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Black and White


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Rebecca Young paced the bridge of her newest ship, which she had not yet named. For some reason, she had wanted it painted white... dumb idea. On the view screen, she could see the immense Star Destroyer approaching. They had not hailed yet and she was getting impatient, waiting for them to make a move.


Finally, she was hailed.


"Rebecca Young," the officer said. "This is Captain Vonn of the Death Strike. You have 30 seconds to lower your shields and prepare to be boarded."


"I don't appreciate your lack of manners, Captain," Rebecca snapped. She suddenly launched her ship into an attack on the Star Destroyer.


Captain Vonn's eyes widened.


"Does she really think she can get away with that?" he exclaimed. "We're 15 times her size!"


"Sir!" a voice exclaimed. "She's actually doing a great deal of damage."


"Return fire!" Vonn shrieked. The other man winced.


"We can't lock on to her," he yelled. "She's too fast!"





Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away, Melissa Long was pacing the bridge of her ship, the Dark Raven. She saw on the view screen the approaching Borg ship, but knew what they would do.


"We are the Borg," they said. "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."


"So predictable," Melissa said. The Dark Raven lept into action at Melissa's command, attacking the Borg ship.





The Star Destroyer began to retreat.




The Borg began to retreat.



Suddenly, the two larger ships, the Borg and the Star Destroyer collided in some unknown, unexplained accident. Both exploded in a bright fireball. Melissa and Rebecca shielded their eyes against the explosion. When they recovered their eyes, they stood staring at each others ships.


Other than color, they were exactly alike!


Rebecca hailed Melissa and at the same time, Melissa hailed Rebecca.


"Who are you?" they asked in unison.

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The two women stood there, confused at what had just happened.


"I'm Melissa Long," Melissa said, but at the same time, Rebecca said, "I'm Rebecca Young."


"What?" they asked in unison? Both began talking again and stopped. "You first," again in unison. Again, they tried talking. With a sigh, both sat down. Finally, Rebecca spoke up alone.


"I'm Rebecca Young," she said. Melissa stared at her.


"I'm Melissa Long," she said, "but from the looks of it..."


"I could be your twin," Rebecca finished. "I was just thinking..."


"The same thing," Melissa finished. Both women frowned.


"That's strange," they said in unison. Rebecca spoke.


"It's as if..."


"Our minds are..." Melissa continued.


"Somehow connected," in unison. Suddenly both ships were caught in a tractor beam.


"Great," they said in unison and turned to look at the new ship, but what a strange ship it was! It looked somewhat like the Star Destroyer Rebecca was fighting, but it seemed to have been assimilated by the Borg.


"A Star Destroyer, but..." Rebecca said.


"Assimilated by the Borg," Melissa continued. Without another word, the two small ships attacked the Borgified Star Destroyer and destroyed it. By this time, the fight had turned their ships toward the planet.


"Half Earth, but..." Melissa began.


"Half Coruscant," Rebecca continued. "Where's Earth?"


At the same time, Melissa asked, "Where's Coruscant?"


"The planet that holds..." Rebecca began.


"The offspring of the..." Melissa continued.


"First humans," they finished together. Without another word, they headed for the strange planet, Rebecca to the Coruscant side and Melissa to the Earth side.

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Here's some more for you:) Sorry it's taken me so long.



Melissa landed on the earth side of the new planet, wondering what to do. She was walking along, still mindlessly thinking about what she had just seen up in space when she heard a familiar voice calling to her.


“Melissa!” Admiral Kathryn Janeway called. Melissa had met the Admiral when she was still captain of the USS Voyager. Melissa had been chasing the same Maquis ship that Voyager had been because it held the man who had killed her parents. All three ships had been removed to the Delta Quadrant and their crews had combined. When Melissa saw the man who had killed her parents, she was outraged and drew one of her daggers and placed it at his throat, threatening to kill him. It didn’t matter to her that he was now the first officer on board.


Chacotay explained that he hadn’t known they were her parents. They were attacking his crew and he was simply protecting himself. After hearing this, she put her dagger away, still angry at him, but not enough to kill him. In time, he would save her life and win her trust and friendship.


Admiral Janeway caught up with Melissa and gave her a hug. “I didn’t expect you back so soon,” Janeway said.


“I ran into something unusual,” Melissa replied. She explained the meeting with Rebecca and Janeway frowned.


“Yes,” she said. “We’ve heard rumors that some unknown beings have taken over the other half of the planet. The people living on the edge are distrustful, thinking that a full invasion is coming. If that is the case, we won’t survive. These newcomers simply appeared no more than an hour ago.”


“What if they are feeling the same way about us?” Melissa suggested. “From their point of view, we might have been the ones to take over half the planet.”


“If that’s the case,” Janeway replied, “we’re running out of time to be friendly. If the distrust continues, it won’t be long before we’ve got a full out war on our hands.”


“Not something I’d be interested in,” Melissa said. Janeway agreed.







