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So, how many people play this anymore?


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Did anyone notice that this thread wasn't touched for almost two years?


As for JO, no, I haven't touched it for probably 2.5 yrs. It should be dead. It wasn't good enough to still be alive. Also, JA has pretty much replaced it, although I haven't touched that in a while. JA should be dead too.

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According to All-Seeing Eye:


825 people are playing JK2 right now (12:46pm CST) on 367 servers.


Compare to:

1542 people playing JA on 511 servers.


I certainly play JO... you can't replace Jedi Master! Not easily! There is a JA version, but I think it's kinda buggy. Or it's just me.



You are an @$$, you say? Since I play Saber Staff on JA, I am pretty much forced to be an Honor Saberist, and I picked it up on JO, too. :)



If you are looking for a quality rendition of Jedi Master (plus Holocron FFA, CTY), look no further than OJP Basic mod. It's great, but you're playing it on the JA maps (you can play JM on ANY JA map, but you can only play Holocron on the basejka maps and CTY I think on the basejka CTF maps).


Now of course if you download the JK2-->JA ported maps you can play those in their proper gametypes as well. A few things are missing (a flashing light on Bespin, the beam graphic of the Death Star superlaser, the door opening sound effects, and the elevators have longer delays) but overall the gameplay is intact and so are the bot routes. ;)


If you don't want to be forced to be "honor" join Meatgrinder (sorry, it's JA only though), info in my sig.


PS: Let's lay off the flaming guys.

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Hmm.. like which ones, the "girly man" run animation? Or the flip kick? I'm trying to think of ones that are unique to JK2, but not in JA... any others?


JK2 really blew me away with the graphics the first time I played it. ;) JA wasn't very awe inspiring, it seemed like the same thing to me. Of course in the last year I discovered that the drivers for my new card supported dynamic glow. Wow, what a difference! Although overdone in places... it's like I'm in "Minority Report" or something... heh bright spotlights everywhere!

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1) When igniting your saber while running, in JO you would still have that twirl of the saber as it was ignited. Raven could have easily done this.


2) Goes hand in hand, but when deactivating saber while running, in JO you would see the deactivation twirl.


3) It would be nice not to have that huge disc every time you Force Push/Pull.


4) JO's running anims seem "looser", and more human. You know, the lean when Kyle switched from running Forward to Forward-Right. He'd lean off to the side. In JA, Jaden doesn't lean, the camera does!

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