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The Battle of Kashyyyk


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It is reaching the end of the clone wars but still the two main sides clash aggressively at each other. The Battle of Geonosis was won by the Republic and sensor station on Rhen Var was overrun.


The Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, seeming a problem in the past, was the priority target for the CIS. Seeing an opportunity for attack they strike a harbour dock, trying to gain a foothold on the planet.


Three playable sides in this campain.





CIS has landed several garrisons of droids onto a small island, within walking distance through a shallow strait. They have also landed several dropships containing AATs, STAPs and Spider Droids.

Their mission is to take over the harbour dock and control the community on the coastline.


The Republic has come to the aid of the Wookies in an effort to discourage the CIS from attack further worlds. They have also landed several garrisons of troops, though no vehicles were available to suit the forst environment.

Their mission is to keep the CIS at bay until they retreat, or until further reinforcements come. Protect the community of Wookies at all costs, they shall aid you in your efforts.


The Wookies, not having a sustainable military, have called to the aid of the Republic. Their aim is to help the Republic rid the CIS off Kashyyyk and restore peace to the planet. Only the male Wookies have volunteered, with some coming from afar to help. The others were evacuated to a safe location.


Your should have:



Faction: (Republic, Wookie, CIS)





Name: Mikahal (Mik)

Age: 28

Faction: Wookie

Weapons: Bowcaster, Extra Ammo

Skills: Excellent Shot, Camouflage, Leadership

Weaknesses: Aggressive temper, Mechanics


I looked out of my home midway up the treetops and saw a swarm of starships approaching the town. Confused I ran down to the town hall to see the cheif knew about this. A large crowd had already gathered in and around the town hall. The cheif came out and stood above the crowd.

"From what we know the Seperatists are attacking us and trying to take over," He said as the crowd gave a cry of panic. "I would ask all volunteering Wookies to stay and fight as the Republic is coming to our aid. The rest of you are to head south towards the next community."

I gave a sigh of relief when I heard the Republic was coming but was still paniced by the thought of an arrack on Kashyyyk.

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Name:i am a clone so my code name is beta 90



Weapons:dc-17m wit sniper and anti armor attachments and dropped bowcaster

Skills:infiltration and speed

Weaknesses:piloting and medic skills...



i jumped out of a gunship wit my squad and saw wookiees scrambling everywhere... "alright squad offensive formation!!" i ran over to the top of a hill and looked out over the vast plains... there were a ton of droids coming our way..."well let's give them hell, boys..."

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Name:Zeta 42

Age: 24

Weapons: Blaster rifle, two blaster pistols and three thermal detonators

Skills: shooting things, following orders

Weaknessess: cant pilot a vehicle...


Zeta 42 lept out of the gunship and into chaos, droids were everywhere and the sounds of battle were deafening, quickly he pulled out his blaster rifle and started blasting droids he took some down but more were coming he gritted his teeth and tossed a thermal detonator into the crowd.

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The Republic gunship came flying over the forest and dropped off hundreds of clones. I ran towards an officer and told him we needed to take the beach landing. He stared at me for a secind and nodded, I didn't think he spoke Wookie, but he must have understood. He pointed and barked some orders to which the clones followed and began their assault on the beach landing.


The CIS had begun landing their vehicles and were approaching the beach. Some clone mechanics began building makeshift turrents surrounding the town centre. I knew this would be a bloody day...

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(Back guys, Looooooong Vacation)


Name: Beta 38

Age: 5 (I am a clone)

Faction: Republic

Weapons: Rocket Launcher, 6x Mines, 4x Plasma Gernades, Blaster rifle, Blaster Pistol.

Skills: Anti-Tank assault, Aiming, Speed.


Once Beta 90 gave the word we scrambled to hit the enemy. A shreak came over the Combat Radio, "Ack, any avaible squads close to my location, 5 AAT's are closing in! We need what ever help we can get we are being ove---- BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ." The Channel went dead. I looked for the location, and what I saw starteled me. "Beta 90 sir, think you should take a look at this!"

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Name: SBD Prototype 007

Age: 27 days

Faction: CIS

Weapons: Blaster, Canon, Blade

Skills: Strong, High Stamina, High will

Weakness: Slow, can be remotly shut down by a nearby confederate ship


I hung on an AAT and took out nearby clones caught in combat. A missle headed my way, so i leaped off the aat just before it exploded. I landed on a frontline, shooting at the white siloutes moving my way. I kicked a fellow droid down that was in my way, knelt down, and Charged up my Canon.

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((I hope you ppl remmeber me.....))


Name: Hercalla

Age: 100 (thats like 20 regularly)

Faction: Republic

Weapons: Double bowcaster

Skills: Riflery, Medical Care, Melee

Weaknesses: Pistols,Piloting


As soon as I heard that those who were able enough could stay and ifght, I jumped of the bridge, tumbling through the canopy. It may have looked like suicide to anyone else but was pretty sure I knew what I was doing. I whipped out my Bowacaster and shot lasers at the walking metal. Something I had never seen before. I was panicking a little but I kept my ground. When one got to close I slammed my forearm into its torso and it went flying into another one. I could here one of the ancient spiders from the caves trampling through the forest. I left out a deafinning wookie roar, saying "SHE'S COMING, THE SPIDERS COMING!" I was actually happy about this, because she would never hurt us, Infact, she gave mothers and babies rides through the forest if the father wasn't home. I saw one of her green legs spike a droid....

