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Episode 3 figures! *spoilers*


What do you think about the new EP 3 figures?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about the new EP 3 figures?

    • They are the best action figures ever!
    • They are just as good as every other figure series
    • They are the worst ever!
    • I don't really buy action figures!

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I wish i would've collected the AOTC figures. :( i bought my first ROTS figure today.


General Grievous




I want to get more but they're $10....think i'll get a few whenever I get my tax return.


I own almost all the TPM figures. XD

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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak

Your Walmart sucks then because I got my figs from them for roughly 5 bucks each. I'm hoping to get General Grievous's Wheelbike thingy.


I'm also waiting for hasbro to release my freakin' Action Fleet.


Yeah. I've seen Wal-Mart have them for close to 5 bucks, Targets are 5.99, and I haven't been to a TRU in months. Does anyone still shop there?

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Well I still go to Target and Wal-Mart on a regular basis for other things but there's no point in really visiting TRU anymore if I'm not collecting 3 3/4". Yet that is. Target and Wal-Mart haven't had 12" since that series with Zam, Dooku, and Super Battle Droid. In fact, my dad said they didn't have any 12" at our Target and he was there when they opened at 8am. I was surprised Wal-Mart did since they seemed to be all anti-Hasbro and boycotted everything but 3 3/4" and roleplaying things.

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Originally posted by Rogue15

I think I'll just get the 12" figures....they're more easier to find. I bought General Grievous today. I'm gonna get the Clone Trooper whenever my ****ing tax return gets here.


Yeah, the next wave won't have any clones in it so get them while you can. The next wave has Bariss Offee and Shaak Ti. They look great! I'm just ticked they didn't make an Obi or a decent Ani. By decent, I mean a good pissed off facial expression. I left the Ani/ Vader in because he wouldn't look good as either character out of the box.


I do hope they continue the line afterwards.

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