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  1. Hi there! :) How are you doing?

  2. Yes, please. Maybe a Check and Mate avatar? :)

  3. Agreed. A Pyrrhic victory.

  4. I think that's a great idea! :) As for the other part, run with that, too. Admiral Onasi's kind of worried about the Millennial now, and the closer it gets to Cocyta, the more danger it will face. ;)

  5. Chevron: Go for it! :)

    Alkonium: The Millennial DOES need a medic/doctor.

  6. I always love medieval toxicology! :) Great job with the descriptions!

  7. Since Shana isn't around to love and mentor Andorra anymore, Andorra is kind of lost, and so am I. I've quit in a "de facto" kind of way, but we've had a good run for sure.

  8. Well, technically Garen's story arc is over since he defeated and exposed Plina Skelch. Now you can concentrate on Niera, who is still aboard the Millennial talking to Visas. :)

  9. Ppst! :) It's Tysyacha here. Can I talk to you for a minute, either on Skype or PM's?

  10. Your Faren is even more awesome than mine!

  11. Let's say that her electrified weapons were too much for her, and she couldn't handle their power and strength.

  12. Nope, sorry. It was a nice try, but I'm just not into it anymore.

  13. You can "bow out" of the Exchange if you want, and as for Niera, how about if she finds a secret recording on the Millennial about how this isn't a mission intended for everyone to come back alive--that Cocyta, Khristoff's planet, is almost toxic?

  14. Want to join "L'echange" (The Exchange?) :)

  15. *crap* I'll ask ForceFight and JediMaster12. :)

  16. Writer just said that he's not up for another RP. You want to take the Host, then? :)

  17. By the way, could you please give me a list of all the RP's you're active in right now?



  18. I'm in a bit of a quandary. Part of me wants to defect and follow the Frail where he goes, and another part of me wants to try and return to the King and encounter the others...but where does the Frail fit in next? :) Please help! :)

  19. "The Frail" is one of the best RP characters I've encountered. Bravo, sincerely! :)

  20. Perdy's response is up. Hope you like it! :)

  21. Yorick:


    Who did thee used to be? :)

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