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[WIP] Agent Smith-The Matrix


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Well... I found a really great model for Half-Life. It needed a bit of a pickmeup, so i edited it. Made it more smoothed out, fixed the arms, hands, and shoes.


Anyway, I have NO clue how to get this ingame. But I do have a garbage render i did lol(give me a break, i just finally switched from ms3d to 3dsmax5). Anyway. Here's a pic. Tell me what you think!


Here's one pic


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Thanks guys, glad you like it!


But it isnt all my model. I did some parts on it. It was origionally for a half-life mod. I found it. Needed some work, so i tweaked it. Fixing the arms, legs, boots, and hands.



Its pretty much finished model wise. I just need someone to do all the rest of the stuff(making a glm, and the bones...).



EDIT: Well, kevin gave me a tutorial on how to weight the model and all. Pretty hard stuff. If I do it, it could be some time before I get this done. If anyone would like to give it a shot, you can contact me on aim: Caladien2337, or email Caladien@msn.com


I will be weighting the model myself(so i can get the hang of it). I just figured if you guys wanna get the model quicker, maybe someone who has better experiance can :p.

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i think the tie clip is there, you just can barely see it...


anyway, about the little radio connector thingy, are you gonna make the model pertaining to the first movie or Reloaded, cause remember, Smith isn't connected to the Matrix anymore in Reloaded, so he gave his thing to Neo, just to scare him a bit, and he nor his clones have the little radio unit.


just something to point out, maybe you wanna make a Reloaded version and surf off the radio connector thingy:)

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Model is almost done. Adding in the last bits and peices(eyes, mouth).


ill probablly release it for jka, since its going to be in a jka mod(and some of the animations are messed up with jk2 models in jka).


Anyway the total poly count now is about 3500. From what I hear, jka models go from 3500 to 4000. So thats pretty good.





EDIT: If you would like to see some pic's of the model



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