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So, how many people play this anymore?


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I still play JKO... though not online because I don't have a decent i-connection at the mo. I'm working on that though. I don't have JA though I think about buying it when I get some dough scraped together ( I hate living in the state with the LEAST amount of disposable income per laborer).

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Considering how long the game has been out and the fact that its replacement has been out for two months, a respectable number of people are still playing JKII:JO. There are still over 300 servers. My two servers still fill up or are nearly full many times every day.


The Jedi Academy forums have several threads where the competitive players bemoan how Jedi Academy is useless for them and how superior Jedi Outcast is for organized competitive play. They say that Jedi Outcast is much more challenging and rewarding than Jedi Academy for serious players.


If you never played the Colosseum Mod single-player mod


that alone is reason enough to reinstall.


Reinstall, update to the 1.04 patch (which is what most servers are running), download Colosseum Mod, and check out some of the still-busy servers online.

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I'm still playing Jedi Outcast as i am still creating maps for Jedi Outcast as well as Jedi Academy. I have a map that i started months ago of an Imperial Star Destroyer map (very detailed one with Icarus scripts for cutscenes, objectives, musicset, credits, etc) and i must therefore complete for JO.

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I play jk2 all the time... but I dont have jk3 yet.

I mod and map for jk2 so ill still mess around with that stuff and play mp.


Im makeing a new instagib mod with all the guns instant kill..

its balenced there will be no favorite gun..

anyone think I should releas it?????


I DIDNT make Instagib so I have nothing to do with it, so I cant name it Instabig2 so what should I name it?

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yes its good, but by christmas I bet it will be almost dead, if not im sure jk3 will get allot more people...

I hope I get jk3 at christmas...

I have to get a 4.0 in 9th grade to get it *shudder*

Ah oh well I have a 4.1 right now :)

cheers hahaha


until then jk2 all the way :);)

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