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  1. Rant regarding Infiltrator in ME3: Submachines guns are either a) useless or b) useless at lower levels. I understand that feathering the trigger is an art form, but it would be nice if bullets two and three also hit the target sometimes.


    Also, it seems tactical cloak is broken. By definition, "invisibility" means that you can't be seen, let alone chased and shot repeatedly.

  2. Why is it that I never remember medi-gel?

  3. That was my second time through as well. Glad to hear I'm not alone :)


    I finished the suicide mission at 5:30 this morning. Took the kid to see Hunger Games and now I'm finishing up Arrival. Should be neck deep into 3 tonight.

  4. Either I've missed this 5 different times or Infiltrators get a special option during Kasumi's L-Mission, but I just discovered that there's a way to sneak into Hock's private quarters from the balcony.


    EDIT: Ooo, the alarm clock becomes dangerous when you sneak in :(

  5. Oh, but it's horribly written with no sense of closure, so you won't become emotionally invested in it or anything.

  6. After you enter, she's over by the window on the right, speaking to a counselor. You have to come back about 15 times to get the whole story, but it's worth it. Even has a tie-in to the Spectre console and some war assets.

  7. Unrelated - have you listened to the Asari commando's story in the hospital?

  8. I'm sorry, that just isn't explicit enough. Your facts are subjective.

  9. Bioware should make you Director of Continuity.


    Let's make this easy on ourselves and point out the lines we don't like. Not enough time or Internet for all the good ones.

  10. Thane should've let Kolyat become a hitman. He took out a Krogan with one shot!

  11. Infiltrator = How to cheat at Mass Effect.

  12. Anyone wanna place a wager that the person that wrote Grunt also wrote Jacob and that neither was written by MMW?

  13. LOL. Works on the Normandy too :)

  14. I didn't mind planet scanning in 2, but I have to admit that I sure don't miss it either.


    Tali recruited. Time for Jacob's L-Mission.


    EDIT: Why does taking Kasumi feel like it's going to blow up in my face?

  15. Check the hangar bay.

  16. Why is Mordin so awesome?

  17. Ah, that makes sense. I think you get 25 for each, plus a Volus fleet and something else for Zaeed. You also get some Hanar/Drell forces for Kasumi.


    James and Javik are pretty funny too. Only time I heard the Prothean laugh. He's such a prick. My favorite has to be Shepard and Ash after James gives her a present. :D

  18. Hmmm...Overlord doesn't have any effect on TMS/EMS that I'm aware of. LotSB doesn't impact Liara at all in 3. Arrival doesn't either. I say this because I've done my homework, however it's possible that the ME Wiki has missing or incomplete info.

  19. LOL Ok. Assuming they don't bundle it with something else that I would want or make it part of a patch, like I said 5 posts ago, that will be easy. But thanks for the advice
  20. That's pretty much what I read into it as well, but I don't want it forced on me.
  21. *shakes head* My concern is that they'll bundle this content with something else. If it's stand-alone and optional (read: not a "patch") then fine. If it's part of an additional squad member/weapon pack DLC, I won't be happy.
  22. Yeah, the 10 extra seconds of footage just wouldn't be worth it for me. EDIT: But congratulations on getting the "best" ending :xp:


    Just did the Liara romance for ME2. Never doing this again. ME3 romance better be worth all this.

  23. I also just remembered how much I love tactical cloak + cryo ammo on a submachine gun and melee attacks on frozen targets :D


    30 hours in and I've been using the wrong damn ammo the whole time.

  24. It seems that the fight outside the Shadow Broker's doors is a lot easier if you remember to spam the lightning capacitors. I only lost Garrus and survived the whole thing the first try on Hardcore.

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