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  1. Yeah I hope so too, what's your favorite holiday?

  2. Well I don't know I enjoy all. But I got to say this year's thanksgiving was by far the best, it was a pretty nice experience. I'm from Mexico so we don't really celebrate it but the experience was pretty nice and I think it will be with me forever.

  3. it just there's a lot of people who just celebrate the holidays because they are times that justify getting drunk and partying when there's a lot of history about these holidays and a reason why they are important, and many just don't care about it.

  4. Yeah it was fun, it was actually good to see people that still take traditions seriously. It was a pretty nice experience.

  5. Well since I'm from Mexico we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, but the company I work for is American so they do make a celebration and include us in it.

  6. Well, the teaching is fun, the QA at times can be stressful but overall yeah it's a cool job

  7. I work as an English teacher for foreigners, but that's part time, the other is I'm a QA assistant for a Call Center.

  8. Ah nothing much just working as usual

  9. hiya! :) fine and you?

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