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  1. My sources told me that they are saving that for the pay DLC. Apparently, there are plans for a mini-game involving the buttons on Tali's suit and some QTEs and a special "Achievement".
  2. Meh. In all fairness, it probably isn't that bad. This sounds optional, so the people that like the game the way it is won't suffer anything other than a delay on DLC that they will probably buy anyway. On the other hand, some percentage of the people who felt the end needed more will get what they want. Granted some percentage won't, but I suspect that Bioware knows this already. So they won't lose anything with the people that liked the game and might move a few more people into that category. Whether or not that number is sufficient to justify the odd precedent that they are setting will have to be determined later. EDIT: Looks like there's a FAQ up already.
  3. “We have reprioritized our post-launch development efforts" Thanks guys.
  4. You know, I keep taking Garrus with me on LotSB out of some misplaced sense of nostalgia. His Area Overload is useful, but it suddenly occurs to me that perhaps Miranda would be the best person suited for this mission.

  5. Wow, I just noticed a colossal plot hole in Arrival. Kenson detonates the bomb and Shepard gets knocked out. When he comes to, collision is imminent, however the screen was only dark for a moment. How did an hour just "magically" disappear? This manner of sloppy writing is perfect example of how Bioware has become the anti-christ.

  6. Trying Arrival right after Horizon. Gonna see how I feel about it.

  7. It just occurred to me that I don't think there are any paragon/renegade points associated with Overlord. I don't recall seeing any and I'm unable to find any info on the matter online.


    There's only a smattering for Arrival too.

  8. I'm sure that you can unlock achievements, however you'll probably need to monkey with raw data and/or coalesce.bin files. The save game editor for 2 is not the same tool as the one for 3 and both have limited functionality.

  9. Yep. You'll need two tools different tools and a thumb drive. One of the tools is the save editor and the other is a utility for converting xbox saves.


    You can find the save editor and some info on how to use it here.


    There are a few options on the other, but I recommend Horizon. Modio is the one that you'll see referenced the most with regards to ME modding, however that tool only worked once for me.

  10. I wasn't going to judge! :D I hope you both enjoy it.


    I suppose I have an easier time forcing myself to let Miranda die than I do forcing her to be nice. Not sure whether that says more about her or me. Hmmm.

  11. I resent that ME3 assumes that Miranda spoke to Oriana if you import a save where Miranda is loyal. :carms:

  12. This theme is especially prevalent in the sub-plot with James.
  13. It's not just that part though. Shepard is wracked by fear, doubt, and regret throughout the whole game. They went to a lot of effort to paint him with a very human brush this time around. The scene you mentioned is just final part: at the end Shepard is reduced to little more than his will.
  14. Ooo, maybe I should start a petition to have Bioware re-write the entirety of ME1!

  15. Do you feel that you didn't get enough opening from the beginning of ME2, Mimi? If you start a petition, I promise to sign it.


    I wonder why Firewalker got no love in ME3. All the other DLC got some sort of tie-in.

  16. Storage fees suck :(


    Finished my infiltrator run. Now I'm doing my canon start-to-finish (sans ME1) play through. Save game import/export tool broke and thought I was going to have to play ME after all, but I found a different one that work even better :)

  17. ISP support always sucks, it seems. :(


    Glad to see you back online. Hope the move wasn't too grueling.

  18. Wrapped up Liara's romance. Part of it were mediocre, but the good parts were very good. Still think Ashley's is the best. :)

  19. Ooo, I'm going to have to find a YT clip of that :)


    Good luck with the move. If the weather there is anything like the weather here, you picked a good weekend.

  20. 3rd time through and I just now realized that they show how Legion got his hole.

  21. From this point forward, Garrus always comes with Tali and I to attack the Geth ship.

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