Rebecca landed in the hangar of the Jedi Temple. It had been rebuilt when the New Republic reclaimed Coruscant and Rebecca was relieved that it had not been wiped out in this odd event. But she had no time to think of it now. She had a meeting with Master Luke Skywalker.


She found him in a room with several other students. Seeing her, Luke quickly dismissed the students, but one stayed behind. Rebecca shot the girl a questioning glance and directed the same glance at Luke.


“Miss Rebecca Young,” Luke said, “I’d like you to meet one of my students, Alyssa Renolin Solo. She is my adopted niece and was one of the first people to make contact with somebody from the other half of the planet. Why don’t you tell her what happened, Alyssa?”


“The people seemed very frightened to see an unknown ship fly over their heads,” Alyssa said. “When I realized I was no longer on Coruscant, I landed immediately. Almost before I landed, a large group had surrounded me and I felt somewhat nervous. They told me to let them take my ship so they could analyze it. I told them I wasn’t going to simply let them take it and took off to come back here.”


“So the people are very cautious about us,” Luke said. "Perhaps you didn't handle the situation as well as you could have."


Alyssa nodded in agreement and Rebecca told him of her meeting with Melissa and he frowned. “What do you think, Alyssa?”


“It sounds as if we think they have taken over a part of our planet,” Alyssa said. “On the other side, some people might be thinking we took over their planet. It’s a dangerous situation.”


“You and this Melissa seem to have friends in high places of the government,” Luke said. “Perhaps the two of you can initiate some kind of peace treaty between us before words turn to blows.”


Rebecca agreed and turned to leave. This was one complicated situation.

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I'm hoping to get a book published, but as of yet, it is not very far in the making. I've got an outline I'm going by and I have an introduction and two full chapters written. Working on chapter 3 now. If it gets published, I'll let y'all know what it's called so you can read it.

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Not if I get my book published first. Absolutely not trying to steal your thunder, I just thought you might like to know that I've just finished writing the first book of a series and was wondering that, if you ever wanted to bounce some ideas around, I would be more than willing to listen. Just a like-minded person offering a hand of friendship!


Although, my stories are spy thrillers. Still, technically writing is the same. Plus structure, presentation of characters, language and tenses are all important. What you've presented here looks promising, Mister WildJedi!

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Hang on a sec... by your post, it sounds like you think I am sharing my book with you here? In fact, that is nowhere near the case. This is just a little fanfic I'm writing on the side, just whatever comes to mind. My other story, the one I'm getting published is my own idea, having nothing to do with Star Wars, Star Trek, nor any other movie or book. I'm not very far into the process yet, so it may take a while to publish it, but that is my hope.

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((On with the madness!! Introducing Q of the Star Trek universe! Gosh, ain't he annoying?:D ))


Melissa and Rebecca returned to their ships and flew up into orbit. There, they had their first face-to-face meeting on Melissa’s ship. Again, they had difficulties speaking to each other, for they kept speaking at the same time.


“What did you find?” Melissa asked, but Rebecca was asking the same question. Rebecca held her breath to keep from talking and let Melissa go first.


“The Federation is concerned…” she began, but Rebecca cut in.


“The Federation?” she exclaimed. “Your universe has the Trade Federation?”


“The United Federation of Planets,” Melissa corrected. “The government of much of the Alpha Quadrant.”


“Your universe is more complex than ours, I believe,” Rebecca said, shaking her head. “Alpha Quadrant?”


“Earth is in the Alpha Quadrant,” Melissa answered, giving a sigh of impatience. Rebecca was not letting her get very far. Realizing this, Rebecca apologized and motioned for Melissa to continue. “The Federation is concerned with the apparent ‘hostile takeover’ of half of Earth. At this moment, they are calling back as many of our ships as they can contact. Unfortunately, that is not many. It seems as if much of our fleet has disappeared in this accident.”


“The New Republic fears the same about Coruscant and our fleet,” Rebecca said. “They seem to have simply disappeared.”


“I take it the New Republic is your government,” Melissa said. Rebecca nodded. Suddenly, a Borg ship appeared on their view screen. Without warning, the Borg transported a few drones over to the ship. Rebecca backed away, repulsed by the sight, but Melissa drew her sword.


“What are those things?” Rebecca explained. Melissa sighed, as if frustrated by Rebecca’s lack of knowledge.


“They’re Borg drones,” she snapped. “Don’t you have weapons of some kind?”


Without another word, Rebecca drew her lightsaber and attacked the Borg. When the drones were taken care of, Melissa jumped over to the control panel and raised her shields. Then, she attacked the Borg cube. A bright flash of light could be seen next to them and Rebecca shrieked in anger. They had destroyed her ship.


When the cube was destroyed, Rebecca caught Melissa looking at her lightsaber.


“It’s a lightsaber,” she said. “The weapon of a Jedi.”


“Jedi?” Melissa asked, confused. Rebecca nodded.


“Defenders of the peace in the galaxy,” she answered. She sighed, trying to remove her irritation over the loss of her ship.


