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[WIP] Agent Smith-The Matrix


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Thought Everyone would like to see this.


The beta version of smith is now ingame! There are many things to be fixed(yes the shirt is grey, dont worry, that will all be fixed).

Its not done yet, but heres a little pic i took.





EDIT!!!! Fixed shirt, heres a close up in modview without the glasses



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Originally posted by jturner

CaladienJedi: Crediting your sources is a good habit to get into -




As you can see the max 5 source is publicly available for anyone that wants to mess around with it. All I ask is that proper credit is given.



I emailed you a long time ago about this(it was the face skin, but before I was going to email you agian about the head).


My email was caladien@msn.com, or maybe I emailed you with caladienjedi@hotmail.com

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No need to get defensive, John Turner released this model just for this type of thing. It doesnt matter if he got it from his cousins pet monkey... Its just about adding a little line when you introduce the model, like "This model is based on an original model by JTurner."


cant wait to see the final release :)

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Im not too fond of releasing a beta. Because some stuff still needs to be weighted.


I will release it once Im sure the bugs(most if not all) are worked out.


I can tell you there is going to be a good variety of versions. One without sunglasses, ctf, default, and a version were he looks kinda like a chromish type effect.

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cool ive been waiting for a good version of that!

hey how about making a version agent smith how neo sees him in the 3rd film when he gets blinded

you know all flamey and evil

that would look cool but your gonna have to watch the 3rd film again to see the detail :(

i hate that film :mad:

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