counselor (he's a she if the Counsel dies). Explains the personality change in the comm room later that didn't entirely make sense before.

  18. Atrium on Hardcore with Infiltrator. Only died once. And I didn't lose any squad members.

  19. I finally bit the bullet and endured all 27 hours of Blasto 6.

  20. I must have skipped Overlord on my previous imported Shep. There are definitely references to it this time through.

  21. I get that, but it didn't even come up. Helps my blood pressure for them to just die from now on.

  22. Too much like Saren? At first I liked it better, then I had time to think about it.


    Reclaimed my space hamster on the third try. Single digits this time. Gettin' good at this.

  23. No acknowledgment by the Counsel that Shepard was right all along? No, "I told you so" sandwich from Shepard? They are never surviving again.

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