“Sorry for bringing danger into your galaxy,” Melissa said. Rebecca stared at her.


“What makes you think I didn’t bring it into yours?” she demanded.


“You aren’t in either galaxy any more,” a voice said. Melissa rolled her eyes in disgust.


“What do you want, Q?” she demanded. A flash of light brought forth the man Melissa had called Q.


“And I thought we were friends!” he said, acting as if he had been insulted. “My dear Melissa, don’t you realize what such a comment could do for you?”


“Who are you?” Rebecca asked. Q turned to her and smirked.


“According to Miss Long, here,” he said, “you wouldn’t want to know anyway. Perhaps I’ll just leave you both here to figure out what has to be done on your own!”


“Q!” Melissa yelled as he disappeared. She gave a sigh of frustration. “He’ll be back.”


Two seconds later, Rebecca found that Melissa was right.


“You called?” he demanded, this time acting as if he did not want to be there.


“Where are we?” she demanded. “You said we aren’t in either of our galaxies. Explain yourself.”


“What if I don’t want to?” he questioned, sticking his tongue out at her. She sighed.


“You do want to tell us or you wouldn’t have come,” she snapped. He nodded, as if pondering this.


“I suppose so,” he said. “Very well then. You aren’t in either of your galaxies. Rather, you are in a new one that was created when the two galaxies crashed into each other. There is only one way you can return things to normal. You have to convince both galaxies to live in peace with each other. If you don’t, the two galaxies will remain joined and engage in a brutal fight with each other. You don’t want that, now do you dears?”


Another flash of light carried him out of their sight. Melissa turned to Rebecca.


“Now do you see why I don’t like him?” she asked. Rebecca nodded vigorously.


“He’s annoying!” she exclaimed.


“That’s not nice!” his voice said.


“Shut up, Q!” the two women said, in unison.


"You are so unkind," he pouted, leaving them alone to think about what he had told them.

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Q: annoying and funny at the same time... will we be seeing more of him?


Keep up the good work, WJ!! I'm likin' it. (the story you want publsihed sounds good to!;) )


And yes, to all of you who see this, WJ is giving me sneak peeks at his other story. But as for now, WJ can you please keep this one moving?:)

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WWWHAAATTTTT?!?!?!? your letting her get sneak peeks and not me?!?!?!?!?!!


ive known you since the day i registered!!!!!! you were my rolemodel for RPing!!!!!!!!!!!!








(actually shadow was buuuuuuuut... he left)




(to anyone who wants to know who shadow is: my RPing rolemodel, cool, nice guy)(i miss him :( )










oh and good work on the fanfic, i like it alot

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Let's have a moment of silence for Shadow, wherever he is.




Ok, then. No, Rick. Lizza is not getting sneak peeks... I've only told her about the story. (Lizza, what the heck are you trying to do?? Was that a hint?)



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((Ok, so I'm back!))



"Ok," both women said at the same time. Melissa paused and Rebecca continued.


"We're stuck in a galaxy that is the combination of both of ours," she said. Melissa nodded.


"This new galaxy will engage in galactic warfare and tear itself apart if we can't calm them," she agreed. Both sighed.


"No easy task," they said in unison. Without saying anything, both women went to the controls of the ship and directed it toward the Coruscant side of the planet.


They arrived at the Jedi temple and Rebecca took Melissa to see Luke.


"Master Luke Skywalker, this is Melissa Long," she said. "Melissa, this is Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master."


"He is in charge of your government?" Melissa wondered. Luke smiled and shook his head.


"Hardly so," he answered. "I am merely in charge of our 'peacekeepers', the Jedi. The Chief of State is my sister, Leia Organa Solo."


"I am the Jedi who represents her," Alyssa said, coming up to the group from behind. Luke nodded.


"This is my adopted niece, Alyssa Renolin Solo," Luke explained. "She represents her mother for us. Alyssa, this is Melissa Long. She comes from the other half of the planet."


"I see," Alyssa said thoughtfully, staring first at Melissa, then at Rebecca. Luke, Melissa and Rebecca were speaking of the problem at hand, when Alyssa suddenly cut in.


"Your minds are joined," she said. All three stopped and turned to her, questions written across their faces. "Rebecca and Melissa's minds are joined. They're having the same thoughts. Almost... it's like they're clones of each other, same thought process and everything."


"It gets a little annoying," the women said in unison. Alyssa laughed.


"So it seems," she said.


"Like the Borg," Melissa muttered, speaking alone. "They are a collective, all minds acting as one, the mind of their queen."


"We have a similar species here," Luke said. "But back to the problem."


"Right," Alyssa agreed. Rebecca and Melissa turned to face each other.


"Q said our galaxies collided, creating this new one," they said. "The only way to seperate them is to prevent them from fighting. Our problem is how to do this. We don't know."


"I don't either," Luke said, staring at the two women before him. "I'd like to initiate a series of peace talks between governments. Can you carry the message to that side of the planet?"


"Of course," the women said. Then, they turned and headed for their ship.

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