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Episode 3 figures! *spoilers*


What do you think about the new EP 3 figures?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about the new EP 3 figures?

    • They are the best action figures ever!
    • They are just as good as every other figure series
    • They are the worst ever!
    • I don't really buy action figures!

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Originally posted by ZBomber

Ah, 40 is MAS AMEDDA, which I also do not have. ;)


Odd. My dad recently picked him and the medical droid up. He doesn't have any of the others. I find it weird we get what you don't and vice versa. Find an AT-RT yet? My dad didn't even know about the ARC Fighter or whatever because it's never in stores.

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Hey I just got the new wookie warrior, 3 of them and 2 nemo guards. Walmart also had a droideka and 2 jetpack clones. I hate the new droideka's of ep2 and ep3 line. I would rather have ep1. If any of you wanna get me a droideka, thats the one to get :p Also no 41 clones in sight! :(

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I personally hate that they repeat figures soooo much. i just got Kit Fisto and Obi wan saber attack. the obi wan kinda sucks cuz you cant move his legs. the Kit Fisto is awesome because it is almost fully poseable. i hope to get the royal gaurd and plo koon.









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