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Leela Model (JK2/JA universal woman project), Cont....


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YAY! JK2Files, Finally got Leela Civilian, up...




go check it out - or download it if you haven't yet.


JA Leela, is on her way, but it may be a while since I'm gonna be leaving for South Dakota (probably in a couple of days), for a while...

...Nothing I could aviod - it's something I HAVE to do. But it pretty much shot my projects to hell.


Hopefully I'll be back around May....


It's times like this I wish I had a Laptop.

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Originally posted by Antizac

Actually, I've been working on "The Rising Empire" for over 2 years now, (Started a few levels for MotS, and then moved on to JO, now JA. I Should be done with Part 1 by this summer.)


Wow, this is THAT Leela? She's sure come a long way since her MotS days! Great job on both the Jedi and civilian versions, I can't wait for the JA version! :D

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I won't let them release one...


It says in the readme that I'll destroy anyone who dares to make a nude version. (Especially without my permission.)

Now, I myself have made one (without any defining bodyparts - nipples, ect.) that I simply use as a base for skinning. (AND NO, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!)

Only those who have read a certain post @ TACC from 2 years ago, will understand why I'm so strict about this.


And besides, nude JA/JO models/skins are just tasteless.

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