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Name: Alpha 14

Age: 25

Fraction: Rebublic

Weapons: Reverse-Polarity Pulse grenades, Heavy Blaster rifle, and an ASN-121.

Skills: Speed, well trained sniper, Stamina.

Weaknesses: Destroyers and Dwarve Spider droids



Alpha 14 ran out of the Republic Gunships and fired out two rounds at a squad of Super Battle Androind troops. Alpha 14 was ruthless to even his teammates. Alpha 14 caught up with a stubborn wookie who wouldn't give up his Bowcaster to a ammoless clone. Alpha knocked out the Wookie and told the clone to move. The Battles Droids were coming in with portable launchers to destroy the capture the east base. Alpha ran to the East base but was ambushed by a platoon of Battle Droids..

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Zetas thermal detonator exploded scattering droid parts everywhere, he rushed forward with his fellow clones toward the beachead through the forest, suddenly two STAPs appeared zig zagging through the woods they blasted several clones before going heading back to the landing site.


"let them go!" Zeta 42 called, "Were needed on the beach!" suddenly a group of super battle droids that had managed to break through the beach head attacked, "Get Down" a commander called "AARG" he screamed later as a rocket blew him into a tree knocking it over, using the tree as cover Zeta 42 and the surviving clones begin fighting back. Zeta 42 blasts two droids before hearing a strange mechanical sound,


"Look out!" someone calls before the blast cannon from a dwarf spider droid blows there wooden cover to bits and sends the clones flying, Many of the clones dont get up but a few are still able to fight, of them Zeta 42 he crouches behind a tree and shoots down three droids and then blasts at the dwarf spider droid, but its no good, there outnumbered. Suddenly a with a roaring howl a group of wookiees emerge and begin attacking the droids, perhaps theres hope after all...

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Name: Garbage 092 "Hacker"



Skills:Good hacker makes good apple pies and are skilled pilot.

Weapons:DL-44 blaster pistol and a Standard Clone Blaster rifle.

BIO:He is a clone of a guy named Major Bummer from BF Vietnam..


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Name: Garbage 092 "Hacker"



Skills:Good hacker makes good apple pies and are skilled pilot. And a Jedi Knight

Weapons:DL-44 blaster pistol and a Standard Clone Blaster rifle.

BIO:He is the son of a guy named Major Bummer, he is a jedi



Appearantly he is the only geneticly pure clone of Bummer... He is skilled in piloting and are good at hacking CIS Computers:bdroid2: He got a scarr over his arm from his first battle at Kashyyk :ion::lsduel: And he lost his dad at a battle against Trandoshans, his dad got ambushed by a group of sith knights and got slaughtered after a long battle.

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Weapons:Bowcaster and extra ammo

Strengths:Leader shi healing and shooting

Weaknesses:Piloting,and stealth


*ralargh hid behind a tree to evade the fire of CIS soldiers*"RAAAAARRGH"*he shot taking out three soldiers then running to the next position on his holo-map*

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Name: Lumpy Groarr

Faction: Wookie.

Weapons: Wookie homing missile launcher, DL-44 Wookie blaster.


Weakness: Grenades and Running


"He gave his launcher a bump and shoots at the CIS Dropship. It exploded and chrashed into a tree.":bdroid2: :blaze6:


He ran to his speeder and went to his next position:He took up his two DL-44s' and started shooting at the remaining droids in the tower :tommys::bdroid2:

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What I saw startteled me. Wookiees in the Bulk attacking CIS in the Bulk. Unfourtuatly for the Republic forces there, they were right in the middle. Being crushed in the engadgement. I readied my Rocket Launcher, and aimed. I fired a shot into the frey. Droids flew up in a great explosion, leaving only the parts from the droids to lay. Soon more and more clones began to shoot whatever they had just to keep our forces and the wookiees alive.

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Name: Epsilon 105

Faction: Republic

Weapons: Standard Equip. Rifle, pistol, 3 EMP grenades

Skills: Maksmanship, Piloting

Weakness: Leadership


The Gunship was ordered for a "hot drop" behind the CIS forces attacking the Beach. The platoon asigned to his gunship were all stationed on turrets and gunning positions. Epsilon knew it was a suicide mission, but orders were orders.


The Gunship made one pass before a Hellfire droid got a lucky shot on the left wing. All but 2 clones survived the crash. The platoon made there way to a nearby trench and began to take down CIS infantry. :blast10: Five ARC clones began to hit the Spider Droids and AATs. (if anyone wants to be in the platoon thats fine wit me)

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name:alpha 92


weapons:sniper,wrist rocket,dual pistols,four EMP grenades,four thermals,personal sheild


weakness:vulnareable to stun by melee attack from behind


a clone dropship set out a small platoon of clone sharpshooters and ARCs in the middle of the forest.now,the commanders thought they would be taken by surprise,they werent.as soon as we got into the ocean area,they were attacked from all sides.after they were done for,i aimed my sniper directly at an AAT,''with a good shot that thing is history..'' i thought.one quick shot and it was down.the others opened fire on any droid they saw.when i saw droidekas being dropped,i could only think ''wow''.i aimed my wrist rocket directly at a group,set the missle type to plasma,and fired....

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