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  1. So, you want Melany to be the Millennium Mole? Interesting...I'm game! ;)

  2. If you're asking if they'll be controllable characters, then no. Just to clarify...:)

  3. Awesome (and funny) idea! :)

  4. I don't object. All that any member of the Found REALLY knows about ostanovium, except for Khristoff (who is not in this RP), is that it absorbs and negates the Force, and it WORKS. As for how, they believe they don't need to know. After all, why question something that is so effective for their goal?

  5. That sounds...awesome! Better than what I came up with, which was...nothing.


    *LOLOLOL* :)

  6. To you, Skywalker! :)


    To Alkonium: AWESOME!

  7. Could you please send it to me one more time? Thank you soooo much! :)

  8. Shana--


    Sure, you can use Visas! I haven't had her killed off yet...*LOL*

  9. Melany and Jolee, or Melany and Perdante? If it's Melany and Perdy--that wouldn't make sense, because Perdy was just recently a Sith Initiate. If it's Melany and Jolee, sure! :)

  10. Want to join Echec et Mat? Love to have you. :)

  11. Sure! Just wait until Jolee has his say--Force Ghosts can get peeved if they're interrupted, especially if they're the ghost of grumpy old Jolee! *LOL*

  12. That text crawl is freakin' awesome! Maybe you could add the 20th Century Fox music for Check and Mate? Also, the Sith Resurrection picture is so cool! :)

  13. I was born on the same day as Luke Skywalker?! AWESOME! :) Thanks for telling me!

  14. I'll make up a Master for you, but she's going to tell you something you might not want to hear--"wait for the attack to be cleared by the Republic!"

  15. NO way! Welcome aboard! *HUG*

  16. If she was led to believe that, she'd feel guilty enough to do something reckless in order to redeem herself--like head STRAIGHT into a horde of vivinecrotic crazies! :p

  17. That would be awesome!!!!

  18. I put in something on my last post, the one about Zelain. Tee hee!

  19. uh...


    whoops. *rushes to edit* XD

  20. *whap* I'll attend to that--er, her--in a minute. XD

  21. Endorenna,


    Would you pleasepleaseplease read "Gagnerai et Perdrai?" I would be honored to get your feedback. :)

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