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  1. lol I have no problem, since I'm bi XD

  2. well if you need something in particular just tell me, otherwise until I look at what we're gonna be doing I will make the character then and you can give me your point of view.

  3. lets wait til the training excersize begins, I think everyone's eager to write that part :D

  4. Well you can start to recolonize it, but remember it will take time, even as advanced as we are in Weapon manufacture, all other types of construction are almost as they have always been, especially in space since NASA and the Russian Space division were reduced to almost nothing because of the War Economy.

  5. I stated in the story, all of us are MDN members, and to be a leader of a faction you need to have proven yourself in combat, be wiser and older as our leaders are. And ultimately it could arouse jelousy from the others as I put everyone in equal circumstances, the fact you have a faction and are a higher rank, leaves them on unequal ground, and I'm sorry but I can't permit it. You may say your family acquired the moon base but other than that I can't have anyone being more than the others.

  6. Like I said, there can't be too big Plot changes without consulting me first. Creating a faction and just creating a space installation out of nowhere is in violation of that rule. You can say the space station can exist, but the faction you've created I have to be against. In the future, you can ask the others who have posted with me, all of them come to me with their ideas and I give them the go or halt. I have a storyline that I already have contemplated, adding a space arc right now is just not in my plans at the moment. This RP is intended to be several parts long. And I need the cooperation of everyone to achieve the progress, can't get too sidetracked with other issues that aren't main here.

  7. and about your Star Trek RP, I would like to, but right now I only have enough time to devote to my projects and also I was asked by Alkonium to join his story so right now I'm overworked XD but I'll try and see what happens.

  8. It's not only the name I had a problem with, I'm sorry to be so naggy about it but like I said, this is a futuristic RP but there are no moon installations or anything like that except the space station orbiting earth and even that one isn't fit for Battle Suits as it is more about astronomical research and even that one has been cleared out and decomisioned as it spent too much money. As I stated space exploration was put into a halt because all money is going mostly to Weapon Research. And also, creating a faction out of nowhere conflicts with the story, it's a major plot decision to include this in my plans. I'm sorry but as I stated in the intro. All are Battle Suit pilots for MDN.

  9. It's pretty cool, I liked it a lot, you'll like it if you like random stuff and mindless joking around XD, basically it's the story of a student council that doesn't really do much but do random stuff everyday and not work at all XD

  10. Seitokai no Ichizon, it's a comedy and parody anime XD

  11. oh ok, then let me know when you're done with part VI and we'll see from there :D

  12. Sounds really interesting, I checked out the text crawl, pretty nice ;) so are you doing a backstage casting call or just going right in?

  13. I thought you might say that XD Angel chronicles is more along the lines of epic fantasy romance XD

  14. sure, what's it about?

  15. where've you been? How have you been? Just here pestering you as you can see :p

  16. I finally posted my RP projects, in the end the one I wanted most to do got canned, so I created two others, hope you like them and join whichever you like most, or both :D it would make me happy :)

  17. Well, I had a sore throat like two weeks ago and now it's back but worse than before, but other that I'm fine

  18. so the whole thing is taking a while still since I didn't really like how it turned out in the end XD so I might be doing some drafts first and then I'll get to the posting. How've you been?

  19. Hi there ^^ I'm gonna be posting my RP pretty soon, just once I finish up the general outline of the direction I want it to take XD expect it any day now :D

  20. I'm still working on the details, although I can't do something too specific since the plot widens a lot with the characters of the people who join so I'm trying to keep it specific but open to change at the same time and it's proving a bit difficult

  21. sure, I'm still working on my other RP now, I just didn't continue posting on Shinobi because it moves too fast for me xD

  22. I might take you up on that, although my character will be a girl too XD

  23. a bit different, I can only say so far that I will need someone to play the love interest of my character, I need it to be a girl.

  24. actually, I'm trying to figure out what we're going to do next because my idea scrap book is gone... I probably left it at school T_T so I'm trying to think what it was I wanted... If I'm not comfortable with what I come up by tomorrow, I'm starting a new RP

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