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Cantina 12: The Republic Strikes Back


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((OSS: Red, I hope you and Admiral have a way to stop Hal from going ape when he realises the Asier have been stringing him along.))


Corporal: I don't think so, you need a permit to ge to this level.


*Starts to bring blaster up.*




Kal: Where are we going, Master.

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*Suddenly theres a loud clap of boots hitting the group near Dasken, Greer and co. and the guards, followed very shortly by an "Argh!" and a few curses.*


*Irvine walks out limping holding his right thigh with a very not happy face.*

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Originally posted by jokemaster

Greer:We'll pick him up in a while. Have you gotten any information from him?



"Only that there's a war going on," Tarila answered. She snorted. "As if anyone in our line of business couldn't know that. He says that's the reason he want's you dead. The same for Starkiller and Flax. They're pretty high up on your side of the fence and he knows you helped them out. That's pretty much all we asked about. Let us know if you want more information."

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Originally posted by BattleDog

((OSS: Red, I hope you and Admiral have a way to stop Hal from going ape when he realises the Asier have been stringing him along.))


Not sure what you mean, so I can safely say no... (and I'm not responsible for the Aesir; Admiral and I have jointly planned out some of the plot but our characters are our own ;))


How about that discussion thread, anyway? :p


Tell you what, I'm going to make a poll in RSRP about that...everyone go check it out ;)


Oh and Scar, get on AIM if you want to talk about Ulna Shardes XD XP))

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[Going to End this part SOON, make your cliffhangars NOW]


*Deac turns to Kal*


Deac: The planet Lokpihet was on was an old imperial research world. It was named Lokpihet Outpost, Syrnl named it after his firstborn, it seems. Anyway, the empire did experiments into things other than genetics and cybernetics there. There was a division for dimensional gateways. A few years ago I found the portal was active and went through to shut down the one on the other side. Both portals are closed, but the dimensional node remains.


I left my brother on the other side. He wanted a chance to atone for his wrongs, and now he's dying. He may well have the same condition that I had a couple of months back. I may be the only one who can save him. I'm not asking you to come with me. Then again, I never asked you along in the first place.


Buckle up. We're in for one fantastic journey...

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((OSS: Never mind, you'll see what I mean in a couple of posts.))


Kal: I was told to go with you, since I am supposed to be your Padawan.




*Flax turns back to the fire, Sellena enters the hall, her feet make no noise if soft slippers but Flax turns towards her.*


Flax: Is everything prepared?


Sellena: The Dragon's Bane is stocked and Red Squadron has been transferred to the Corvette.


Flax: *Nods.* Good.


Sellena: What do you think he will say?


Flax: Odin? I have no idea. I'm never sure what his agenda is. Opening formal comunications is something we should take if he's offering it. How deep have the Valkiries penetrated us?


Sellena: Its being dealt with.


Flax: I'm not sure I want to know.


Sellena: Do you want to send the children in?


((Cliff hung/ended))

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((BD, not going to have your guards do anything when irvine 'dropping' in? :)


actualy second thought, i may still do something w/ it))


*Ulna Shardes*


*The small encampment has grown into a small outpost.


Meny crews since planetfall composed up of demons and humans in biosuits have set up taraforming units in various locations on the planet to make it habitable once again for humans.


It was when they first arrived that only the demons w/ higher constitutions were able to withstand the heat and the radiation for a few hours at a time...*




*A flat sphereical portal arcs inside a main structure, connected on the other side a planet in a far away galaxy, one that if one would travel should consider taking a multi-generational ship in order to arrive...


In walks through the portal the tall black winged demon as before, guards and lieutenants place their fist to their chest and bow in respect and loyality.*


Talon *to a human lieutenant* "How are things progressing?"


*The portal closes, and Talon and the lieutenants walk out of the room.*


Lieutenant "The transformation of this barely habitable planet is going faster then we've estimated. Meny of the workers are betting weither or not that we'd make the record time on this world, even for one so remote."


Talon "Yes, the travel between our most remote outpost and this one is quite long and expiring. I had heard of meny arriving had been reported feeling 'phsyicaly drained'."


Demon lieutenant *speaking with a split tounge* "Yesss my lord. Thusss also why there isss the order of the portalsss to be opened on regular ssschedule."


Talon "Yes, I am already aware on the mental and phsyical strain it has on creating and keeping those portals stable. Now have you found any technology of worth?"


Human Lieutenant "Some, remains of some type of personal anti grav units. Energy weaponry that we've already aquired. And then there were a few parts of different kind of robot found in buried in various locations on the planet. Scientists who've studied them believe that they must of had some sort of artifical intelligence."


*The three reach a control centre, meny individuals stand and salute.*


Human Lieutenant "There was also something else we found. scientists whom were also studing the surface believe that this planet has been subject to a massive bombardment from orbit from a weapon that we've no even thought of before."


Talon *With an interested sound in his voice* "Really?"


Demon Lieutenant "Yesss, sssome tracssesss of sssome chemical found in the sssoil. But thats not exssactly all either. We've found an undamaged hanger it ssseemss. We've found sssome other weaponry and sspacecraft that could be ussseful if we sstudy and duplicate or improve out current technology."


