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Cantina 12: The Republic Strikes Back


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And here we go again!


Cantina 12....


It is a period of civil war

Rebel Spaceships, Striking from a hidden base

Have won more victories against a corrupt republic


As DEAC STARKILLER searches for his daughter,

Lokpihet moves to destroy the Aesir

And once again return the galaxy to IMPERIAL RULE


Now, the forces of good must unite

To turn the tide of evil back once and for all...

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*Terra: Demon Galaxy*


*The Black winged Demon stands near a window, looking outside to the city that was once a desolate field centeries before. He remembered before he became leader of the majority of the population of this world, and leader of thousands of leaders whom which his race and alongside of the human race became tolerant even sometimes by meny not caring if they form a family of a sort with any demon.


Even though that all demons whom even going throug selective breeding hardly live longer then then 150 years before rapidly aging, then death within decade or so.


Except for him, he's being alive and well for over 5 hundred years. He even remembered his own half brother whom came to become legend, long dead, murdered in his fight agenst his own kind.


Behind the Winged Demon a young demon, with a set of his own black wings, but he bore a mane and a snake like tail. His name was Chimera.*


Chimera *knelling at his superoir* "Lord Talon, reports just came in, we have operitives in the other galaxy in as meny as Twenty planets and colonised as meny as 5."


*Colonising planets had been taking place for neatly three hundred years, with the tallents of demons with the ability to control gravity, creating small wormholes for instant travel to other planets. Them along side of other demons that assist with telepathical abilities, they search for planets either with life or if any planet is able to support life.


Ususaly a team of a few demons land on the planet, take a quick survey, then report back, to only return with at least over a dozen sometime two dozen humans, whom volentary employment was to find sites to mine materials to support a growning empire.*


Talon *turning around* "Grandson, you don't have to bow before me."


*Chimera stands.*


Chimera "I only do so out of respect."


*Chimera, grandson to Talon, had lost his parents early in his life, Talon supported the young demon whom carried a gene which also allowed him to live past a typical demon's live span.*


Talon "I want to know what sorts of technology they have in their Galaxy, see if we can either backwards engineer anything or copy their technology to something more in our use."


*Chimera nods and leaves, quickly he's ackompanied by his gaurds who awaited outside*






*Lokpihet's SSD*


*F Irvine meditates in his quarters, attempting to harness any sort of telepathic abilities that should ackompany in wielding the force. Although he lacks in moving ovjects, he can sense strange phomeneons taht occur in the space while in hyperspace, fiant that it was...*

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Somewhere in the Outer Rim


*Farran stands in the middle of a field on a grassy planet. Artemis is next to him. Kioet is nowhere to be seen*


Artemis: Do you think they'll be coming?


Farran: Of course. They said they would.


Artemis: What about that Trandoshan?


Farran: Maybe he's late. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he made other plans with the Shadows which no longer involve us.


Artemis: I suppose we're using up our last chance to back out?


Farran: I suspect there won't be any backing out for us anymore. Too many people know about us now. There's nowhere left to hide.


*A light appears far away in the blue sky. A ship, coming into the atmosphere*


Artemis: Here they come...




Warp Space


*Rwos' black, blue and violet ship coasted the mayways of nowhere in particular. He listened to the message on his comlink*


Rwos, the Council finally brought up the subject on what to do about Universe Star-1138. Reason I'm telling you - well, I hear since you weren't available, they made a tentative decision without you. They're sending an official detachment to Star 1138's main galaxy. Ida - you know her, right? - will be one of the dispatchees. They've got a specific agenda, which involves retrieving some dangerous "rogues" - mage K'Warra and that former Blade we've heard about. They also are real big on cutting off the Shadow expansion there. There's other stuff too, I'm sure, that I haven't heard.


I'm sure they'll be telling you this - maybe they've already told you - but I figured I'd better tell you too, so you're forwarned. Just in case.


- Adriana


P.S. You still owe me.

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((It is a good name, and deciding names on these can be hard))


Asgard: Tournament grounds


*Odin and his family sat in a spacious booth watching the games and enjoying each others company. Currently Odin was watching aerial combat.


Large screens displayed the view from the cockpit of each fighter while a holographic projector showed the overall fight. Odin didn't have a paticular favorite in this paticular one. It was still entertaining to watch the dance of the Raptor fighters as each pilot tried to score 5 points with reduced lasers in a thirty minute battle. If time ran out before a pilot reached 5 points who ever had the most points would be declared the victor. Only direct hits counted in this contest. Although when the Einherjar competed the rules were modified that any miss would subtract a point.


