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  1. Finding out that it was a series, not just one book, was a very welcome surprise.

  2. I saw you mention that you were missing some saves... this might help, their database has gotten so large it covers pretty much every possible choice. http://www.masseffectsaves.com/ Since you can change Shep's appearance at the beginning, it doesn't matter how they made theirs look.

  3. There are too many things wrong with that video to count, both before, during, and after the breach. And I thought the Russians had crudely done hostage rescue operations...

  4. Why thank you. Exactly what prompted your comment, I don't know, but it's appreciated.


    Thanks for reading, here's a gift of 1 pitifully executed hostage rescue drill from Kazakhstan:

  5. Saw your spetsnaz post. So pathetically true about a large portion of the Russian military. For instance, witness this Russian army hostage rescue drill.


    Russian Hostage Rescue Guidelines:

    1: Strafe the vehicle with heavy machine-gun fire from a BTR.

    2: Use a breaching charge far too large, in order to wipe out remaining hostages.

    3: Run across each other's fields of fire, and fire your guns in the air like untrained idiots.


    Edit: Argh, correction. Supposedly the video wasn't actually in Russian. More likely one of the 'stans. Still, the video is still in line with the attitude and professionalism of most of the Russian soldiers I've met.

  6. Yeah, though unfortunately I still need to buy some resistors to make a dummy plug so I can actually use the 2nd. Also, the last few weeks I've been getting some crashes when I leave F@H on overnight, which has really cut into my folding ability.

  7. So Char, according to Kakao stats, if we keep folding at the exact same rate we currently are, I'll pass you in 20.4 years. So in 20 years, you'd better start watching your back. :p


    Oh, and all the cool kids joined in Feb. 05

  8. Thanks for the cookies ChAiNz. I always view source when an aspect of a website's design interests me.

  9. Tell me if what I just posted worked.

  10. I just wanted to say that your Improved Atmosphere mod for Dragon Age really enhanced my enjoyment of the game (and I already liked it a lot).

    You:"Yeah, modding is more fun nowadays than playing. Maybe I need to find a new hobby."

    No! Bad thought! :p

  11. Since you're using a laptop, I'd highly recommend getting some temperature monitoring software if you haven't already, and if there's any compatible w/ your laptop. Laptops tend to retain heat, and F@H can generate a lot of it depending on the settings you have, and where the computer is.

  12. Prime (though he may have been a mod back then), Redhawke, ChAiNz. T7nohwere, TK102, and D333 were also very helpful to me, though I think all of them were mods back then.


    BTW: Another new F@H member! I've been steadily cranking out the WUs. 3 days in and 46 done so far.

  13. I just gave a reply in your thread.

  14. ARF ARF ARF!


    That's my other dog imitation.


    I really do love that movie.

  15. Yep. After a very long hiatus. It's funny to see how much some things have changed (e.g kotor modding. We can do animations and make new areas now?!), but a lot of the old familiar faces are about. I was happy when I saw that a bunch of people who helped me out back in 2005 are now mods and supermods, they really do deserve it.

  16. Yep, that's pretty much the way I was introduced to it too. Though I actually was drinking something at the time, and only managed to avoid wrecking my keyboard with lightning computer-chair spinning reflexes. Though that meant I needed to clean the carpet.

  17. Peep Research! It's been ages since I looked at that site. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  18. Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves.

  19. @GTA:SWcity Both his avatar and the "do you want ants" title are from the tv show Archer.


    As soon as I saw the avatar, I thought awesome! Another person who actually watches that show. In fact, I'll be watching it in about 20 minutes when it comes on.

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