Talon "Good. Then I don't even have to order you to do that now. I'll be in my quarters."


*The Lieutenants bow once more and Talon parts the control centre and is immedately flanked by guards who escort him to his destination.*


*Talon walks into his quarters. His was more half decorated, but was still more attractive looking then meny of the officers' quarters'.


He stands infront of a tall mirror. He takes off his robes, and removes the seathes of his swords and places them on to a table nearby. Leaving a simple pair of pants and an undershirt on.


His lugage had been already delivered and sat on his bed. But he wasn't interested in that. He went through his tall robes and got out a long old leather bag.


He pulls on the zipper and takes out a sawed-off rifle with a lever action reloader.


He looks at it, then looking at the mirror he flips the rifle, allowing the lever to sock itself, and he pulls the trigger. The old rifle makes a 'click' and he flips it again, 'click'. Then he flips it once more, spins it half way around, ending with the rifle pointing down near his waist, and brings it own as if he'd holister it on his belt.*


((Cliffy done))

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Hyperspace Route to Coruscant


*Starr Hailfire's ship hurtles through hyperspace, at the woefully substandard speed of a Class Two hyperdrive. This ship, newly optimized to be piloted by a Force-user such as himself, was a still-unfinished patchwork job.


Starr fumed. Everything had come crashing down at the same time. He had waited too long to interfere in the burgeoning Republic civil war, without his master's guidance. Now there was a rival Dark Lord in power, supplanting the last vestiges New Republic that Starr's master had wisely chosen to ally with in its placidity. And where was Cracken, anyway? He had disappeared off the face of the galaxy once again. Meanwhile his son was up to his own destructive antics...


His brooding is suddenly interrupted by the blaring of alarms as his ship drops out of hyperspace.Enormous white ship loom on his viewscreens*


Interdictors! It's a trap!


Comm: This is Admiral Jene Luthen of the Republic Super Star Destroyer Vigilance. By vested authority of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Reletha Darkstar, you are now in custody of the New Republic. Your ship has been disabled. Do not attempt to escape or you will be destroyed.




*Aboard the SSD Vigilance, flanked by two anti-Jedi...or anti-Sith...Vanguard warriors, Admiral Luthen smiles a sallow smile. This was the high point of her career. Supreme Chancellor Darkstar would surely be very pleased when she brought before her the acting leader of the Neo-Republican friendly Imperial Loyalist forces. She could certainly expect a substantial elevation in rank at the very least. Perhaps even head of the New Republic Space Forces... Imagine the looks on the faces of her jealous peers then! She could salivate at the very thought.


No one had ever before captured a Dark Lord of the Sith and lived to tell of it. Luthen knew this, but with the Vanguard warriors her former colleague Farran Darkholme had abandoned on Ulna Shardes, she had nothing to fear, she thought.


Oh, and there was the matter of the explosives her operatives had planted in...no, best to focus on what was at hand. If those missions failed, she would have to disavow all connection to them. Best to not get too attached to them now...


Those annoying rebels had thought they were dealing a great blow with the destruction of the Senate building, but in reality all they had accomplished was the elimination of the weak-minded fools in her hero Reletha's path to power.


*She whispers gloatingly* Now, the Republic truly strikes back.



((Consider that my cliffhanger. ;)))

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((okay maybe another))


*Irvine limps towards Greer and the guards and co.*


Irvine *To Greer* "You resourseful enough to get off this planet? I'll get rid of these gaurds quick,..." *Looks at the guards* "...real quick"

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[Red, I'll take it that's a different SSD to the one Beler Jil rammed his Frigate into...]


*Deac's ship exits hyperspace near the Avatar world.*


Deac: That's odd...gravity's much...WOAH!


*A black vortex opens and pulls the ship in, and then rapidly seals*




*Reletha sits in her office on the skyhook. An intercom beeps*


Reletha: I said I didn't want to be disturbed.


Officer *Over comm*: You said unless it was Mr Black...and it's Mr Black...


Reletha: Put him on.


Mr Black: It is done.


Reletha: It is?


Mr Black: Yes. Phase 2 is now complete. With phase 3 already taken care of, we can move onto phase four.


Reletha: It's already underway.


Mr Black: Excellent. I hear news that Captain Jil managed to destroy the Senate building. This will fan the flames of Rebellion.


Releltha: The idealistic fool is dead. He rammed his ship into one of my SSD's. The second is still operational, and more are being built.


Mr Black: And the Aesir?


Reletha: Will not bother us if we do not bother them.


Mr Black: Excellent.


Reletha: What about Starkiller?


Mr Black: I've seen to it that he has another priority. Be assured, he won't be returning. As for me, I'm coming to see you shortly. In the meantime, don't fail me like Lokpihet did. Or Syrnl.


Reletha: I won't fail you, my Lord. The galaxy is ours now...


Can this be? Reletha rules the galaxy? Will Deac Starkiller ever return from the Alternate Universe? Will the galaxy ever return to normal? And what of the business of these mysterious outsiders? Some of this will hopefully be revealed in the next exciting chapter of...The Cantina...


*Roll Credits*

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