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  1. probably, I have to finish up planning the encounter. For now I'm going to post the start of the disturbance. There you'll meet Pandora and the other guys.

  2. Yeah, she's kicking major ass in the next part :D

  3. Pretty soon, she's going beyond berserk you'll see

  4. Killer movies forums

  5. lol yeah it's on the kmc forums

  6. Lol yeah it's me on the other forum too, a friend over there asked me to take this idea over there too because he was banned from here or something. I don't remember what but he liked the idea. The funny part is he hasn't joined it yet lol

  7. That's great :D

  8. I'll post right now and I will be off until later today because I have somewhere I need to be lol

  9. don't worry about it chev :)

  10. O.o Save me CQ! XD

  11. Thanks a lot, I just feel like my character will just forever watch from the shadows if I can't find an excuse lol

  12. Yeah in monster hunter you got more realistic type of monsters but with a certain amount of mythological beings involved because you fight a creature sort of like a unicorn that throws lightning, it's called a Kirin. Then you got a giant black ape that when he gets mad he turns into a super saiyan of sorts because he turns gold. The you got more dragon-like creatures like the Rathalos and Rathian and giant enemy Crabs called Shogun Ceanataur and Daymio Hermitaur. There's also the bird like monsters like the Yian Kut-ku and Yian Garuga, and the dinosaur types that mostly look like variations of the velociraptor like the Giadrome, Gendrome and Velocidrome.


    Side note: I don't know how to introduce my character properly in Shinobi lol :p

  13. not right now no, I just replied to all of your posts :D

  14. there's a wide range of monsters, from small velociraptor types to giant birds, giant monkeys, dragons and more.

  15. All the time :D I love it, I even made a story around here of Monster Hunter but not many joined but it's the game I play the most, and that also because my friends have it as well so we hunt monsters together in multiplayer. :D

  16. Yeah although I only got a couple of games for it. Mostly I play the Monster Hunter Series and Tales of the World and Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, all of them are awesome and good enough for long journeys :D

  17. it has a web browser :D

  18. btw I'm replying to these on my PSP so I can't add too much text in so I only can reply to this because they're short responses I'll try to post the answer to your posts tonight otherwise I'll be on tomorrow first thing to take care of that. ;)

  19. Well yes, if there are any dramatic twists you guys might want to try, I need you to run them by me first because I already got an outline of where I want the story to go, and I am open to ideas from you guys as well, so tell me your ideas when you got them.


    Phantom Knight only needs to say he got to the Division Nine building and I'll take care about greeting him with either Isara or Kotomi.

  20. yeah but it's great if you ask me, I don't know about you two :D

  21. LOL sort of but this all adds depth to the RP which is great :D

  22. yeah it seems we're all a pretty messed up crew :p

  23. lol yeah but now Illya and Isara are aware that it wasn't the real you who caused the incident, your sudden sadness after the agression is proof of it.

  24. yep it is, it's awesome :D Thanks

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