Currently the score was at 4-3 The pilots were evenly matched and only a minute remained.


As the Raptors contiued their entricate dance Odin thoughts drifted toward the unvieling of tonights latest weapon. It was a new fighter named the Viking MKII. Odin was looking forward to showing that off. Hirst and Svafa would be flying two Vikings and apparantly they had something special planned. Neither would tell him what it was.*

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*Deac and Hal's ship revertes to Realspace over Tellacos.*


Hal: *Opens channel.* Come in Tellacos Ground, this is YT-2000 Transport Coronet Star, requesting landing clearance.


*Turns to Deac.*


We're using a fake ID on the way in. In theory this planet is loyal to us but I'm not taking any chances.




*Greer's comlink beeps.*

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Deac: Makes sense. Do you sense anything?




*Across the Galaxy, Lokpihet stands before Elella, hanging from the ceiling by chains*


Lokpihet: You'll come to see things my way.


Elella: You raped our homeworld!


*Lokpihet blasts force lightning at her*

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Hal: Nothing overtly threatening, but then they don't know who we are.


Comm: Coronet Star, what's your cargo?


Hal: We're carrying duresteel inggots. Transmitting manifest now.




Comm: Recieved, prepare to be scanned, stand by.




Comm: You're cleared Coronet Star. Set your autopilot to the becon and land at pad fourteen.


Hal: Much ablidged, locking autopilot in now, E.T.A. 5 minutes. Coronet Star, out.


*To Deac.* Lets hope they don't suss us now.

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Sellena: Jim, I want you to come up to my office, you'd better bring your team as well, you're going to want to see this.




*The YT-2000 lands at the main spaceport, the ramp lowers and as Hal and Deac de-bark Drago is there to meet them.*

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Deac: Where is she? *He notices that there is no-one there*




*Lokpihet has returned to the bridge. Malice hands him a datapad*


Malice: I dug this up. CyberEyes had it in his database. Something Tafon Norl was cooking up around the time Deac got captured....


*Lokpihet reads it over*


Lokpihet: Make it happen.


[Tafon Norl- Only Redwing should remember him all the way from Cantina 2!]

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*Once everyone has arrives Sellena activates the holo-projector.*


Sellena: This went out on the 'net about 10 minutes ago.


*The image resolves itself into a female Coruscant news anchor.*


Anchor: Today it has been anounced that the Senate has granted emergancy powers to acting Presidant Tar Redris. The Senator from Tannab now holds direct command authoriety over all branches of the executive. We are now linking up with our expert on constitutional affairs outside the Senate Rotunda, Dr Alinak Cre'nes


*The Picture cuts to a middle aged Bothan with rdish fur and blue eyes.*


Alinak: Thankyou Alinor. Obviously this is a drastic step, in the current situation however, it may be the right move. Lets not forget the last time the Senate voted to invoke an emergancy powers statute.................


*Sellena hits the pause button and the image freezes.*


Sellena: No, lets not forget. Obviously your previous mission has just been scrubbed. I have a new one for you but first I want you thoughts on this.



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((Tafon Norl? The cloner from C2? Woo continuity porn :D


Did I just say "continuity porn"? Geez...been hanging out with Angel fangirls for a bit too long :D))


Outer Rim Planet


*A gray ship lands in front of Farran and Artemis. The hull doors open. Lily Aren disembarks, dressed in her "business" attire, flanked by two Shadow-uniformed guards*


Aren: So, Kasen and Omicron? You've decided to accept? Well, I suppose we're both in luck, then. We need your help already.

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Rebuilt Cantina on Tatooine


*Kioet is drinking his last credits, almost literally*


Kioet: I hate making decisions. Everytime I decide something...


*Kioet finishes his drink, and takes notice of a young woman watching him*


Kioet: That's about it. I've just had it with people watching me like I'm some kind of experiment just ready to explode... I'm just about out of credits too, dammit...


Kioet: I'll do a little gamble..If I could convince this young woman who has the nerve to stare at me like that to buy me a drink, I'll take orders from Farran and Artemis for now on. If she refuses, I'll just kidnap and interrogate, then dispose if necessary.


*Kioet stands up, and walks towards the young woman*


Kioet: Why are you staring, I'm thirsty. I've got no credits. The price for staring is a drink. No drink, no- *stun blaster goes off and Kioet loses consciousness*


young woman: hahahahaha. excellent.


*Kioet wakes up, breathing heavily*




*in a rage, Kioet begins ramming himself against the cell-door*

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