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  1. yeah, I hope it is too :D

  2. well Illya kinda has someone already in mind. But Juno who knows, maybe something could happen, she's a handful though and not easy... she's a soldier first and a woman later XD

  3. Don't worry, just post that you're back in the transport with us. I'll fix the mess and organize it better so you don't get lost. :D

  4. Nothing in particular, thogh I love the fact that no one seemed to notice in Shinobi that Kokoro is not really herself right now. XD

  5. we are going to continue it, it's just that the other characters that are in the building are facing off against something atm so we can't really move forward until they're done. If they don't move it along soon though, I might have Juno come in there and just blast all to hell and drag them to the transport. XD

  6. You can join us on the transport :D

  7. lol you're welcome. As you can see I finally discovered the conversation thing so now I post in your profile when I answer you, not on mine XD took me long enough XD

  8. I changed her age to 16 so now she's one year younger than Kai, and I posted once again, hopefully we can get this back into gear

  9. Tell me which character's you would like me to change their age and I'll let you know what I can do XD

  10. not really, I don't think so. Why? you have an idea?

  11. well I'll post but also in that post I will ask if anyone wants to restart, if the majority says we should continue, then we shall if not we'll restart and probably I'll make a few changes.

  12. Hi guys, thank you for your concern, I didn't want you to worry so much but now I'm better, hopefully I'll be back full force shortly. :D

  13. going through a moment of serious depression at the moment. So, I'll be back on in a few days.

  14. I will return hopefully I will post again today, I have been having some really tough personal problems lately, but I will return sorry I make you guys impatient

  15. Well as long as he doesn't try to pull rank onto any of the forwards it's alright. Support unit is cool because that way he's in but he doesn't have any real authority on the team, remember the forwards only answer to the Commander, Captains and Vice-Captains. ;)

  16. Well they have to be otherwise it'd be very easy, life has to be challenging ;)

  17. today hopefully, once my brother's homework is done :D

  18. Well she's mostly like Illya both are in their mid twenties.

  19. Fine thanks I just had a lot to do with college at the moment but it's something only this week, hopefully it will be over and back to business

  20. Alyssa, Kreik and Shevlan are gathering an artifact they need to bring forth project Q, R, T, U and V. Once they do so we'll have an epic battle. Kreik and Alyssa will show their true colors very soon. I'll be posting again today, sorry I have taken long but right now I'm looking into some stuff at College because I'm starting the semester. You can continue to fight Kreik Chevron but just don't kill him, he's gonna be necesary for the next part.

  21. you're welcome, I have a bit of problems with going online right now, I am posting this through my psp. The problem with the psp browser is I can't post more than a few lines of text so it's impossible for me to reply to threads properly. But I'll make a huge post by tonight moving the story along so you guys can join in on Korealis.

  22. Yeah you can start at the colony if you want, just hurry otherwise they might leave you behind :p

  23. Of course it is alright :D let's just find a good starting point for you, maybe we can meet your character in Korealis as we are heading there.

  24. had not seen that sorry Chevron :p

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