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  1. Iyav is totally badass now, and I LOVE IT! I originally envisioned his character as "dude" becomes "man", and it's like you've read my mind!


    I originally thought you were wondering if I was doing a(nother) Dragon Age RP. :p

  2. *giggle* Sorry!

  3. I just thought of a cooler idea--one that will work WAY better than the other two! :) (Trust me, this one's AWESOME!!!)

  4. Darth Pestilus is actually incredibly creepy. I never thought the vivinecrosis was, or would be, due to a bioweapon instead of some weird Force anomaly. That makes Pestilus even scarier because bioterrorism could actually happen in real life, outside of the Star Wars universe. I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine!!!

  5. Sure, I will! I'd be honored to! :)

  6. Sure! Right now, there's not much going on, except that Salvatore, the Millennial Mole, is trying to get into Perdante's head. :)

  7. Ahhhh....*nod nod nod* :)

  8. Hey, no problem, and yes I do know what Niera was hinting at. :)

  9. No way, you didn't. :)

  10. Yeah, and also the military aspect of what would happen if a state of martial law WERE declared under "national emergency" status.

  11. Would you be willing to help a fledgling author out and read "Gagnerai et Perdrai?" :)

  12. Perdy doesn't know you're going to use the Death Sticks. She thinks you have to P.

  13. No way! I loved your reply!

  14. Seriously, Perdante thinks he's an idiot. XD


    And don't worry--more wit to come!

  15. By the way, I would suggest that to keep it more "Star Wars"-y, Captain Starr says, "Oh, Force," instead of "Oh, Christ". Just my .02. :)

  16. No doubt! Although, what is a Death Stick, exactly?

  17. *psst* Gagnerai et Perdrai has a new installment! ;)

  18. never mind! Sorry! *blushes*

  19. *psst* Gagnerai et Perdrai is updated!!! :)

  20. You're doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. :)

  21. Merci beaucoup! (Thank you so much!) :)

  22. Would you be willing to read one of my fics in the CEC--Gagnerai et Perdrai?

  23. Yeah, and Perdante can help her with that...or not, if the MM gets her.


    The Millennium Mole is like Kreia in The Sith Lords--bad, but you don't find out that s/he's a Sith until Perdante is well on her way to--ooooops, *shuts mouth*


    The Millennium Mole, a Sith, wants to use the crew of the ship--especially Perdante--to get revenge on Khristoff, like Kreia used the Exile to get revenge on the Jedi AND Sith. However, this Sith is more like Palpatine and loves the Dark Side. Kreia wants to destroy the Force; the Millennium Mole thinks that's stupid.

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