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Jedimoves' Request Models

Stake Black

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I know that more than half of you know about those requests, but I just wanted to refresh your memories :p




Barriss Offee


Taken on by Mark Evans, but never finished...What happened, Mark?


Pablo Jill




Adi Gallia




Obi Wan EPII


A lot of people, but nobody finished...C'mon guys!







Mas Amedda




Nute Gunrey












Super Battle Droid


Abstracked took the challenge but never finished...I heard Hatrus is doing it, so thats a good sign :D




Anakin EPI






Scouttrooper tried, but im not sure if he finished it...


Nein Nunb




Max Rebo


I think Scouttrooper finished this one...


Endor Rebel








Battle of Endor


Yeah, I think someone finished it...


Geonosis Arena


"There has never been a good map of this even though it has been attempted. this map should be fairly easy." - Jedimoves.com

The AOTC:TC team has taken the challenge, but their website is down :p


Battle of Hoth


I dont know about this one, but Emon tried to do this one...


Battle of Naboo




Battle of Geonosis


Well, Hatrus is making every model of this scene, but no-one is doing the map...




Anakin's Speeder bike




Pod Racers


Well, Duncan did and now Hatrus is doing it again...


Trade Federation Fighter


Taken on by KHaRMa, but i dont know if he finished it...


Reek and Nexu


Well, these one should be interesting vehicles...There is already an Ackley vehicle out...C'mon guys :D



Just tryin' to help the JA players :D

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Dude, I am now making the Droid Starfighter. Kharma gave up. My Droid Starfighter thread (and my Coralskipper thread) are in the Showcase- Modelling forum.


Half your requests are being created. Dude, Battle of Hoth with AT-AT's is being made by {xg}darthALEX (spelling?). The Battle of Geonosis is being made by Lindsey. Please do your research properly, first. ;)



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